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So, after almost two years of not doing collectibles, and over a year of not doing personal work due to growing my family, job duties, etc, it's now time to push forward and try to get the fires burning again, if at all possible.  The past 3 years have taken a LOT out of me in every way possible, adding gray hairs and possibly subtracting years of life. However, I believe its time to get back on that horse.  I've been blessed to work on so many big name movie projects over the past two years, and will continue to do so with Legacy Effects....Iron Man 3, Pacific Rim, Oblivion, Robocop, and even some design work on The's definitely rocked.  However, I need to indulge my own interests and ideas, not those of others, to get the flames burning again.  That's my goal for the rest of the year....
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Glinteraction Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
my name is Gianluigi and i'm a Publisher, 3D Animator and Storyteller.
newborn publishing company, GL Interaction (, this website is now under construction until our magazine is ready ), is now working at the first issue of a new 3D digital/ Full interactive Magazine (ILike 3D) planned for for the next weeks. This magazine will be avaiable for apple and android devices. Within the next issues it would be great to insert some of  your amazing works and, if possible,  a link to a making of. We can do some reviews of your works. If possible, we need an "original" character from you and not a fan-art of some famous character. That's it! if you're interested we need some full hd images of your works (with also imagese of production's stage: AO, Wireframe etc...), the label of copyright that we need to insert over the  pictures, and  some technical  information about the  animation: name of the spot, software  used, information about special technics used, link to website and portfolio. Also, there's a possibility to use some materials for an animated cover.

Hoping in your reply, I offer you my most cordial greetings.

Dr. Gianluigi Lasco
TimTownsend Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Professional General Artist
This is great news for us, your fans. Hopefully you can scratch that itch and manage to maintain some semblance of balance in your life. Sounds so easy, doesn't it? Welcome back, amigo!
AlfredParedes Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Good luck man!! I know the feeling. Although I've been trying to work with in the Collectibles and FX industries. It's a tough road (and Legacy is high on my list), but the creative drive always finds a way to get in there. I just had a model in my studio two days ago to do some torso studies, because there was a part of me that really wanted to get back to more classical sculpture. Even though I've been out of work for a little over a month now, I still spent the money on that endeavor, because I knew it would feed my creative soul.

I hope you're able to get those flames burning again. Cheers!!

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