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Published: March 20, 2012
This is ridiculous to me, but I guess to be 100% fair to all who visit this page, I ought to post this statement up front:

I have made it clear from the outset that I am simply not interested in arguing with people with opposing views over the internet. To disregard that request is, in my view, trollish behavior. "Discussion" is a waste of my time. Every minute I spend "arguing" with someone (who has not arguments, but rather, beliefs) is a minute spent away from poastering, sending emails, making phone calls, trying to raise a little money, and other useful things to advance Occupy/Anon/anti-SOPA, and other progressive movements.

If someone wants to discuss on this page how to advance the goals of Occupy, Anon, anti-SOPA, pro-women, 'green,' etc., or, how to make these poasters more effective (including suggestions and requests), they will be welcomed and their comments will receive a courteous reply.  If people want to exchange friendly, admiring, helpful, or even flirtatious, back-and-forths on here, somehow related to the content, that's great.  If people want to point out technical problems, or, a possible infringement of someone else's work, I will be most attentive and gentlemanly.

If you want to argue with someone, fine, just do it with someone else, and not here.  I am dead-set in my convictions, and I have no interest in trying to persuade you that you should change your beliefs.  You can say whatever you want on your own page, but you may not do so here.

Now, as to the BANHAMMER.  If you engage in political trolling on this page (defined as arguing with what most would generally consider to be the pro-Occupy, pro-Anon position on the key issues of economic justice, peace, privacy, women's rights, environmentalism, internet freedom, and civil liberties), you will receive the BANHAMMER and be blocked.  If you even breathe the names Ayn Rand or Ron Paul or dare to utter any of her or his Objectionable-ist nonsense, you will receive the BANHAMMER and be blocked.  I also ban people who express misogynistic, racist, and other reactionary views, or, who express themselves with gross profanity.

I am no one special; I'm simply a guy who knows what he is doing here, why he is doing it, and wishes not to waste precious time that could be better spent fostering a humane democratic revolution around the world.  I am not some kind of anti-free speech troglodyte, but rather, really a nice guy, and a great listener.  It's just that after a while, one gets to a place where he wishes to be engulfed by the dulcet tones of artistic discourse and to eschew the coarse banter of Squawk Radio.


This is as clear as I can possibly be.
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What is Middle East conflict all about really? Oil.
What is oil all about. Making money by fuelling advanced societies.
What is that doing to our planet? Causing a mass extinction event and catastrophic climate change.
Is anybody arguing about this? Yes, the pros and antis are fighting like rats in a sack!
To support this endeavour I have two images that I used to show on Twitter before they found a way of shutting me down without actually banning me.
The Disasters Of Peace No.69, Spring In Antarctica by aegiandyad   Caution! Extinction Bottle Neck by aegiandyad  If these two pictures don't encapsulate the problem...
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Lilith-CroweHobbyist Writer
TL;DR version:

"Wah! I want an echo chamber! How dare you disagree with the far left lies I spout?!"
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Do you by any chance live in the Svea Rike?
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This is fucking pathetic. So, if someone disagrees with you, you instantly ban them yet you only allow words of encouragement. I mean, it's totally ok if I kill someone, if somebody tells me to stop, I'll just ban them and completely ignore the fact that killing is wrong and I'll just listen to words of encouragement, GREAT LOGIC MY FELLOW!!!!!
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Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! 
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When only a couple of commie drones agree with you to the point where you refuse to engage in any debate, maybe you should start questioning your positions

Not saying the majority is always correct by any mean, but well... refusing to debate is kinda telling
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MadKingFroggyStudent General Artist
But why would you post opinions on Deviantart if you don't want anyone to debate or argue with you or provide opposing views? That doesn't make much sense... ^^;

Wouldn't it be much, much easier for you to simply click the Disable Comments option?
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AnonymousEggStudent General Artist
Well they still get other comments so...
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MadKingFroggyStudent General Artist
I guess so.
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EggnatieHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't agree that much to your statement, you sounded... stubborn 
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You're fucking pathetic.
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Blue-Skinned-DevilHobbyist Digital Artist
I do enjoy how this is basically 'if you disagree with me, I'm blocking you'. You are such a hero. /s
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This is statement has the makings of a really weird hugbox
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Wait, what did Ron Paul do?
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DarkVikingMistressStudent Writer
Ummm...sorry (I guess you can block me if you want) but don't you think it's a good idea to sometimes let your ideas evolve? Sometimes it's just got to happen. There's many points of view, and not only one final answer for a lot of matters.
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Most people only like thought they agree with.  No reason for you to be different.
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I don't agree with that philosophy, but I admire your posting of how you act so that no one can miss it. 
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TheAmericanKaiserHobbyist General Artist
Banhammer yet plz?
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TheAmericanKaiserHobbyist General Artist
It doesn't matter what you want. What matters is what's right. And only on your journal do you tell people that. It's not your place ANYWHERE else. I will not discuss with you on ACTUAL equal rights as you only care about getting women what they want. And what they want in America is not equality. They've had superiority for a long ass time politically and legally.


Name one advantage a man has even today, or even before, that is an oppression of women and not just them and their natural given advantages based on physiology. Name one reason I should give a shit about the WEST and it's women and not only care about a few middle eastern countries. If you can't, then you either concede the argument that you MIGHT engage in because I disagree, or you can be an actual fucking man and stop spewing shit and actually researching and knowing the difference between personal experience and statistics. Statistics can be ANY such report regardless of who makes it. Even the crime and rape reports by the CDC are not fit because the CDC researches and has a specialty in disease. Not crime. So find me actual reports by actual specialists who have not had a track record of bias through a record of only talking on "women's rights".

I don't waste time on people who's lives REALLY ARE A WHITE KNIGHTING WASTE OF TIME. If you don't want debate, go back to Youtube and scream at your keyboard and computer screen about how that man getting attacked by groups of women had no right to fight back, despite him being outclassed by sheer numbers. Go back and talk to your friends about how his pain from being castrated for daring to have an opinion and a life, and a family to go back to, does not compare to a woman being told her place in the food chain. The food chain works like this. Men are EQUAL to women. Meaning the women are equally deserving of being beaten down in their shit. If they dare to start shit, they have no right to say they didn't want shit. You either defend your life, or you die and stay dead. You cannot defend anyone else before you are able to know how to defend yourself. You either fight a female bitch attacker at Mc'Donalds who's throwing coffee and trying to rip your eyes out for nothing (While your equally white knigthish beta male friends allow her to) and live to defend the better women who are the few who are actual ladies in todays day and age, or you stay dead and stop wasting our air with this bullshit.

This has been your local manager on uncommon common sense. Because when the masses deny this that should be common sense, then you're in fucking trouble bruh. The banhammer is not a weapon. It's the tool of a fucking idiot. No one is scared. As long as you read something they type, they already won the argument. This is not a troll to entice flames. IT'S FUCKING KNOWLEDGE. SO GET A CLUE AND STICK SOME FUCKING ANAL CREAM IN YOU.
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calling these people commies is an insult to all the good things done by communists.
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TheAmericanKaiserHobbyist General Artist
The only good thing they did was show us why communism is bad. I don't want to be eating at a fucking bread line man.
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I’d take digging in the taiga with practically no food for the food of the motherland rather then this bullshit.
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TheAmericanKaiserHobbyist General Artist
And have no internet or anything else?
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