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I will always remember President Obama as having the worst record on civil liberties of any President in American history. He has made a felony of protesting in front of the White House, used Federal resources to "coordinate" the simultaneous destruction of 28 peaceful Occupy encampments, and asserted his "right" to assassinate American citizens merely on his suspicion that they have provided "material support" to terrorists, all without charge or trial. It takes the breath away.

I've just updated the copy on this poaster, in commemoration of today's SCOTUS decision on the so-called FISA Amendments. The Court ruled that the plaintiffs -- journalists, lawyers, and civil libertarians -- had no standing to sue the government over NSA's warrantless interception of their international telephone calls and emails because they could not show that their phone calls and emails had, in fact, been intercepted. But wait! The list of whose international telephone calls and emails have been intercepted without warrant is protected national security information which cannot be divulged, and so, there is no way to prove in court that one has standing to sue. Catch-22 is alive and well, folks, and it is shredding Constitutional protection against unlawful searches and seizures inch by inch. Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus and Roosevelt's internment of the Japanese during World War II were ignominious episodes in American history, but in terms of their long-term effects, they pale in comparison to the assault being waged against our civil liberties by the national security state. The Professor ought to be ashamed.
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wait until the Rpublicans come back...then you will really cry over your lost liberties
Traxxious's avatar
And of course, it's Barack Obama, go figure.
Internet-Cancer's avatar
the exact response I get whenever I bring this up...
"Please shut up."
majicfrog's avatar
The way you've presented your message (particularly Obama's "dialect") comes across as possibly (unintentionally?) racist. This most likely harms the message of the piece and hurts any chance of people with opposing viewpoints or uninformed people taking your poster seriously.
blackstrike's avatar
He is killing USA citizens across the world on a whim. Cry me a river. I don't feel even slightly bad for him being treated bad.
majicfrog's avatar
Irrelevant to the fact that other people do, and this is propaganda, so it is supposed to appeal to those who DON'T already agree with you :)
Internet-Cancer's avatar
how is this in any way racist?
majicfrog's avatar
The artist changed the piece. Prior to the changes, Obama used stereotypical urban black dialect such as "Yo" and "I'mm."
Internet-Cancer's avatar
Well in that context I can see how you came to the conclusion, but that's still a little sensitive.
majicfrog's avatar
As are many liberals, who would naturally be the primary target of this particular piece of propaganda. I was honestly just trying to help the piece be more effective in its intended purpose; personally, I don't have much problem with the original, but I think the new piece is more effective.
Internet-Cancer's avatar
Well then by all means carry on.
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I think you're being overly sensitive, but I made the changes anyway. I don't care what color Obama is: he's an embarrassment to the progressive tradition in this country, and his record on civil liberties will stand as the worst in American history -- Bush included.
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I never saw the original. I tend not to be overly racially sensitive.

But...this message is very hard for Obama supporters to swallow. IMO it's best to take pains to prevent anyone of them from being able to dismiss it out of hand by going "eh, who cares, just some racist's ramblings." Whether they actually BELIEVE that or not, they could use it to justify ignoring the message.
poasterchild's avatar
Yep, it is. That's why I keep posting stuff like this. Obama ain't gonna move in the right direction until and unless he gets some real heat from his base, and even then, there is not much leverage since he can't run again. Civil liberties are in trouble in all three branches of the Federal government; it's hard times.
The-Psychonaut's avatar
If you have information to the aforementioned offenses not from Foxnews or Glen Beck, as a fellow libertarian I'd happily give them a look see. If you have any foreign news stations, not affected by our bipartisan system and company funded media, that'd also be kick ass.
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Do. . .your. . .own. . .research.
First black president, likens himself to Lincoln, but he does the opposite of what Lincoln did. Instead of granting liberty, he's taking it away. What a hypocritical prick.
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Oh, just wait this is only the tip of the iceberg, I believe he is just getting started .
NeppyNeptune's avatar
Hold up, did you just assume he will do all of those terrible things?

Where are your sources???
Why do you believe that he will take that for granted?
One-Bad-Mo-Fo's avatar
Ah, our wonderful American media. Keeping people blissfully uninformed.
poasterchild's avatar
It's not a question of whether he does any of those things or not, actually, although he has in fact, assassinated American citizens abroad without their ever have been charged with any crime. It is the principles that he has established, or is trying to. He has set a dangerous precedent that might be relied upon by some future President in more troubled times than these. But, he has presided over the drone program which he now will bring home, he has made it a felony to protest in front of the White House, and he promised to veto the indefinite military detention of American citizens provisions of the NDAA but then signed it in the dead of night on December 31, 2011. Later, when a Federal judge issued an injunction against the enforcement of that part of the law (Section 1021) Obama, who could have kept his promise by not appealing the judge's decision, did appeal. The case will probably go to the Supreme Court and there is not too much doubt about how they will rule.

Do your own research and get educated. And no, this is not an invitation to further discussion. You've been warned.
NeppyNeptune's avatar
Wouldn't the files of assassinated citizens be kept confidential?

I mean, if I were the president, I wouldn't let this out.
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