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I will always remember President Obama as having the worst record on civil liberties of any President in American history. He has made a felony of protesting in front of the White House, used Federal resources to "coordinate" the simultaneous destruction of 28 peaceful Occupy encampments, and asserted his "right" to assassinate American citizens merely on his suspicion that they have provided "material support" to terrorists, all without charge or trial. It takes the breath away.

I've just updated the copy on this poaster, in commemoration of today's SCOTUS decision on the so-called FISA Amendments. The Court ruled that the plaintiffs -- journalists, lawyers, and civil libertarians -- had no standing to sue the government over NSA's warrantless interception of their international telephone calls and emails because they could not show that their phone calls and emails had, in fact, been intercepted. But wait! The list of whose international telephone calls and emails have been intercepted without warrant is protected national security information which cannot be divulged, and so, there is no way to prove in court that one has standing to sue. Catch-22 is alive and well, folks, and it is shredding Constitutional protection against unlawful searches and seizures inch by inch. Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus and Roosevelt's internment of the Japanese during World War II were ignominious episodes in American history, but in terms of their long-term effects, they pale in comparison to the assault being waged against our civil liberties by the national security state. The Professor ought to be ashamed.
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wait until the Rpublicans come back...then you will really cry over your lost liberties