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Smash Comcast!
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Published: May 11, 2014
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rip my fellow gamer
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Come on The Internet Army!
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It must be done! CURSE YOU! 
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Fujin777Hobbyist Writer
I'm in!
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This fight won't be even close to over until we start rendering punishment for people who try to do this shit, but since our justice system is so impotent and subservient to the powerful, we can keep dreaming.

Nothing TOO drastic, just something subtle.  You know, just take a sledgehammer to a couple of legs, no biggie.  It's like a time out for traitorous policy makers.
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MarshmallowXSwirlStudent Filmographer
So...if we'd like to spread this to help support the cause, do we just credit you in the description?

Also, I support you fully in this. Fucking capitalism
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poasterchildHobbyist Artist
You're welcome to credit this as: poasterchild.deviantart.com/.

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MarshmallowXSwirlStudent Filmographer
Will do!
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GeekArtByZentner Traditional Artist
Absolutely every Comcast "rep" or "servicer" or "contractor" I've been in contact with has been an absolute Wait with Wario hole.
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Internet-CancerHobbyist Traditional Artist
I wondered when I'd be seeing this from you...considering the fact that massive profits and market control are at stake I don't see a civil victory.
But in any case they'll be dealing with a very pissed off market and I hazard to guess that they're probably going to start a new market of network-circumventing technologies.
Hell, they can't really prevent the creation of those Pringles can Wifi networks. What makes them think that they can effectively control network speeds for different types of traffics without taking down a host of technological and software resources meant to hide actual traffic from them?
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I love how there is a "debate" about turning an already massive and notoriously awful conglomerate into a communications megacorporation. I can imagine myself being okay with large corporate mergers but due to the ever present fact that all of these massive companies are horrid, inefficient and poor employers I would rather see them fail than expand. Even if these companies fail the market for television doesn't disappear and newer, smaller companies will rise to deliver content.
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scholarwarrior-ladHobbyist General Artist
You mean it isn't one already?
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Do you mean Comcast as a communications megacorporation?
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scholarwarrior-ladHobbyist General Artist
Yeah. :nod:
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What I mean and don't view me as an apologist for Comcast but they have some tiny level of competition with the other gigantic media conglomerates but it is mostly a farce. The giant communications companies differ slightly in politics and quality. Just look at G.E and the crazy amount of spin they do on MSNBC with generally being in favor of social equality while hocking military expansion overseas. Compare it to a private company like Clear Channel with the wacky rightwing shenanigans. There is some amount of competition but it mostly for market groups, demographics, but overall they all want the same things: low taxes, union busting, poor-on-poor infighting and the rest of the oligarchic-type shit. The difference with Comcast is that besides being one of the WORST, statistically speaking based on polling, media companies in existence if they merge once again they will be downright monolithic. No other media company could possibly rival them unless some other gigantic trust formed. Sociologists have long said that media can shape culture due to basic repetition. The same people saying the same things with zero room for other views is very powerful. If this merger does happen I suppose we should feel lucky that Comcast would rather push products than sell an ideology. 
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scholarwarrior-ladHobbyist General Artist
I'm not sure if Comcast adopted that six strikes thing yet but...
Oh, heck naw, don't you worry Blasta, I'm not going ot tear your head off. :laughing: I know that online especially when it comes to politics and products lots of people tend to get emotionally turbocharged but I'm one of those ones who can handle a difference in opinion... :shrug: when it comes to that stuff.

I kinda hear you on the megamonopolies though (historically if you look at utilities... and more recently, particularly when it comes to telecoms)
Where I live it seems most of the telecom is divided for the most part evenly between Comcast and AT&T with the little wedge of leftover market area held by a fluctuating cast of smaller third guys who seem to come and go. 

I doubt anybody will have the spine/balls to motion an antitrust against the big guys though because there's just so freaking much lobbying embedded in the (ooh, sorry for the terrible pun I'm about to use here) infrastructure which sustains the megacorps staying big.

I'd like to have my own corporation some day (long term goal, provided I could ever get together enough money and manpower to make it all possible) but rather than that sort of underhanded crap I'd rather it do well from just making a damned better product or way better service than the crap the other guys are peddling.  And if we got too big then yeah, it'd get broken apart like all those baby Bells.  On the other hand, if it flopped, you dust yourself off, file chapter 11 and start over again. <- this is a gross oversimplification but in general,

yeah, I feel like (I concur here) anticompetitive practices hurt everybody in the market in the long run and that big dinosaurs that don't lumber along as well as they used to should be food for the smaller guys to rise up and fill the newly opened niche formerly held by the entity whose carcass they are munching on.

Now that, is a lessez-faire economy. :happytear:
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Co-SwagsterStudent General Artist
Yeah, most Americans are pissed about this. Including me.
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poasterchildHobbyist Artist
As far as I know, this is only an issue in the US.
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