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ee:: chill summer days

By Po-Lar

(this is nearly a year old can you believe I can't)

makin some money laugh

From the summer Leigh first moved into Toffee Town and got close to Isis! Maybe they could rekindle their relationship and get back to days like these despite the bitterness of winter kicking in :^)

Normal Toned Waist Up = 425 
+Normal Toned Full Body = 450
+Detailed BG = 250
 :star: TOTAL = 1125
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wtf I didn't know this was for ee all this time I am astounded by how cinematic and gorgeous every piece u do is
Po-Lar's avatar
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please......... continue? <<<:'''3ccccccccccccccccccccccc
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NO NONO!!?!??!!?? /! ? 
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Damn! that water is so incredible holy shi-
Po-Lar's avatar
thank you! 
nuenie's avatar
This is gorgeous, and I especially love the view of the whale down below. Isis...dont look down...
Po-Lar's avatar
ahh/// thank you ! 

and I don't think she did... a little too distracted by the drowsiness of being carried by the sea you know?
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the aesthetic is this is so beautiful
all the colors are just ahhhhh
great job~
Po-Lar's avatar
ah thank you !!
J-E-R-I-C-H-O's avatar
HHHh i love pics with creatures that are fuckin giant just swimmin next to people :icondokisplz: Very cute~
Po-Lar's avatar
J-E-R-I-C-H-O's avatar
celiere's avatar
yELLS ALOT SO BEAUTIFUFLL still so beautiful im in l ooVVEEee
RIP LOOK AT THEMM AAAAAAA sweetest tomos....
you're wonderful sky ;;////;;;;
Po-Lar's avatar
uGH TACKLES YOU TO THE GROUND punches you with a kiss 
visiface's avatar
9 o 9 omg this is beautiful bb
great job - its so soft and the water looks gorgeous
Po-Lar's avatar
hhh thanks so much kim/// I'm really glad that it came out so well considering I haven't attempted bg's in years probably
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I really like this picture, totally something I'd love to paint. That being said, the fact that the guy's legs aren't visible is inconsistant as we can see the sea monster. This issue need to be adressed IMO.
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Such a beautiful piece! Sooooo pretty >w<
Po-Lar's avatar
hh thank you !!!
DinobitQueen's avatar
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