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As it's been requested, here are my commission infos !

**PLEASE READ ! Things to know before commissionning **:

-Commissions are for private use only. For commercial use, please contact me.

- Payment will be made through PayPal. I'll add the paypal tax along with the payment request (it's something around 2 or 5% of the final price that paypal takes in every transaction).

- I require half of the payment before starting the piece. No refunds!

- If somehow, you are unsatisfied with initial results, every requested changes , starting with the second one, will require a fee. (Which means, the first modification is free. The following ones will be billed depending on the complexity).

If the change is major, I will require a fee starting with the first change. (In case you want a complete change of idea, character, clothes, landscape etc...)

- I reserve the right to refuse you as a client if I don't feel at ease with the subject of your commission.

For your information, I don't draw : Porn, Gore/Extreme violence, some romantic scenes (I'm a bit allergic to that to be honest). Apart from that, I'm pretty much open to anything.

- If your commission takes time to arrive, that's because I have other commissionners to take care of that ordered before you. I work by order of arrival so if I have something to finish before taking care of your drawing, you'll be notified. Please, be patient :)

-If you order a commission, I'll consider that you agree with all the terms and conditions that are stated here.

-And last but not least.... No, nothing. That's all actually.


Just fill in the following form :

Commission type : 

Number of Characters : (Please, include reference pictures of the character(s) (and his/their outfits) and/or environnement involved. 

*Important : I don't work from character descriptions and I don't design characters.

Description of the scene : (Reference images of poses or locations or anything that can be useful.)

Background : Yes/No

Your Email : (to send you the process of your commission.)

- If you wish to keep your commission private, simply precise it.


    *Note:  All prices are subject to increase due to heavy detail or requested modifications.

    -Single Character Lineart:  Bust - 10€
                                         Half Body - 15€
                                         Full Body - 20€

*Each Additional Character:  Bust - +5€
                                       Half Body - + 7€
                                       Full Body - + 10€

*Complicated background : + 5€ or more depending on the complexity. To see with me for full details.



-Single Character Lineart with sketchy colours:  
Bust - 20 €
Half Body - 25€
Full Body - 30€

*Each Additionnal Character:
Bust - 10€
Half Body - + 12€
Full Body - + 15€

*Complicated Background: 10€ or more depending on the complexity. To see with e for full details.

Samples: UNCANNY AVENGERS Sketch- THOR by PnzrK


-Single Character Coloured: 
Bust - 30 €
Half Body - 35€
Full Body - 40€

*Each Additional Character: 
Bust - +15 €
Half Body - + 17€
Full Body - + 20€

*Complicated background : + 15€ or more depending on the complexity. To see with me for full details.

Samples : Ragnarok Now- Rogue/Grim Reaper by PnzrK Superman N52 by PnzrK


- Once I have received the form above duly completed, I'll notify you by note or email to announce you that your commission has been accepted. I take requests by order, so...

-I request half of the payment before starting anything. This will not be refunded so be sure you want a commission before starting requesting one.

Once it is received, I'll begin the process in creating the artwork.

- I will do a series of sketches (generally 3) that will illustrate the general composition and look of the finished work. I'll email you these sketches, then you will let me know which sketch to continue with. If none of them suits you, I'll redo one, with the informations you'll give, me until you're satisfied with it.

*IMPORTANT : Be careful though to not abuse too much of the modifications. Passing one modification, the others will be billed depending on the complexity.

-When the sketch has been approved, I will then create a larger, cleaner version of this artwork.  I will then do the same as I did with the sketches and send them off to be approved.

*IMPORTANT : Be careful though not to abuse too much of the modifications. Passing one modification, the others will be billed depending on the complexity.

If you have any questions , feel free to note me! 

Thank you <3

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