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luigi with bg

with background

i heart luigi.

one of my favorite characters in brawl and one of my most favorite characters in the nintendo universe. a true underdog, like so many of us.
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May be one of my top 5 of all time. I know that's a bold statement but its well deserved.
Terrve's avatar
Love the attitude! (and the creepy green fire XD )
Black1998's avatar
Nice picture 8D
BloodFox900's avatar
the Lean-Mean-Green-Machine is BACK!
NatSilva's avatar
:D He looks so bad ass lol >:]

I really dig the pose, and also the expression, your style is wickedly sick! :excited:

There are so many people who are becomign fans of the green i mean Luigi <3 he is one of my faves too! :D

You did an awesome job mate! This gets a fave from me! ;)

GoldDragonPrincess's avatar
Luigi is DA BOMB :dummy:

Very great job! :aww:
EmceeProphIt's avatar
Insta-fav. :D

I worship case the avatar didn't clue ya in...
pnutink's avatar
yeah he is definitely one of my favorites too
Steelwool's avatar
Thats MAMA LUIGI to you Mario!
pnutink's avatar
yeah for sure
XX-Midnight's avatar
Luigi is definatly my favorite too. He's just so...Luigi-ish. XD
Ra7ar's avatar
When I can play luigi I do in smb2 he kicked ass best jump ever
pnutink's avatar
yeah he's one of my faves too
MendezArtsPR's avatar
Luigi looks so damn awesome, great job on this luigi.
pnutink's avatar
thanks you commented on my two favorite nintendo characters, well i'll be damn.
SgtChilly's avatar

The Green Fire cannot be topped.
KawaiiSonicChao's avatar

best. luigi pic. ever.
pnutink's avatar
yeah he looks pretty cool
ZONE33's avatar
badass my friend.
like seriously dude u should pitch ur art to nintendo and see about dooin some art for smash bros cause i think its a givin that they will be a new one
pnutink's avatar
i wrote nintendo about having them do an art contest for the arrival of super smash bros brawl because it would have generated soo much attention and great art. but it begins to get technical and they start sending all round trying to talk to the right person. i kind of gave up after a couple emails, too busy. but i would love to do stuff like how they had someone do the concept art for mario strikers. have you seen that stuff, it's pretty rad and edgy. i think i could do some sweet concept art for them given the opportunity.
ZONE33's avatar
yea man seriously sky is the limit i think u should look more into it dude. i mean if not a contest u know how udon put out a art book where not just people in the group but anyone who was good enough got in the book maybe doin like a nintendo art book or something. man i would join in on that with u man. idk i just think ur character design would be awesome for one of there games
popabeat's avatar
I agree with them below, the fire is awesome.
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