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the god of thunder

this one was a big worry at first. at least to me because with these marvel fanart pieces this is piece #8, and i personally feel that i've been able to trump the last one with each new one i produce.

i wasn't so sure about the outcome after i had only finished coloring thor himself. i had some trouble trying to understand how i wanted to execute this. i knew what i wanted in my head but i did not feel confident it would translate.

can't really explain how it ended up the way it did, but i feel it turned out exactly how i felt it needed to be. i really wanted to incorporate an array of colors like the rainbow path that leads to asgard in the lightning, as well as have this simple spacey feel to the background. i also wanted thor to be executing a great deal of power, the power of asgard, which i felt was more than just solid blue/white lightning.

this is also a bit of an early art anticipation for the thor movie.

anyways, very proud and i love it, hope everybody enjoys this as much as i do! cheers.
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I feel sorry for whatever's getting that hit...