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A group for the people out there who don't have a professional camera, but instead a point-and-shoot. Because a good camera doesn't make a good photographer!

Submissions and join requests are always open and will be accepted right away!
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75 Members
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Sleepy by BrittsCreations
White Baby by BrittsCreations
Scream by BrittsCreations
Tabbyco by BrittsCreations
Abstract, Surreal
People Once Lived Here Now Gone by KatrinaFTW44
Window to the Wild by KatrinaFTW44
Text Books by KatrinaFTW44
Matches and a Cassette Tape by KatrinaFTW44
Gordon's House 3 by KatrinaFTW44
Gordon's House 4 by KatrinaFTW44
Inkster's General Store by KatrinaFTW44
Nesbitt Grain Elevator by KatrinaFTW44
Fruit splash by fotografka
Bubbles grapes by fotografka
Cherry by fotografka
Admire me by fotografka
Dandelion in Front of Peony by KatrinaFTW44
Lily Close-up by KatrinaFTW44
Glitter galaxy by fotografka
Glitter's drop by fotografka
People and Portraits
Mother And Son by BrittsCreations
Little Princess by BrittsCreations
In The Flowers by BrittsCreations
Happy by BrittsCreations
Land and Waterscapes
Above the Wawanesa Trails by KatrinaFTW44
Pelican Lake during the Summer by KatrinaFTW44
West from lookout at Delta Marsh by KatrinaFTW44
Waterscape and Tunnel by BrittsCreations
Spurge Hawkmoth Caterpillar by KatrinaFTW44
Hereford Cattle by KatrinaFTW44
Mallard Drake by KatrinaFTW44
Warbling vireo by KatrinaFTW44
Sky, Sunrise and set
The Sky Is On Fire by fotografka
Moon Eclipse by fotografka
Impression by fotografka
Peace by fotografka
Flowers and Plants
Yellow Daisies by KatrinaFTW44
New Apple Blossoms by KatrinaFTW44
Wild Daisies 2 by KatrinaFTW44
Wild Daisies 1 by KatrinaFTW44
Hillside Cemetery Baldur by KatrinaFTW44


It's uberkid64 here, founder of the group. It's time I said something.

Please submit your BEST work. Some people are submitting everything, but groups are meant for showing off your best work, not everything. Pick the pieces you a proud of, and submit those. By doing that, you may gain interest by other deviants, and they may choose to look through your gallery. Some people (not necessarily in this group, but on this website in general) add EVERYTHING. There is no need to add seven versions of the exact same picture at the same time. I've done this a bit starting out, I'll admit, but I'd advise you to not do the same. Add several pictures of the same thing, sure, but make the pictures look different from one another via different angles and such. I can't say how sick I am of seeing people add the same pictures over and over and over and over without changing anything about them.

Also, don't add super blurry pictures, unless the pictures are meant to be blurry. Please avoid adding plain uninteresting pictures of people you know because, let's be honest, chances are people won't care about seeing them unless they are deserving to be looked at. An out-of-focus blurry and horribly-lighted of a random family member, for example, isn't going to strike interest to people. It's true. I don't know your uncle, and I'm not particularily interested in seeing a picture of him unless it actually looks good.

Basically, I am asking people to stop adding pictures to groups that aren't your best work. I'm not on dA enough to choose which pictures to add to the gallery, and decline others so I have them automatically accepted. But just because they are automatically accepted doesn't mean that you should add them all, especially if they aren't one that people would want to see. We all have to start off from somewhere, but people don't want to see everything from when you started off. I'm not saying if your a novice your pictures suck, I'm saying that chances are people won't be as interested in seeing them because you have created your personal skills yet and will delete them from their inbox anyways.

Sorry about my rant. I want to take time and clean up the gallery a bit, but to be honest I don't have much time to. That's why I ask to submit what you are truly proud of. If you think it's 'meh', don't add it here. If you don't find much interest in it, there is a good chance that others will be on a similar page.

Thank you, however, for submitting which keeps this group going. Please just make sure you add the pictures you think are special, and not your entire gallery.
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