The Official PMU Bi-Annual Mapping Contest: Winter 2015

Hello people of our PMUniverse!
The Staff Team is happy to announce the arrival of our Winter 2015 mapping contest! We hope to see faces both old and new diving in to new mapping adventures!

This year's theme is: LOST

Please sign up on the forums:…
As well as reference for Rules, Prizes, and any other additional information.

This Contest is running from:
November 13th, 2015 - December 13th, 2015

If you are unfamiliar with mapping, don't worry, there are mapping guides on the forums to help you along! You never know, this might the month your mapping juices get flowing.
We look forward to exploring your creations! Best of luck to all!

Char (Developer)
PMU Staff Team
Hey, PMUsers! Sorry for the wait, but the site AND the forums are now back up. The game is also fully running. Our website has undergone a revamp, and is much improved now, thanks to Ankoku-Flare

We have a lot planned for this summer, so keep playing! Here's a sneak peek!

:bulletred: More content; dungeons!
:bulletred: Events
:bulletred: Contests & Competitions
:bulletred: Furthering of the ODP-project
:bulletred: More Art!

If you would like to be added to the public chat, or PMU's ODP chat, you may ask me to add you. (erladino @ skype!)

(PMU is a non-profit organization, purely run on funds, and donation from its participants. In order to continue keeping this game alive, I must ask you to consider donating if you can, here's the link~ )

Thanks for being such a supportive community, we love you guys!
Stay tuned for more art on this group!


In commemoration of celebrating PMU7's 6th anniversary, we had this entire week, full of events, fun activities, and contests. It's still going on. So, this journal is update you on what we're doing, and we hope you enjoy participating.

General Contests

:bulletred: First thing's first, the arrival of the much wanted Mapping Contests!…

:bulletred: We also have a video contest, for all you youtubers out there~…

-            -            -

Birthday Events & Activities

:bulletred: If you're interested in competitive battling, some PMU staff have created a 'Pokemon League'; with gym leaders. You must beat as many gym leaders as you can, in 24 hours!…

:bulletred: Feeling a spark of sudden creativity? If so, do join our iScribble-A-Thon Day Event!…

-            -            -

In-Game Updates

There's a special exp boost event currently going on, this weekend. 1.5x more exp! Get it while you can. Also, the Marowak Training Dojo has been revamped, as a treat. We do dodgeball, quizes, CTF, Dungeon races each day, so try to hop on when you can! We hope you enjoy.

*Note: Details of all events & contests are on their respective Forum threads.

Thanks to all PMU staff & players for making this possible~

Best wishes, and good luck~
*Blows dust off group*

Hello!  To everyone who's still watching this group and haven't seen the post on our website, PMU is back online again, running on a temporary PMU7 server as we prepare for PMU8!  There are some account and content issues to this, however.

Read more at our forum link:…
As some of our community members here on our deviantART group have been wondering what is going on with the game, this journal entry clarifies the current PMUniverse's situation. (We apologize we didn't mention anything about it here on the group earlier.)

The game server has been shut down temporarily since Jul-29-2013 for maintenance. The staff members have been working hard to bring the game up again as soon as possible.

Some official announcements have been made on the PMU Forums about this in details, you can check them out here:~

- Addressing The Current Server Downtime

- PMU8! Official Announcements and Clarifications

There is also the Open Development Project (ODP), which is a public Trello board where you can help with the game development by suggesting your ideas or showing your own designs for the game client elements, check it out here:

- PMU8 - Open Development Project

We apologize for the inconvenience, thank you everyone for your continued patience. =^.^=


~ Shining Fox