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Little Fury Bugs

i love everything about this shot.

i was about to go to sleep but came up with the idea and refused to go to sleep until i did this picture
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Hey there!
I'd like to use this picture as a backdrop to a youtube video of one of my new tracks called "we've been bugged". Of course I will include any links to your work in the credits. Please email me at if you are willing to share! :)
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Is there a tutorial for that effect?
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Sorry to tell you this, but this has been stolen by another person on DeviantART. [link] Great work, by the way - this is gorgeous!
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it is great !
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perfect idea! i love it :)
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i absolutly love this picture.. i tried reinacting it but its nothing compared to yours
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Fits the song. Nice.
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And you took inspiration for the title from a fine band ;)
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You can teach me?
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i like it- you just inspired me! and i have that sort of thing where i cant go to bed till i draw, write, or chop something. nicceee.
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impressive . : )
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this is amazing!
i love it!
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This is fantastic, you did a great job : )
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