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Champion of the Guilds Chapter 4e, John
I must had gotten lost after my freakout. Not that it matter as I was trap here, just like my time in Ixalan. I was Stranded on that plane, now Ravnica in. right in the Undercity it would seem. Well may as well find my the guildhall of Golgari Swarm. I mean I was told to look for Vraska. I know she wouldn't remember me, but must know or even had the Immortal Sun with her and sure as hell want to leave. I don't even care if Boccob was here, For all we know it could another fake or just a lie by the Dragon. I time like this that I really distrust dragon.
Still at least, Dragon smell better, urg. This place stink, what with the rotting flesh, the rotten vegetables. Urg. I really pick the stinky deal colored, haven't I? I was more into the cycle of life and death, the necromancer and yeah I use living animated fungus and plant back in Dominaria. But the Saproling make good use and I was testing thing out really. I do wish I could animated r
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Champion of the Guilds Chapter 4d, Kelly
Lightning, Steam and Metal. The Izzet had really did themselves. Not only put more work on making electricity jump like mad but really make it not so easy to take a step without a Lightning rod outside the storm.
If I started to developed Astraphobia I'd blame the Magewrights. I mean I already had trouble with normal rain. How am gonna bypass a strong storm.
It was only wise to stay low go under the build that conductor the storm. And that wear the steam and metal come. I knew that the Izzet had Steam Vents. But they pipe after pipe and even then, they aren't holding in the steaming water. Not to forget that it is so hot down here. That I am melting with how I am sweating profusely.
I kinda wish I could use any of my Ice Magic one me if I wasn't running low on Mana. I must admit I'd like go home and had a resting bath, but a lot I stuck here and heading to hotter pan. That of being Nivix.
Lucky for me at least. I find myself a Pool of Water, pipe flowing out more water into the Pool. I
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Champion of the Guilds Chapter 4c, Edward
I not even sure if I should had my thought out in Swampy Sewer, After all this is House Dimir I heading to and planing to Join them for intel for just for the searching of the founder of the Mana Gods but also the father of my girl.
Maybe I just being paranoid with the idea that I'm being use for their sick trail. It wouldn't be the 1st time that I been trick and who know what they want us to do without knowing. I swear I am getting sick of people using me as something, then as a person. I am Edward McDeviant for goodness sake, I am the one of the founder of Champion of Magic. I was the Black Champion of Darkness. It was my own choses to be friend with him, to be a Champion and to also take the Blue Mana as part of me.
I take a rest walking, all this pondering and self thinking is do the fact that I am alone in a Sewer, no way to planeswalker back home with my girl, who could really need some help. I pray the other are taking good care of her.
Splash! I heard it, getting me out of my f
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Champion of the Guilds Chapter 4b, Pinku
Okay, So right now, I being drag in chain by a by a bunch of soldier, talk about humiliation. How did I get into this mess?
Oh right. I was finding the Boros Legion Guild Hall, Sunhome, was it? Yeah. I think so. Well I knew I was at the right place, what the blocky Military like building as well the plains of people matching.
Still... I saw some trouble from a distance. Some Izzet Goblins mindlessly throwing fire and lightning. Well at least, they was throwing spell as Two Soldiers, there they was struggling with the bombard. I mean, sure I didn't have most of the Mana, but I did had my rapier and they need help.
So I dash in. Block and even swing some of the fireball back at the Goblins. The Goblins run away and right before I turn to Two Soldiers. One of them, grab me to my hand by surprise, pine me on the wall, and handcuffed me. The other soldiers as I recall. "Young Lady, you're under arrest for you act of vigilante. Do not resist!" I mean What?!, I even call that out. I save them
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Champion of the Guilds Chapter 4a, Paul
After long walked in the city. I finally made to where can see building that Selesnya Conclave, Whatwith how the building seem to be build within the trees, garden on top of said building. The Autumn really match the sunset, that is almost hard see it very beauty. Still wild I should take a some sight seeing here. I was on a Mission. If I could, I'll need to find Vitu-Ghazi and ask to join they guild as well as giving me a room.
I can see the people passing by looking at me, even if I was wear less than morden, I was still out of place. I could also guess that the sword and shield strap to by back, could make them feel unsettling. I can hear them talking, even when wolf was backing at me, they owner calming them down. Really, I should be lucky, they aren't ready to attack me on sight. I walk on my way, what I can guess the way the hall.
After making up high on one of city bridge, was almost push off, by a Soldier, One of them, holding be from my fate down there. As the two soldier was
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Life! [TWEwY with a Possible Future]
There another little flower pot planned, as Shiki. She was young. As her mother help her planting with the other, growing with life. "Good one my little flower." Her mother said. "This is fun, Mommy." She said. "Indeed. It like making them into new life. Isn't it?" "Yeah!" The little girl curp. Then out the blue, her black cat jump onto, cat purring for the little girl attacion. "Mr. Mew. I can't play with you---" She said. "It alright, he just want to join. Right." Her mother said, "Meow." as the cat moving around the girl legs. "Find. You can join." She said, as her, her mother and her kitty did some more gardening.
It was a dark time, she was just turn 12 not that long and her little kitten, Mr Mew had die. Having to lost it nine live. From a unfortunate accident. She was in her black dress, the only thing that had color was a stuffed animal, it one of those moogle plush. Her mother and father was there, given support to the lost of her kittle. She was gonna miss
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Mature content
Body! [TWEwY] (NSFW) :iconpmiller1:PMiller1 2 0
Cyber! [TWEwY... Possible Future]
"Are you serious?" Shiki said as if she looking at her best friend as if she doesn't know. Along with Neku wideye as her. As even he can't believe.
"Yep." Eri said, Drinking through a straw from her Coke. "I am serious. I getting a Artificial arm for my left." She said bull.
"But Erica. They nothing wrong with your left arm. Most people get prosthetic limb because they already had them missing." Shiki said. "Yeah, this isn't like piercing. You are gonna get your arms chop off." Neku added, agreeing with Shiki.
"Shiki. Neku. I am getting a new left arm, no argument." She said "I already made up my mind."
"I-I'm sorry." Shiki said, shaken by her word. "I mean... it just be taken a big risk. You be removing a part of you." Neku said.
"I be find." Eri said, waving off. "Beside it would be cool to had a robot arm. Think of the cool robotic stuff it can do."
"Is they something wrong?" Shiki ask "Is it still sore after all this year?" As she recall that day. Two
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Nickname! [TWEwY]
She never had a nickname to call herself. It always Shiki Misaki. Not even her close friend call her with any Nickname. It always Shiki. She never thought of a nickname for herself. It was one of the thing that she feel envy toward Erica Kanjishii, she call her 'Eri' is the one thing that she would identified. She almost forget that her name is Erica, shorten to be Eri. She does wonder if all the other know that her name is Erica Kanjishii. The teacher call her Erica or even Miss Kanjishii that for sure.
Even in the Reaper Game, she couldn't even come up a nickname for herself with her new from. So instead she make herself sound redundant, she kinda haven't thought about, she was Eri at the time. It not help that when he call her 'Stalker' it wasn't neckname that she wanted, it was insulting to her. As if she was a Stalker, she didn't get why he was rude, sure she know that do his enter fee he doesn't remember. So he didn't know much about the Reaper Game. But it seem li
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A Day in Zeta. [TWEwY] by PMiller1 A Day in Zeta. [TWEwY] :iconpmiller1:PMiller1 4 0
Mature content
Bikini! [TWEwY] (NSFW) :iconpmiller1:PMiller1 1 0
Birthday! [TWEwY]
"Why do I have do this again?" Neku winded, As Eri was pulling him in the 104 department stores, making the fromer form of his Partners roll her eye. "Because Neku. It gonna be her birthday next week and I want to make sure you give her something that she would like." She said at him. And Really. Neku should know better. It one thing to think about Shiki being 16 before him, but he doesn't see the point, it just a day on how long you been on this Earth. I mean, he can give her anything he want to her and she would like it, so what me it being her Birthday be more special? And why does she care?
"And you can't just get her some CD that your own. You got to show that you do indeed love her." Eri said to him. Neku just look at her. At least getting some CD would be better than anything really. "And what are gonna get her?" He said. Not wanting to had her bossing him around. This make her froze, not a reaction it was expecting really.
She was able to compose herself, re
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Death! [TWEwY... Possible Future]
They was no denying it I was dead. Or at least dying. As my body was broken from the hard floor, I can feel strap of metal from the car stabbing me, I was bleeding, treating from eyes as I was unable to move. Care bzssing was getting duller, voice of my friend, calling my name, I saw her face, my Shiki, it was fear, worry and pain. It was odd. She would have dead again... again...? She would have dead if I didn't push her out of the way. We both cross a green light. her voice was getting quiet, her face was getting darker... everything was getting darker.
The next thing I know I was awaken in a white void, This is the after life. My 1st thought came up. And I was alone, they other people with me. As I pick up from the floor, if it even a floor. Most of the people was talking, wonder what was going on. Then all of them stop talking when they was a clap. A clap that was coming from small girl in black with pink outline, with very black Shades.
"Alright ev
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How the Girls Met! [TWEwY Past]
"Okay this isn't going anywhere." I said to my Partner, as the mission was to clear Spain Hill from the noise. Yet the noise are keep coming.
"Indeed." My Partner said "Seem like we need to find the source."
I agreed with him. I took a look around to see some noise flowing about some girl. One in brunette, from the look it she look was frustrated on her drawing. I've walk up the girl. Sure she couldn't see us. But it clear she was drawing clothing, a brown newsboy cap. I must admit they look heller cool. But it clear she frustrated. I use my player pin to take a peek at her mind.
"I really want to wear this cap. But how can? They no way anything would make this for me and sure as can't. Those needle. I wish I know someone who would make clothing."
"Well? What on her mind?" The Partner ask me. I turn around repaying to him. "She seem like she want someone to make some clothing for her."
"Hmm... So typical." My Partner said, then C
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Lonely! [TWEwY and KH]
"So far they are only 10 player remain." His new Conductor said checking on her clipboard "And judging they have to team up together disputed gamemaster attempted the weaken leading two by using they mistrust. Seem they wouldn't be recurring to be member of Reaper."
He couldn't really mind what his new conductor report. As he was looking at his phone. Playing some game on them. Mostly get his mind off. However, the conductor Laxy Boidoun was looking at him, the black Shades looking down on as she looking on her boss. "Sure, are you even listening." She ask him.
"Hmm?" He said, looking to young looking teenage girl. "Sure, I'll send them back in the RG if they want to. Tell the Gamemaster to not to overstrain themselves."
"Notes. I will inform him." She said, putting the clipboard on the coffee table. "What's troubling you Boss?" She ask him, making him look at, sitting.
"You concerned for me, Laxy?" He said, "You seem distressed with runnin
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Fantasy! [TWEwY]
It was Neku idea really, but it doesn't stop the fun I've have with the other in this tabletop game of Starfinder. I wasn't really into fantasy much less Science Fantasy before now, But Neku and Shiki able drag me into playing a game with for most afternoon at Wildcat somehow able to make cafe owner being the DMs, closing for this afternoon for us.
I could go on want what my Friends Character was like, in fact I will, Starting with our Violet and Orange boy himself, he was playing Android Technomancer, playing of that his character having Amnesia, do find out why he doesn't remember and letter find the one that had kill him do how Android work in Starfinder. Ye know, Android body repeat itself with a new soul to host. It was really like to use fire and lightning magic, along able to master a blade call "Shockwave" for close-combat, had good way to use his Telekinesis. He would be a Normal Mage with Technology, if wasn't for out Shiki's Character making his char
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I have been reading and watching some Persona 5 and to be frank, I may as well add some elemental from. if not remake this Universes.

For anyone in the known Persona is Roleplaying Game, taken in a Urban Fantasy with Demon and Shadow then theme after Mythology. In fact it a part of Megami Tensei Universes, with Persona being a spinoff of Shin Megami Tensei‎. The idea that the Character using a being call a Persona, a extend part of themselves they can use within the one of the dimension of collective consciousness. The Main Character had a Give call the "Wildcard" where beside they own personas, they wield mitil-Persona for some simple custom building.

And as you can tell I done this before and wild I could say it no longer canon, it not all lost, just adding more stuff, changed some stuff that would be more fitting for other and of course, Adding some theming from Persona 5! For start, the New MC is can be a Phantom Thieves at best, He had persona awaken by said action, unlike the other Character they had some way to awaken they own. He does wear a mask, and he does take it off by ripping it off to summon his persona(s).

So you would be wondering who would be the New MC? Well it John, Yeah. I think it fair to say that he would be a fitting Main Character. He already a new boy in my setting, so it not true in this one. Now that doesn't that Edward and Pinku the former MC are gone, and why would they? They had Character of themselves. They are part of the the player grope like the Champion of Magic. I haven't given them a Team Name, so it best to go with Epsilon Champions.

With John Alphaground enter to his new school. He letter Paul and Tekuno, they would be Justice and Strength Link resentfully. They are the help him settle in the school, Do to Paul being the Leader of the School Council and Tekuno being daughter of the Sport Coach as well being the Leader of Swim Team. However do to afternoon one of the school student had fall unconscious wild heading to class, with the one around, he came to help the person, he find himself to 
Velvet Room a room located between consciousness and subconsciousness. This time, looking like a hotel entrance, where Igor great John, explaining every his fate and the idea of the velvet room. Where he make his contracted and...

Awaken in the nurse office. Think it was a dream... then he note the other next to him the person that he try to save. Then next he heard the Paul and Tekuno talking to each other outside the room. "Then it stettler we go and save them and awaken them?" "Indeed. Let go before the next classes." As the two, pull a large paper on the wall and to his shock they enter into the paper as some kind portal. He didn't know what just happen, he walk to the paper, touch the paper, his hand going into the paper, with no idea what to do, he enter into the paper.

Inside the paper was a white vold, like a blank slate at 1st, but he then see something, coming across what seem like building, a sky and colored. Then monster with Mask who was ready to attack, but was stop by a sword and a polearm swing at the monster, Paul and Tekuno came in ask if they was Okay. But then more of those Monster, Shadow they call them. Was coming in, As the two wrip out what seem like Water Gun and aim at they head and fair, with that two being of mate came out, one of a knight of silver steel and another was a mage of flowing water. Yep, Paul and Tekuno are using evoker. After seeing that, he felt something, as his face was burning, a voice call within him, as his Persona come forces, grabbing some tool, he was able to deal some of Shadow Monster, with Paul and Tekuno being amazed by his skill and soon realized that he isn't a sleeper, a person trap within the dreamwave. The 
dimension they are at, made from people dream and imagination. As Paul point out that he got a persona already meaning they wouldn't be a shadow copy of him running around. Tekuno soon remind them of another person that would be a sleeper. One known as Edward McDeviant. She also ask John to join with us seeing that we could use some extra hands as they head fever into.

To put it simple, They find Edward and his Shadow Self, mooking his real self, a boss battle with Paul being the back support if need be and Tekuno help. Edward was able to take accepted his weaken shadow and become his persons. And do this that, he disappear, Paul given a congrats to the mission to save Edward, as he said they would had been awakened to the real world. Once they return to the real world, they pull John in what been going on. They explained that most people had been hit by a deep sleep, a sleep that they never awaken from and after some time, they soon become brain dead. As they had a mental shutdown. They also explained the deal with the dreamwave, where they said they can access by going to painting. The two carry a paper that let them to what they call, the Blank Easel, using as a way to enter into her dreamcave, a thurm they use to location within the dreamwave.

They came to check up on Edward, who was resting in nurse office. He note that he had a dream with them. But also had this feeling that something happen with him. He feel like to discard it for now. As he make his introduction to John, start his Magician Arcana bond, something the he can feel too. After someday, Edward and John was hanging out at the school lunch, where Paul and Tekuno ask John to come alone. To report to him that another student fall unconscious Sore Thunder Hikari and they thought if they could use you help with them. He agreed to but then could start Edward came in overheard and put everything together. He ask them if he could join. Paul said, that too dangerous wild Tekuno think it would be a good idea, seeming that he did had a persona too. And this start of the 1st dungeons. Edward's was your tutorial level wild Sore's is the Main Dungeons for the 1st go.

The Major Arcana for the Main Characters, The Persona User.
Fool 0: John Alphaground (and Team) (P5 awaken)
Magician 1: Edward McDeviant (P4 awaken)
Priestess 2: Ni Fureya (P4 awaken)
Emperor 4: Ren 'Omega' Miller
Lovers 6: Pinku Rose (P4 awaken)
Chariot 7: Sore Thunder Hikari (P4 awaken)
Justice 8: Paul Miller (P3 awaken)
Strength 11: Tekuno Sekkai (P3 awaken)
Temperance 14: Kelly Bluecold (P4 awaken, kind off)
Tower 16: Max 'Laxup' Saibaa

The dreamcave with in the Dreamwave are:
Edward's tutorial dungeons.
Sore's 1st dungeons.
Ni's 2nd dungeons.
Pinku's 3rd dungeons.
Kelly's 4th dungeons.
Max's 5th dungeons.
Omega's 6th dungeons.
7th and 8th Dungeons are Not one of the team (Kind off).
9th True Ending Dungeons.

Journal History


Let us hope that Stan Lee had fun in Reaper Game and become a angel for the Marvel’s afterlife.
I do wish Kisekae had Prosthesis Setting.
You know I in all for Trans-Boy!Rhyme. But that do to how Rhyme was gonna be a boy before they changed it to a girl. (Not gonna headcanon it still)
Wait, Wait, Undertale Two is a thing yet TWEwY Two isn't?

Do I keep Psi Earth in hold too?
Kisekae Update: 82.
Update 82a by PMiller1
Lighting Accessory. You can had it light and shadow or flat. 
What 1 by PMiller1
Was this a thing before update 81?
Sorry for the fault updated for number 81, I thought that you couldn't had double belts before update 81.

I aren't sure what the new update is.
Yeah, I'd think Alpha's Other OC: Miki Bandy was a bad idea, she block me. Not that I mind. I could understand, messing her character to make it into my Alpha's Earth and maybe without her consent too. So maybe I should remove Miki out over all.
Who here want me to do Hype-chan's Many Swimwear?
Wild a update 80 is all about the hair accessories putting on the clip, upper body and lower body, they miss out or deny use to use the accessories on they behind. No really, the UP button that make them be in back or front, only work of the head/hair.

Who here want to make kimono with a big ribbon behind them?
I am tamped to make Y-M-Ninja-Wilson comic non-canon (or at least not taken place in the Main Alpha timeline). But really I should grateful that he is using my OCs, walfas of them.

But that really the trouble I had for Crossover Comic to my OCs that is outside to my controlled. They add elemental that I don't want or had in mind, or add other OCs that wasn't part of my Alpha Earth before, And I mean OCs that don't belong to even of us.

Also they kinda underpower my OCs just to make they Main Character carry them. I mean, I wouldn't mind a crossover. But still.

At least ChaosOverlordZ had a New Zero Pendragon, so that I could at least use the old Zero, and even then I ask him for anything about his Character and make pass. At least I ask him at discord.
You know, It make me wonder if I should adopted Alpha Zero Pendragons. Zero's Old Character, Seeming that he did remake him, into Emperor Zero with is own story the idea that he far-plateful, so to say.

If he isn't welling to give him up, that find. I'm not sure myself.
White: Paul Miller, Kairaiko Waterhouse (Miller)
Gray: Ren 'Omega' Miller, Simon Inconnus
Black: Edward McDeviant, Baaru Zeburu, Doug Crimson
Red: Sore Thunder Hikari, Chara 'Psi' Dreemurr, Locke Crimson
Orange: Roz Atsuihi, Zuerda 'Ging' Sebve, Betekgeuse 'Beat' Atsuihi
Yellow: Ni Fureya, Kiiro Acier, Celes Aounabara, Omar Inconnus
Chartreuse: Gurn Atsuihi
Green: John Alphaground, Sigfried McDeviant
Spring Green: Reiku Jūryoku, Mizu Keihohei
Cyan: Tekuno Sekkai, Kari Miller, Sakyu Basu, Ai Alphaground
Azure: Nami 'Aqua' Doublewater
Blue: Max 'Laxup' Saibaa, Deeni Bluecold
Violet: Laxy Voidborn
Magenta: Kelly Bluecold, Piri Saibaa
Rose: Pinku Rose, Frisk 'Rho' Dreemurr
You know, I wonder if The World Ends with You -Final Remix- would had a Player 2 support?

You know, the player 2 support like with Super Mario Odyssey where you had full control of Cappy.

Where in this case had a a fair control of Neku's Partner(s). Moving them the analog and well pressing the four button for they attack (Jump and block too) with SL and SR acting out as they New move of Psychs that are unique to the character. Heck why using the both S button to make a fusion attack if your Partner hit the both S.
Do anyone want me to make Kisekae Coco Atarashi? The Newest Addition to the Reapers
You know, is saying something that I remake the Kisekae of some of TWEwY character, just to show that I am hype for TWEwY Final Remix.

And yes. I may add some more 
Helpful Artwork, to some the new Pin, the Post-Game stuff. Even making a compared to the DS and the Switch if I could.


PMiller1's Profile Picture
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United Kingdom
The Psi with the Eye, The Maker of the Champion of Magic, The Formal Reval of ChaosOverlordZ, The One who said "Non Canon" even if eveyone think Paul the Character have said it.
Current Residence: Wigan, England
Favourite genre of music: Techno (Electronica)


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