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Deviation Actions

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How do I submit a deviation to the group?

There are a couple ways to go about doing this. The first is to head to the main PMDU page and click Contribute Art. This will pop up a large box displaying the deviations in your gallery. Select the deviation(s) you want to submit, then check the drop-down box at the top right of the popup to make sure you have the correct folder. Once that's done, hit the green Submit button and your deviations will be put into that folder.

The second method is more or less the same as the first, except you go into the folder you want via the Gallery. Once you're in, click the "Submit to This Folder" button, and the same box as the first method will show up, only this time the folder will be automatically selected for you. Select the deviation(s) you want to submit, and hit the button.

The third is accessible from your own gallery. Simply head to the deviation's page, scroll down to the Featured in Groups section (on the right side), and click Add to a Group. From there you can either type in the group name (pmdunity), or select the group from a list of ones you've used if you've put the name in before. Once you select the group, a drop-down box will appear for you to choose the correct folder. Once you've done that, hit Submit.

How do I remove a deviation from the group?

Head to the deviation in your gallery and scroll over to the Featured in Groups section. Hover over the PMDU icon, and a small button displaying a pencil should appear. Click that, then select Remove Deviation From This Group.

If you submit something to the wrong folder, you can use this method to get it back out of the group, then simply hit the Add to a Group button directly beneath to submit it to the right place.

If I delete something from my gallery, is it removed from the group?

Yes. Deleting a deviation from your personal gallery will automatically remove it from every single group in which it happens to have been submitted.

Okay, I can submit and remove now. But what folder do I submit to in the first place?

Ah, that's where this next section comes in! Right below is a handy list of every folder in the group, complete with links and bullet points displaying what you can submit to those folders. Look over them before submitting so neither you nor the mods have to move your submissions!

Arc 1 Artist Recruits

This folder should be for artist team applications only. Given that this folder is first in the list, it's understandable that some other material may accidentally find their way in, so please make sure you have the correct folder selected before you hit the little green Submit button.

Also, art on these applications should be original works made only by the owner of the team member(s). You may not commission nor request others to fill in art for you, nor are you permitted to use art you yourself haven't created.

Art applications require that objectives be completed with art, though they may be accompanied by writing. "Hybrid" teams (having both applications) can do both mediums freely without worrying about missing a reward.

Deviations that may be submitted to this folder:
   :bulletgreen: Official art applications.

Arc 1 Writer Recruits

As with the artist folder, this folder is solely for written team applications. There should be no other material here aside from that.

Written applications require that objectives be completed with writing, though they may be accompanied by art. "Hybrid" teams (having both applications) can do both mediums freely without worrying about missing a reward.

Deviations that may be submitted to this folder:
   :bulletgreen: Official written applications.

Mission X Art Entries

These folders will be open for drawn submissions when a mission is in progress, and will be permanently closed once the mission deadline has been reached. This is to ensure that members who qualify for the mission's primary rewards can easily prove their mission was completed on time by referring to the entries in these folders. Once the next mission begins, the previous mission folder will be archived and a new folder for the latest mission will be made available.

Locked folders will not be unlocked at any point, but if you would like to catch up on any past missions, you may still complete them and submit each part to the corresponding Late Entries folder.

Deviations that may be submitted to this folder:
   :bulletgreen: On-time mission art pieces.
   :bulletgreen: On-time mission animations.

Existing folders: S1M1 Drawn (locked)

Mission X Writing Entries

The same rules and procedures for the artist entries apply here as well, but the only submissions allowed will be written works.

Deviations that may be submitted to this folder:
   :bulletgreen: On-time mission writing pieces.

Existing folders: S1M1 Written (locked)

Arc X Tasks and Errands

This is where members will submit material made for the smaller non-mission objectives. Similar to Missions, they will provide rewards, and will have deadlines. However, rewards for these will generally be more minor. Entries must be submitted before the deadline, but can be freely edited any time after.

Late Tasks are still able to claim the Merit/Strike they would be able to receive for an on-time submission, but item rewards are only available for submissions in the folder before the deadline. For Errands, it's all or nothing; there is no late reward.

Deviations that may be submitted to this folder:
   :bulletgreen: Drawn Tasks.
   :bulletgreen: Written Tasks.
   :bulletgreen: Drawn Errands.
   :bulletgreen: Written Errands.

Existing folders: Arc 1 Art Entries - Arc 1 Written Entries

Arc X Late Entries

These folders will always be unlocked for late entries, whether they be written or drawn. Late entries may be submitted at any time, even if the group as a whole is several events down the line. New folders will be created and opened once the story arc's first event is out of the way. Once a specific folder is completely filled, it will be archived and a new folder for that set of late entries will be made in its place.

Please note that any completed Missions submitted here can only receive secondary and bonus rewards. Completed Tasks may only receive Merits and/or Strikes, but only as long as the same story arc is running; when a new arc arrives, team reputation will be reset and previous Merits/Strikes will be locked off. Late Errands do not give any reward.

Deviations that may be submitted to these folders:
   :bulletgreen: Late Mission art pieces.
   :bulletgreen: Late Mission writing pieces.
   :bulletgreen: Late Mission animations.
   :bulletgreen: Late Task art pieces.
   :bulletgreen: Late Task writing pieces.
   :bulletgreen: Late Task animations.

Existing folders: Arc 1 Late Entries


This folder is dedicated to various templates and sheets which are outside the scope of team applications, such as accessory customization, its primary purpose. Entries will be simpler than mission or task submissions, and are much more standardized, though there is still quite a bit of leeway with what you can do. This folder has been set to moderator vote, which means any submissions to this folder will need to be accepted by a mod or admin before it can be used.

Designs should not in any way relate to or reference legendary Pokémon, in neither name nor appearance.

Designs should not in any way relate to or reference real world logos or characters, in neither name nor appearance.

Deviations that may be submitted to this folder:
   :bulletgreen: Accessory customization sheets.
   :bulletgreen: Tool customization/creation. (Not yet implemented.)

Personal Stories

These folders will always be open and will contain any and all stories of your team that aren't related to missions and tasks. Backstories, interludes, personal events, member references, etc. would be submitted to this folder. As with late entries, once the folder has been filled, it will be archived and a new one will take its place.

Deviations that may be submitted to this folder:
   :bulletgreen: Miscellaneous art.
   :bulletgreen: Miscellaneous writing (including roleplay).
   :bulletgreen: Team member icons.
   :bulletgreen: Team member references.
   :bulletgreen: Team member responses to dA/tumblr asks.
   :bulletgreen: Mission/Task prologues and epilogues.
   :bulletgreen: Late Errands submitted for story purposes.
   :bulletgreen: Requested/commissioned art of team members. For commissioned pieces, you are free to link commission information in the description, or give a notice such as "note me for details," but you may not put in full commission information. That must still be conducted in your own gallery.
   :bulletgreen: Group-related fan art (i.e. art of other teams, official NPCs, etc.).

Existing folders: Personal Stories 1 (full, locked) - Personal Stories 2 (full, locked) - Personal Stories 3 (active)

Personal NPCs

Most of the same rules as Personal Stories will apply to this folder as well, however the difference is that the main folder is generally for team members and official NPCs, whereas this one is for personal characters not part of an active player team.

If you are using an NPC meme, it should be submitted to the Memes folder, not the Personal NPCs folder.

Deviations that may be submitted to this folder:
   :bulletgreen: Miscellaneous art for personal NPCs.
   :bulletgreen: Miscellaneous writing for personal NPCs (including roleplay).
   :bulletgreen: Personal NPC icons.
   :bulletgreen: Personal NPC references.
   :bulletgreen: Personal NPC responses to dA/tumblr asks.
   :bulletgreen: Requested/commissioned art of personal NPCs. The same details as above still apply.


This is where you will submit any filled templates of your characters doing specific activities that may or may not relate to canon storyline material. This is different from Personal Stories in that each submission will be done on a specific sheet created by other deviants, not necessarily group members, that generally give certain kinds of art and/or writing prompts for the character(s) shown.

If you decide to use any meme, whether it comes from the group or elsewhere, please be courteous to both the meme maker and to others wishing to locate the meme by giving proper credit and linking the base in the description of the filled meme. If you plan on using a PMD-E or other outside group meme (i.e. something made specifically for a group, not free-use), you MUST ASK PERMISSION FROM THE CREATOR before attempting to use it. If the request is declined, do not use that meme.

Should you be allowed to use an off-group meme, please make sure the meme has been converted to PMDU format (ex. bearing the PMD Unity title, not, for example, "PMD Explorers") before attempting to submit.

Deviations that may be submitted to this folder:
   :bulletgreen: Filled memes.
   :bulletgreen: Anthros, gijinkas, and fully human versions of PMDU characters only.
   :bulletgreen: PMDU characters as they would appear in another series (ex. your team as Digimon, MLP animals, etc.).
   :bulletgreen: Stamps and emoticons.
   :bulletgreen: Holiday material, such as Valentine's Day cards or April Fools deviations.

Blank Memes

Any blank meme bases made for the group will be submitted to this folder so that they can be easily located. Blank memes submitted here are subject to a specific set of guidelines that they must pass before being accepted into the group. Should a blank not pass one or more of these guidelines, submission for it will be declined, and a moderator or admin will notify you of any changes that need to be made.

Please see the section at the bottom of the journal or at the top of the Blank Memes folder for specific rules regarding PMDU blank memes.

Deviations that may be submitted to this folder:
   :bulletgreen: Blank meme bases.


This folder is for tumblr adverts, icons, banners, etc. only. Art you've posted on your tumblr, art requests you've gotten on your tumblr, and/or art you've drawn in response to tumblr/dA asks, should be placed in Personal Stories. Tumblr icons may be posted in this folder, but may also be posted in the Personal Stories/NPCs folders. Roleplays done on tumblr will also be submitted to Personal Stories/NPCs.

Deviations that may be submitted to this folder:
   :bulletgreen: Images being used as a notification that a team has a tumblr.
   :bulletgreen: Written versions of the same.
   :bulletgreen: Tumblr banners/backgrounds.
   :bulletgreen: Team member/NPC icons.

Cameo + RP + Collab Notices

This is the place where members will submit any notifications that concern two or more members working together to produce material. These submissions should be fairly short and simple, and should detail any and all criteria for the interaction or collaboration.

For those members looking to collaborate with a team: the official applications are only for finished teams, so please do not fill them out for collab teams until the team itself has been finalized.

Art or writing done AS a request should not be in this folder. Please submit such material to Personal Stories or another applicable folder.

Deviations that may be submitted to this folder:
   :bulletgreen: Roleplay adverts.
   :bulletgreen: Collaboration notices.
   :bulletgreen: Cameo notices.
   :bulletgreen: Notices pertaining to art trades (as long as they are PMDU-only).
   :bulletgreen: Notices that art and/or writing requests are being accepted.

What Should NOT Be Submitted to the Group

While PMDU does accept a wide variety of material, we do not accept all material. Directly below is a thorough list of items that we do not accept and will immediately remove should such content be found. We ask that members carefully review this list and, should they have any questions and concerns regarding any of the below points, please note a moderator or admin with said questions before a submission to the group is attempted.

Deviations that may NOT be submitted to the group:
   :bulletred: Most advertising in general. This includes but is not limited to: commission lists (even if they are only for PMDU), kiriban information, notices for non-PMDU streams, adverts for non-PMDU tumblrs, adverts for and invites to other groups, links to Charahub pages and other off-site material (tumblr being the sole exception, and only for PMDU-related blogs), etc. All of this should be conducted in member galleries only.
   :bulletred: Requests for Friend Codes, trades, and/or battles.
   :bulletred: Miscellaneous art not relevant to the group.
   :bulletred: Miscellaneous writing not relevant to the group.
   :bulletred: Material concerning the canon PMD games.
   :bulletred: Miscellaneous crossovers.
   :bulletred: Miscellaneous tutorials.
   :bulletred: Miscellaneous journals.
   :bulletred: Pokésonas that are not part of the group as team members or personal NPCs.

If you have any questions regarding where a deviation should be submitted, please either leave a comment here, note the group, or note a moderator or admin with said questions before you submit.

Blank Memes Guidelines:

All blank memes that are attempting submission to the group must now meet these specific qualifications in order to be accepted. If your blank doesn't meet all of these guidelines, the submission will be declined, and you will be notified of any changes you'll need to make in order for us to allow the blank in the group.

   :bulletblue: The blank meme must correspond in some way to PMDU and/or the setting of Parai. General memes that can be applied to any character for any setting aren't really thematically appropriate, so please make sure your meme bears some relevance for the group before submitting. A simple way to accomplish this is to reference/include specific PMDU aspects, locations, and/or characters.
   :bulletblue: The blank meme must not have usable space smaller than 600 px by 600 px. If your blank has borders, make sure that the blank space in the middle is at least this size.
   :bulletblue: The blank meme must display a fair grasp of the English language, i.e. correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. When in doubt, use Google to locate spell-checkers and other resources. This goes doubly for written memes.
   :bulletblue: The blank meme should not have much pixilation if any at all. To prevent images becoming distorted in this manner, save them as .png (single-layer/transparent) or .psd (multi-layer/transparent) files, rather than .jpg/.jpeg and .gif.
   :bulletblue: The blank meme should have a clean, organized, and easy-to-use arrangement of space. For example, if your blank has panels that are supposed to be the same size, please put in a little effort to keep them as such, rather than simply redrawing the box to a close size and leaving it at that. On the other hand, don't crowd the space with too many panels; it should be obvious where each part of the meme is supposed to go. For written memes, make sure everything is formatted neatly; crowded text makes things hard to read.
   :bulletblue: The blank meme should not have an obscenely wide variety of colors, nor should its colors be very bright. "Retinaburn" blanks will be immediately denied without comment. Please use common sense when choosing your blank's color scheme.
   :bulletred: The blank meme should not use material that you yourself have not created (the PMDU logo being the sole exception), even if the original material is listed as having free usage.

Please make sure your blank meets these requirements before attempting to submit. Thank you!

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I'm having a problem with my application. Specifically with the application portion of it. I'm just curious about what the link I need to put in? Just that I don't exactly understand how do to that (I'm new to DA)