SEASON 1 - MISSION 1: Conclusion

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Hey, good t' see ya again.

Phew, well that sure was a corker of a day! Finally got through all the guild applications, and there sure are a lot of you nippers knockin' on the guild HQ's doors. So happy to t' have you all, I really mean it. This lil' guild here is my pride an' joy.

Now that the borin' stuff's out of the way, you lot should relax for a bit, rest those aching muscles an' that kinda thing. There's plenty of...hrm, well actually a bunch of shops got damaged in Mr. Statue's rampage. We're gonna need your help to rebuild em, but that can wait for a bit eh? I won't have members of my guild gettin' hurt because of over exertion.

Tell ya what, I've sent a message to Wear and Flair Accessories, askin' them to prepare a new batch of guild issue gear for you guys. It's a neat lil' shop down by the riverside, not as fancy as you'd probably guess. Go pick up the Template Broad Brim Hat, Template Gloves, Template Vest or Template Armband from Chantelle absolutely free.

Hold it one sec, pardner.

I'll betcha half of these guys ain't even here for new duds. Let's not forget th' real incentive here. Rewards! Sadly, we ain't got nothin' too exotic at th' moment, buuuut I'm pretty sure Big Boss here doesn't mind diggin' around the stockpile to get y'all some extra star coins for yer troubles. Should be enough t' buy another accessory if ya don't like the guild issue wear an' then some, but I'd save it if I were you. I hear my good buddy Rory's gonna open up a tool shop sometime soon.

An' for those of you out there who were REAL AWESOME -ya know who we are, our eyes met an' stuff - I'll have Chantelle customize some gear for ya as a special reward. Members who completed bonus objectives get to use the customization service totally free this one time.

Cool guys gotta wear cool stuff, that's real important.

A good morning to you all.

I was pleasantly surprised to see an influx of interest in our guild following Subject R-3G1-G1G45's rampage. I'm glad to see that the pursuit of knowledge is considered a worthwhile endeavor, even amongst strangers to our fair city.

I'm sure you are all very eager to make use of our vast resources, but please take the time to head over to Wear and Flair Accessories first. You are authorized to help yourselves to a guild-issue accessory. You may choose from the following: Template Coat , Template Dress Hat  , Template Bow or Template Armband .

Yes, we can't have you all running around in rags. This is a class establishment we have here.

Now, I personally believe that joining our excellent guild is reward enough, but our lovely Head Professor is as generous as she is gelatinous. Monetary rewards will be given out posthaste, and for those of you who went above and beyond the call of duty to show off-I mean, assist the guild, then ah...well I suppose, go make use of the Accessory shop's customization services. The guild will cover the costs. Members who completed bonus objectives get to use the customization service totally free this one time.


I have no idea where Kara ran off to. Ugh, is she really gonna leave all the work to me? I've got reports to make and other important stuff...

Oh right! Thank you all so much for joining the Hunters. Our brotherhood is definitely stronger for your contribution. Uhm, usually Robin handles all this guild related stuff, but I'm pretty sure you're all entitled to pick up some guild issue gear from the Accessory Shop. A Template Hood, Template Shawl, Template scarf or Template Armband  is what we can offer...oh, and if you don't like those, you can always use some of your reward money to buy something else.

For those of you who got a note of commendation, go ahead and tell Miss Chantelle that you're entitled to a free use of the customization system. Members who completed bonus objectives get to use the customization service totally free this one time.

---Mission 1 Primary Reward---
3 Star Coins - :star: :star: :star:

Members who completed Mission 1 on time are eligible to receive both the primary and secondary rewards, making a total of 5 Star Coins. DO NOT write 3 Star Coins on your application if you have completed the first mission on time.

---Mission 1 Secondary Reward---
2 Star Coins - :star: :star:

Members who completed Mission 1 late are eligible to receive the secondary reward.

---Mission 1 Bonus Reward---
Two customization vouchers for Chantelle's Accessory Customization Service (all three panels are cost free). You do not need to use these immediately and you may hang on to these free uses as long as you like.

You are only eligible to receive the bonus reward if your team members meet the bonus objective stat requirements.

Find Chantelle's store here:…

Find the Accessory Customization Service here:…
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does the bonus reward still count at this time o3o;;