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Q: Can I import my team from PMD-E or another universe?

A: You may use your characters from PMD-E, however please realize that Parai is a totally different universe to Tao. You are going to need to leave behind any PMD-E related items or history and assume that your characters have always existed within Parai. The same goes for teams being brought in from other groups/worlds.


Q: Can I join this group at any time?

A: Yes. Members can join any time and may take part in whatever activities are on at the time of joining. New members may also complete older missions if they would like to catch up on secondary rewards.


Q: Are Alola Pokémon allowed when making a team?

A: Yes. You can use any Alola Pokémon you know of save for legendaries. You can also have an egg and hatch it into anything you want when Sun & Moon is released.


Q: Can I have more than one team?

A: Yes, you may have as many as you want.


Q: Can I collaborate with a friend to make a team?

A: Yes. The management of that collaboration is up to you. You will be credited under a single username, whoever submits the contribution.


Q: Can my second team join another Guild?

A: Yes. Any of your teams can join any of the Guilds, but they must only be affiliated with one Guild at any given time. Teams in other Guilds are also still free to interact with each other just as teams in the same Guild would, though they can't complete off-Guild missions.


Q: Are there humans in this setting, or any creatures other than Pokémon?

A: No. Unlike the official PMD game lore, humans have never existed in Parai, not even in legend. This is a Pokémon-only group.


Q: Are there feral Pokémon in Parai?

A: No. All Pokemon are sentient, though there are some that live away from civilization and could be considered "savages." However, even these still cannot be considered simple animals.


Q: So I can start with one evolved Pokémon?

A: Yes, you may start with one evolved Pokémon only, and only up to Stage 1.


Q: To what degree may I change a Pokémon's appearance?

A: It's not easy to give a set of definitive guidelines here, as differences in style and anatomy structure can cause a divide of opinion between artists, but as a general rule, avoid adding new limbs or features and avoid removing key elements to a Pokémon's design, don't mess with the colors or patterns too much, and just try to keep the chosen species recognizable.


Q: I have an unusual way of interpreting (X move). Is it ok to portray this move differently?

A: You can interpret Pokémon moves and abilities any way you want, within reason. Be creative! You can even allow certain moves to alter a Pokemon's appearance temporarily, so long as you make sure to explain the logic behind it to avoid confusion. (For example, using Swords Dance actually summons a sword out of thin air, boosting the Pokemon's attack by extension.)


Q: Can I have Hidden Abilities, AKA Dream World abilities?

A: Yes. You can have any ability that your Pokémon can legally have in-game. If their Hidden Ability hasn't been released yet, it can't be used.


Q: How is Mega Evolution handled in PMDU?

A: Mega Evolution is triggered by Mega Stone, which is an item that must be earned and equipped by your character. Mega Stones, like all items, will need to be acquired through participation.


Q: What are the stat points and how come some applications have 12 instead of 10?

A: Stat points exist to provide a more dynamic mission flow, and can affect your participation and how your team reacts to certain challenges. Pokémon get 2 bonus stat points depending on their type, which is outlined in the guide. Please highlight bonus points.


Q: Will stats affect me much?

A: Pick whichever stats you think best suits your character. They will never prevent you from taking part in missions or otherwise hinder you.


Q: How do Accessories work?

A: All teams begin with standard issue accessories. The available free accessories you receive will depend on your Guild. You may change the color of initial accessories, but further customization will need to be earned.


Q: My Pokémon is injured. Can I have a bandage regardless of my accessory?

A: Yes. Things like bandages, scars, and small piercings are not counted as accessories, but please keep it tidy. Don't go wrapping your Pokémon up like they're Blot. Also, if your Pokémon is missing a limb, they are allowed to have a SIMPLE PROSTHETIC such as a pegleg.


Q: If my Pokémon needs glasses, can I put them on automatically?

A: No. Glasses, and other accessories not automatically given out at the start, will need to be purchased when they become available.


Q: Can I trade with or buy items from other teams?

A: Not at the present time. While we would eventually like to implement some sort of system for this, right now there's just too much potential for abuse to just jump into it without plenty of consideration. Currently, once you obtain an item, it belongs to that team and that team alone; you can't remove it.


Q: What is the currency here?

A: The currency of both the group and Parai is Star Coins, crafted from fallen Star Pieces. A Star Coin can be seen on Cuffin's official art. Members will be able to use Star Coins to purchase items such as accessories, tools, and certain vouchers.


Q: Are personal NPCs allowed?

A: Yes they are. Remember that personal NPCs may not be legendaries and are not allowed to participate in tasks, claim rewards, or utilize systems, but you are free to create characters within the world of Parai to further flesh out your story.


Q: Can I have my personal NPC join my team?

A: As long as they fit the recruit criteria at the time, yes. However they cannot bring customized accessories they had as an NPC onto the team; such items will need to be customized officially using a template and made from either a base accessory or another accessory already in the team's Inventory. If your NPC is of a higher stage than the recruit criteria, you are free to use an evolution voucher in conjunction with recruitment to put them on the team.

Personal NPCs joining the team must still conform to the existing rules in place for normal members.


Q: Where are the legendaries? Can I use them in my personal stories?

A: Most of the legendaries haven't been seen in Parai for a very, very long time, so no one knows much of anything about them; not their names, nor what they look like. It is vastly preferable that you do NOT use or refer to legendaries in your stories, as the information you establish may very well clash with canon later on, but if you are intent on mentioning one, use a vague title (such as "the Creator" when referring to Xerneas).


Q: Any rules concerning certain Pokémon that I should be aware of?

A: This is a slightly more complex answer, so here goes:

Kecleon - Kecleon may take on any type it pleases and change its appearance accordingly to suit the current type. Kecleon tend to prefer to stick to one type (the one they feel most comfortable representing). This will be their 'default' appearance, and will be the type in which they receive their bonus points (i.e. a Dark-type Kec will get an Intelligence bonus, not Charisma). Do note that type changes in-story will not "move" your bonus points to another stat.

Froakie line - The above also applies to Pokémon who have the ability Protean. However, they may only take on a type and color that matches one of the attacks in their moveset; the same goes for their bonus points.

Rotom - Rotom may take on any of its forms, so long as it has an appliance to haunt. It only requires an appliance that's vaguely similar to the form (eg: a Rotom could possess a ceiling fan in order to turn into Rotom-Fan.)

Honedge - Honedge may use a different sword design, so long as it's still recognizable.

Ditto - Ditto may transform at will, but try not to godmod. Transforming takes a certain amount of skill and stamina, so success may vary for less experienced Ditto. A Ditto may also construct an opposite-gender form of a Pokémon species who are gender-locked, so it's quite possible for a Ditto to become a male Miltank or a female Tauros.

Zorua line - Pokémon with the ability Illusion may use their powers freely. Since Illusion is such flexible and powerful ability, care must be taken not to godmod and therefore create a boring character. Holding up an illusion for long periods of time as well as making physical illusions requires a lot of energy, and abuse of this power can cause debilitating fatigue.

Smeargle - Smeargle may change the colour of their tail tip at will, though the default will always be green or red. They can Sketch any move that isn't a legendary signature move - unless they've seen that move with their own eyes in-mission (the Smeargle must participate in a mission involving a legendary Pokemon and use Sketch). Smeargle may use Transform with the same limitations as a Ditto. Also, Smeargle may learn Sketch multiple times, but may only have one instance of Sketch in its moveset at any given moment.

Cubone line - Cubone may use a different skull/bone. It doesn't necessarily have to be a Marowak skull. They can also go skull-less, but by nature most Cubones will seek out skulls out of instinct.

Ghost types - Ghost-type Pokémon with an amorphous body - such as Ghastly or Spiritomb - may have some greater freedom with how they manipulate their appearance, so long as their default appearance remains recognizable.

Chesnaught - Chesnaught's armor plates are freely removable (I have no idea why this seems to have caught on, but it's apparently widely accepted as fancanon even outside this group, so there you have it.)

Kangaskhan - You may play a baby Kangaskhan without its mother, or a mother Kangaskhan without a baby, but in either case, neither will be able to utilize a Mega Stone. Kangaskhan, however, are always born with a 'baby' (both bodies share the same egg) and as both grow, one becomes the mother while the other becomes the child. A child Kangaskhan will never reach 'adulthood' and may as well be considered a separate Pokémon. Child Kangaskhan may be considered biologically male if they are separated from their mothers, but lone 'mother' Kangaskhan are always female. Basically, Kangaskhan is weird and Nintendo really needs to make a male variant ASAP or do something about them being born with babies. Until then, our lore is going to take it as literally as possible.

Klefki - Klefki can have any kind of keys on its belt, not just the ones on the official art. The 'car keys' are used as a standard to fire up certain researcher machinery, as cars don't exist in Parai.

Automation Pokemon - Non-biological Pokémon such as Porygon and Golett can be created rather than born through biological means. There are many ways to achieve this, even though they're still capable of producing eggs and reproducing normally.


Q: Can a baby Pokémon be the same species as the father?

A: Yes, but unlike PMD-E this is a very abnormal occurrence with ties to an annual, story-significant event and as such should be taken into consideration when writing the character. Usually, a baby Pokémon must be the same species as the mother. Do note parents must still be within the same Egg Group in order to breed, just like in the games.


Q: Can Pokémon who have hair/fur have their hair/fur styled?

A: Yes, you may style your Pokémon's hair. Try not to go overboard. In the case of Furfrou, it may have any of its clips from the game, as well as custom designs.


Q: Can I put hair on Pokémon that are usually considered smooth? Like a Bulbasaur?

A: We'd really prefer you didn't do this, but small tufts of fur may be ok, so long as the artist interprets that ALL of the same species are lightly furred. For most Pokémon in general, do avoid sticking full heads of hair or fur on species that clearly have none.


Q: Will I be able to leave my Guild and join another one later for story purposes?

A: Yes you will. However, you will have to buy a resource to be able to do this. More information on switching Guilds will be released when the system is put into place.


Q: Can you affiliate with my group/project/fanclub?

A: While we thank you for the offer, currently we are not accepting any affiliation requests. There may be exceptions in the future, but for now any and all requests will be declined.
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In regards to accessories: does thatean that our characters can't start off with clothing outside of the standard issue? I'm trying to bring a character over from a different Pokemon RP group here (he never got in) and I was wondering if I could include him as is, design wise.

I do plan on editing his backstory and whatnot, but from a design standpoint, this is the only piece of art I have of him. Also, I do have the standalone file of him, minus the stat grid.

Brill Application by TheRussBus