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It's frustrating seeing unrelated art, mainly all the lewd spam, flooding this group and there being no way to stop it.
Chilly was around in recent times, maybe someone can get a hold of em...

I mean, if enough people contacted DA staff about this it MIGHT be possible to get them to disable submissions to the group

...but that's risky as they could also end up deleting it altogether or doing something like force converting it to the new group format braking a lot of stuff

Is there still a former mod who can remove those lewd artworks from "Arc 2 - Tasks". 
Some of them are uncensored and there are still minors around :/
what would be best is if the mods set that folder to "subject to mod vote", as that way even if they remain inactive forever at least it wouldn't end up making it into the group

but if there is uncensored lewd artworks in there then you should report those peaces as DA's site rules state mature content needs to be labeled as such

...sadly I don't think ANY of the mod's are still active on DA so unless you can find them elcewere and convince them to do that, the only thing that could be done is contact DA support and hope they can/will do SOMETHING.
I know the group is over, but please don't post artworks that have nothing to do with the group in the folders!
We former members like to come back to reminisce, and it's upsetting to see other artworks that have nothing to do with the group. was a PMD ARPG group, not a group where you can submit your Pokemon artwork that have nothing to do with PMD-Unity.
I see the wiki is gone, rather a shame to lose it...
I know the group is over with now but it's kinda upsetting that the Arc 2 Tasks and Errands written folder is now flooded with completely unrelated art and now you can't see the actual submissions without looking into the folder : /