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The rules for this group:

1) Your team may only have basic stage or baby stage mons. We want to be able to allow everyone to have a fair playing field. There will be opportunities to evolve and such, but not now. However, Pokemon such as Absol, Tropius, Skarmory and any others that are in a 'don't evolve at all' stage are allowed.

2) No items until the exam is over. We will give a list of items that you can get once it is over. This includes weapons, satchels and eyepatches. However bandages, glasses, and braces for weak limbs are allowed for this.

3) No legendary Pokemon. Enough said there.

4) Only 1 or 2 Pokemon per team currently. More members can be added in the future.

5) Acceptable colourations are from 3rd Gen onwards as well as dark and lighter shades of those colours. Shinies are acceptable as well and may have darker or lighter shades. Just don't make them borderline black or white in colouration though - it still needs to visibly be the correct colour.

6) Tribal markings are allowed - you can have several on each character - but do try to keep it from completely smothering the character's normal colouration. They are meant to add to the character, not take over the entire character.

7) If you are unsure about a character's design - you can send us a concept of it and we'll look it over - some anatomical differences are okay as long as it still looks like the Pokemon it is meant to be.

Group Info

The silverstone chronicles is a PMD group that works within the world of PMDTE. It is here where whatever goes here, can affect the story of PMDTE.
Founded 5 Years ago
Aug 23, 2014


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Stories and art and fun.

26 Members
40 Watchers
10,235 Pageviews
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What are Tasks?

Tasks are errands that come from NPC's either not associated with, or partially associated with the main story, they are a source of items you probably wouldn't normally see, or just an easy way to get things other than spending your hard earned Poke on it. Tasks can be completed at any time, without rush. However unless specifically stated in the task itself, these tasks can only be c
ompleted once. If you choose not to participate in the task, don't worry, most of the rewards will be available from the shops for poke later.

: H-hey guys, I don't know if you know me, but I'm Mago. I'm... well, I'm a merchant in the market, you've probably passed by my shop about a thousand times and thought 'what's so good about herbs and stuff?' Well, I uhm. I have a problem. See, apparently one of my contacts in a different town has need of a large supply of potions, and I just don't have the materials to make them all. A lot of the ingredients are common berries and herbs that can be found in any dungeon or forest in general. I'd seriously owe you one if you'd help me out. Uh, a reward? Well, I don't have much, since, yanno, I'm trying to pay my way to learn medicine around here, but I'll try to scrounge up something good to pay you back, I promise!

Objective: Bring Mago herbs, be they from the surrounding woods of Silverstone, the town itself or the dungeons further out. Be warned that some wild pokemon may not be reasoned with and are highly protective of their resources.

Difficulty: Easy

Reward: Lum berry


: Hm hm, did I hear my big sister say something about a dungeon? Well! I have a proposition for anyone who would take a liking to dungeon diving. I've heard a rumor about a couple of plants that grow in caverns around here... One thing of note is a root, a very strange root that ensnares anyone who would try to pick it up with their bare claws and seems to Squeeze the life from them. The other is about a seed that seems to be a supplement for health. No no, I'm not talking about those run of the mill seeds you guild wandering adventurers use on a daily basis to help restore HP or apply a status affect to an opponent, both of these items are extremely rare and I'd gladly give my left hand for one. Why am I not going myself? Well, the particular dungeon mentioned in this rumor is home to a lot of flying types, and I'm not keen on them. What place is it? Why, Treeshroud forest of course! Most of you have already been there at one time or another, and I know what you're thinking. “But Salac, I've never seen any caves there!” Well let me tell you, there are caves there, you just have to know how to get to them. Have you ever heard that dungeons shift around? Ya gotta know when it's about to shift and stand right on the line of the boundary. If you're lucky you'll get sent to the caves. Be warned though, the creatures there are tough! A reward? Huhhhh, I thought you guildsmon would do it out of the kindness of your hearts. Fine, if you happen to come across extra, you can keep one. and I mean ONE, if you come across two seeds or two roots, you can't keep the extra of both! Not unless you pay for it, and boy you'll pay for it. Understood? Good.

Objective: Journey to Treeshroud Forest and see if you can get to the caverns by following Salac's Shady instructions. Bring back either roots or seeds. Sal's impatient so it's best to only focus on one of these two mysterious items.

Pokemon to be expected in the caves: Zubat, Golbat, Pidgeotto, Pidgey, Raticate, Geodude, Spearow, Abra and Paras

Difficulty: Hard

Reward: One of the two items, A mystery root or mystery seed. (What they actually do will be revealed later)


: Maaaaago! Don't leaaaaave! Sal's leaving me here again to go exploring, and I can't leave the stand. I'm sooooo thirsty. Ugh, she's gone isn't she...? Erg. Well, maybe you'll help me then. I'm really thirsty, but I'm not helpless. It just so happens I have all the makings for a smoothie aside from berries, and I'm much more willing to share than Sal is. If you bring me the berries, I'll make you something too! I don't care where the berries are from, the market, your backpack, the wild, take whatever route you prefer. My smoothies are known to grant Natural Gift based on what the main ingredient is, that is to say, what berry is used. Unfortunately this does mean that it can only be a single typed smoothie for this to work, but hey, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours, right? Obviously after you drink it, it's gone, and I'll only have enough extra for one for each member of your team, so yanno, its one use. Don't go trying to recycle it either, Mago's tried. It doesn't work. Well, not that it doesn't bring back a delicious smoothie, but the extra effect is gone.

Objective: Bring Kasib some berries, and he'll share a drink with you. You can either grab berries from the market, use your own supply, or go and pick them yourself, it's up to you!

Difficulty: Easy

Reward: Single berry typed smoothie which grants the use of Natural gift of the smoothie you made (One time use) Fills the belly a lot.


:The good doctor has been having a lot of trouble with a small group of young pokemon who don’t want to take their shots. They could get really sick if they don’t get vaccinated! I’m not really allowed to tell you what it is for the sake of discouraging members from the mission but trust me it's pretty bad.

Me? I already tried taking those little rascals on, the group is just too much! I can’t really remember what species they are, there’s too many... But they’re a gang of Baby and Basic stage pokemon. They’re always causing mischief in the Marketplace around town, but who knows where they might cause trouble! Reward? Well, aside from some Poké you can have one of the stickers we give to vaccinated patients! It Allows customization to badges, or a cosmetic symbol/tattoo. You can also use these on cosmetic items if you have one. But remember you only get one each!

Objective: Subdue the young pokemon to be vaccinated! Harming them in any way will revoke the rewards for this task.

Difficulty: Medium

Reward: A sticker for your hard work! At least its better then a shot.  A one time use for customization of either badges or pokemon and items.

-Art and most tasks were made by the wonderful :iconskywiz: !!
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