Errand 6: Constructing an Interview

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“Yes, among others. He asked specifically for artificial Pokemon. It's mostly a study on behavior.” Vero explained to her partner, handing her a flask filled with a red liquid.


“Funny he ask that. I've been in need of a Porygon's assistance these past few days, could ask him.” Anise took the glass and poured it's content carefully in several smaller vials already half filled. “Almost done, only need to freeze those overnight now.”


Vero nodded and took care to seal every potions before placing the vial in a wooden crate filled with crushed nevermelt as Anise went to hang her lab coat by the door. The Sliggoo made sure to instruct her assistant one last time before she left.


“This crate has to be ready for tomorrow no delay, we have to make sure to hand them over to-”


“I know,” Vero interrupted her swiftly, “It'll have to freeze overnight anyway before those two can have these on their shelves. So, where is your Porygon friend?” The small Espurr asked, hopping down from her stood once she made sure the final potion was stored properly for the night.


“Lab C4 at the guildhall. Would you like to come with me?”


“Sure, I don't have any plans for the evening. Shall we?”


Anise nodded calmly as her partner took her cloak form the stand and they went off for the evening.

It did not take them long to reach over the researcher's lab. Anise smiled at the Machop at the door who nodded in return and opened the door to Vero's puzzled expression. Her partner was quick to explain however. “It's a private lab. I've been here and got permission to come over so they know me, otherwise, you need to fill in some forms and get an authorization from the owner.”


“When did you get time to do THAT?”


“Well... Remember when I said I sometimes lost sleep over interesting topics?”

Anise didn't have the time to complete her sentence however, as her explanations were interrupted by a colorful Porygon who flew down from the floor above to greet them. “User Anise, Greetings. Guest UNKNOWN, greetings, please, imput name for guest authentication approval.” He quickly exclaimed. Vero was taken aback for a moment, unsure who the Porygon was referring to until she realized there were only the three of them around and he certainly was not talking to himself. Still, this was a rather strange way to greet someone.


“Me?... My name is Veronique, pleasure to meet you, huh, sir?...”


“Guest Veronique registered. Greetings Guest Veronique, I am Unit C4, pleasure meeting you. You would be an acquaintance of User Anise correct? What purpose brings you to my laboratory today?”


Again, the odd speech pattern was rather alien and confusing by it's nature, and Vero's surprise stole a chuckle from her partner. “I... Well, we were visiting to get to know you better?... Anise, stop laughing, it's not funny!” She shot at the dragoness, a little annoyed.


Another chuckle later, Anise finally explained. “We're simply coming to converse and observe your work C4, someone requested information on artificial Pokemon and I thought it an opportunity to introduce you my partner Vero.” once she explained herself to the rather strange Porygon, Anise turned her attention to Vero. “Don't mind me, I had the same reaction when I first met him. It is peculiar isn't it? It's like a completely different language! It honestly fascinated me for a moment, until I began to clearly understand him.” She explained.


“It's... Almost alien.” The small psychic cat expressed, admittedly curious about C4 now.


“C4, why don't you take Vero for a tour? I'll check on something real fast while you do.” Anise suggested with a friendly smile only the Porygon could see. C4 nodded and a few strange strings of words later, began to instruct directions and explain various aspect of his 'personality core' and 'motion matrix' and how he was a 'First generation Porygon MK1 something'. It took a moment, but after a while, Vero did began to understand a little better how the strange artificial being worked.


It was strange to learn someone's behavior and personality could be altered directly or how food was unnecessary, as sustenance came in form of electricity without being an electric-typed Pokemon. Yet, as strange as he was, the colorful construct was not so different after all, like Alexander suggested. Organic Pokemon were as alien to them as they were to her, but they shared a similar 'life'. Like, she was versed in botany and medicine, C4 was passionated with the construction and destruction of structure. Specially the later part as the small Espurr learned when he went over great length about how he enjoyed destroying unnecessary structures with explosives. His favorite part of his job and the reason he worked in this lab. He was simply testing various explosive chemicals on materials to better develop the 'Perfect explosive for architectural constructs demolition' in his own words. In his own way, Vero had to admit he did sound quite proud of his work, this would make for an interesting report to say the least.

At the bottom floor of the lab, while her partner was being guided around, Anise took a moment to check on another project she had asked C4 and a few others help about. As she made her way into the small room, the mechanical inhabitant turned toward her, multiple cables still connected to his half-constructed body.


“Greeting Administrator Anise, your visit in not on our schedule, may I inquire about your unscheduled inspection?”


“I'm just here to say hi while I'm around. This visit was unexpected on my end as well. How are you?” She asked the Pokemon in construction. She couldn't read the screens without C4, Zetta or Vee's help, which was a pity.


“The light core's construction is nearing the 75% completion mark. My personality core, power core and basic functions are 100% completed and my physical body's status is unspecified and scheduled for a report tomorrow. On personal note, I am fine, eager to to be fully operational, Administrator.”


“Good. I am eager to have you meet someone, but maybe we should wait for you to be in a more, presentable state then?” Anise inquired.


“Technical opinion states it does not matter Administrator. Personally however, I would approve of waiting until I am 100% complete.”


“All right then, I'll be back tomorrow to check on your body. Be well Pi.”


“Likewise Administrator Anise.”

Plantago's Drawn Application | Plantago's Written Application

Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

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C4 likes explosives. Subtle, real subtle. xD