Errand No. 1: Flaming Oblivion

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Client: Luke
Date Issued: April 14th 


    Zeta was taken aback; She had known something was up when she heard Luke belting out requests in front of the "side-quest board" (as Natsu called it), but not this-- this was ludicrous. Obscenities sprayed in technicolor vomit and phallic objects derived of all sorts of species as if it were a masterpiece(mostly those derived of Smeargle and Zoroark). The maroon bricks were barely visible under this trash.
    "I'll give 'em one thing; They've got lots of creativity." Natsu said sarcastically, although just a tad of venom had plagued every spoken word-- even he was disgusted by this. 
    "Why, look who decided to join us." 
    Zeta's body swiveled around, facing the mysterious voice.
    "Hello, hello, O Giant." A small Zorua faced the two, waving her hand high, putting her head at maximum tilt upward. 
    "Uh... Hi. Who are you?" Zeta craned her head downward and knelt before the bipedal-standing small Zorua. The Zorua fiddled around with the small buttons on Zeta's new coat, the Night Crow. "Oh... I'm so very sorry, what was that?" The Zorua grinned, poking Zeta in the snout. "What is your NAME, Kid?" Natsu asked impatiently, slowly getting tired of the silly act. 
    "Alright, Alright, enough of the mind games, I get it. My name is--" 
    "What? Your name is wha--" Zeta was halted mid-sentence by the Zorua's puny index finger. "Hold that thought...     "My partner is arriving right now." The Zorua muttered the last part, she was clearly irritated with that statement.
    "Partner?" The two asked, at the same time, worriedly. Not another kid...
The pitter patter of small feet grew in volume in a matter of seconds. "Zeta! Zeta, wait!" A bright yellow speeding figure nearly crashed into Zeta due to its lack of traction. A Riolu, donning a prim, red dress bow around his neck. 
"This is Rain, she's my partner," He panted, hands clutched to his chest, filled with square sheets-- the ones he was currently scrambling to organize. "I'm Jacklyn; Rain and I are representatives of team..." He huffed and wheezed for a bit, "Ember... Oblivion." 
    "Please... Excuse my partner's speech impediment." Rain said with teeth clenched in a permanent grin.
"Aww... Zeta, we have a fan club..." Natsu mocked, "We might have some stalkers on our hands here--" He cocked his head in the direction of the yellow Riolu. Zeta was about to inflict some serious pain on Natsu-- that is, until she realized, her fans were there; she couldn't possibly paint the wrong picture in front of them. 
"Well, Kiddo..." She pat Jacklyn's head, "We have to work on some Errands right now, so if you could please--"
"Not a problem." said the cool, smug Zorua as she turned a corner, dragging her partner behind her(literally). 
    "Well, I guess we should get to work then." Natsu stated in a serious manner, handing Zeta a bucket of water and a scrubbing brush. Zeta took both objects up in one arm; Natsu gave her a devilish grin. 


Later that night...

    Zeta retreated to the inn she had awoken in the day prior, Natsu out like a light; figures, she made him do a lot of scrubbing after what he pulled and after several smacks, it's a miracle his wing can still manage to heal. She lit the candle by her bedside with a small flare. She was as equally tired as Natsu-- ready to collapse, that is. She took off her coat and Natsu's vest and hung them on the wall. It was taking off her coat that she realized-- a letter was tucked into her black chest fuzz. She held the letter before her, glaring at it--

        You'll have to read it eventually.

    She sighed, tearing the letter open and pulling out the paper inside.
        Dear Zeta,

I don't know why I feel the need to write this, but-- it's only necessary after the way I treated you.
Look, I've gone through many hoops just to get here and write this to you, but I got a pointer or two on where you were.
I-- just have so much to talk to you about, but this scrap only has so much room.
But... for now, I'll just leave it at this.
I'm Sorry.
      ~An Old Flame 

"Not a chance, Lover-boy." Zeta muttered beneath her breath, then releasing a bellowing yawn.

    Zeta rubbed her eye with one claw, and, looking back down at the claw, it looked... moist. She furrowed her brows and flared her nostrils-- crushing and ripping the letter. She tossed the remains across the room, curling into a tight fetal position.         
Team Flaming Oblivion:…
Client: Luke
Errand no: #1
Date Issued: 14th April 2014
Date Due: 17th April 2014

Wow, it's been a while since I used this errand board. Brings back some nice memories, heh. Anyway, how's it goin' fellas? I've got a lil' problem I could use some help with. Some cheeky buggers have gone and used the chaos after Mr. Statue's rampage as an excuse to practice their graffiti. It's all over th' place in the downtown areas, in alleyways, even on some restaurant walls! Probably just juvenile Smeargles havin' some fun. It's just that some of it's kinda rude. I'd ask ya to scrub it all off, but, well... they did put a lot of effort into it. So instead of gettin' rid of it all, how about you scrub off th' rude words an' replace them with something nice? Come see me about your rewards when it's done! I've got one Star Coin for any team who helps me out! Ta.

Errands! Sorry, was in a bit of a funk and had to write this last minute, so...
I couldn't go into extreme detail on how they cleaned EVERYTHING.
I think I've fainted. 
... The plot slightly thickens ...
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