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Lori Elemental Senshi Cosplay
Lori raced to the front of her house. She had just woken up, and today was the day she was getting her new cosplay outfit in the mail. Still dressed in her PJ's she opened the front door and peered down at the box on the steps, a smile on her face.
She picked up the box and brought it back to her room. She opened it carefully and began to take the cosplay items out of the box. She pulled out the white body suit, with the black and red collar. She laid it down on the bed.
Following that came the black skirt with red trim, the big red bow, the gloves and the boots, and lastly the tights.
"There's something missing..." She says, and peers in the box. "Ah, ha!"
She pulls a bag out of the box, leaving it empty. In the bag there is the choker, the broach for the bow, and the earrings.
Once she lays everything out on the bed, she starts to take off her PJ's. First, she slips off her PJ bottoms, small short-shorts. And then, she pulls her PJ tanktop over her head, tossing both in to the laundr
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Kaze Biomerge by pmaster77 Kaze Biomerge :iconpmaster77:pmaster77 12 2
Fan. 4 Adv. in Science - Pt 2
Fantastic Four: Adventures In Science
Written By Stephanos Williams (megasxlrfan)
Chapter Two: Fantastic Voyage
Part One
Lori dressed in her favorite outfit of a striped blue and white T Shirt with matching purple vest and skirt is standing in awe of the lobby of the The Baxter Building.”Wow. I cant believe I'm inside the Baxter Building about to meet the world famous Dr Reed Richards.” gasps Lori with child like excitement. Lori is not alone however, as she is with a group of other young contest winners who are also waiting for the renowned super scientist's arrival. “I know isn't it awesome?” chimes in another contest winner, a portly African American boy wearing in a Spider - Man baseball cap, a Fantastic Four shirt and gray X-Men pants. “It's even better up close, just like in Fantastic Four Issue number 3!” “It's Whatever.” scoffs a third contest winner, a lanky scraggly red haired Caucasian teen dressed in a rebellious garb of black Slipkno
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OC Lori beginning a hulk-out 2 by pmaster77 OC Lori beginning a hulk-out 2 :iconpmaster77:pmaster77 15 0 OC Lori beginning a hulk-out by pmaster77 OC Lori beginning a hulk-out :iconpmaster77:pmaster77 10 2 Aino Minako as Fairymon by pmaster77 Aino Minako as Fairymon :iconpmaster77:pmaster77 30 4
Fantastic Four Adv. in Science
Fantastic Four: Adventures In Science
Written By Stephanos Williams (megasxlrfan)
Chapter One: Flights of Fancy
Part One
It was a bright sunny day in Odaiba, Japan with the birds signing their chipper songs and the leaves on the trees are gently moved by the cool wind. This beautiful day has certainly gotten the attention Lori Izunami one of the High School students in The Odaiba Academy. While her Social Studies teacher Mr. Tachibana was lecturing away on his usual boring history lessons, Lori is contently staring outside the classroom and effortlessly sketching on a peace of paper. “Now can any one tell me what year in The Sengoku Period did The Siege of Edo take place? “ Mr. Tachibana questioned the class. The educator spotted Lori daydreaming to her and maneuvered himself to Lori's desk. “Miss Izunami can you please answer this question for the class?” Lori quickly snapped out of her self induced trance and replied “The year 1523 I think.” Mr. Tachiban
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OC Lori Sailor Moon Cosplay by pmaster77 OC Lori Sailor Moon Cosplay :iconpmaster77:pmaster77 10 3 Me at Taughannock Falls by pmaster77 Me at Taughannock Falls :iconpmaster77:pmaster77 0 1 Me near Trump Taj Mahal by pmaster77 Me near Trump Taj Mahal :iconpmaster77:pmaster77 0 2 Myself and the Liberty Bell by pmaster77 Myself and the Liberty Bell :iconpmaster77:pmaster77 0 2
Ruki Cosplay - Sakuyamon
Juri ran down the deserted street, her brown hair whipped around her face as she made a sharp turn. She ran up her best friends front stairs, and stopped for a few moments to catch her breathe.
She pushed open Ruki's front door with her free hand. She knew only Ruki was home, and that she wouldnt mind if she just walked in. She shut the door, and kicked off her shoes. 'Ruki is probably in her room....' Juri made her way through Ruki's old fashioned house, until she got to her bedroom door. She knocked softly and walked in. "Hiya Ruki!"
Ruki looked up from a pile of Digimon cards, and waved to Juri. 'Hey, glad you could make it." She greeted, "Whatcha got there?" Ruki pointed to the bags Juri was holding.
"Oh these?" Juri placed the bags on the ground and started to rummage through them. "This is something I made for you."
Ruki could see flashes of black and purple fabric. "Um... Juri, what exactly is it?" Ruki asked, a sceptical look on her face.
"Silly," Juri started, "It's a Sakuyamo
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Izumi Cosplay - Shutumon
Izumi happily opened the box she had recieved in the mail. She had ordered a custom made Shutumon cosplay costume online. She pulled all the items out of the box and set them on her bed. "I'm going to try it on now." She decided.
So, Izumi started to undress. She took of her vest, and folded it neatly. She took of her striped t-shirt, leaving her in her bra. She pushed her skirt down her legs, and put that away too. That left her in her socks and underwear. "Nope," Izumi said, looking at herself, "These will have to go too." So she undid her bra, and placed it on her other clothing. She pulled off her socks, and slid her panties down her legs.
She grabbed the costume panties and pulled them on. Then she put on the purple bra and arm pieces. She put on the shoulder plates over the purple arm peices. Izumi slipped into the long boots, attaching the bra, panty and boots together with the straps.
Then Izumi put on the face cover and the long black scarf. She put on a hairnet, and tucked al
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Sora and Mimi - Mermaids
Sora had just gotten home from school. She walked into her bedroom, and tossed her bookbag on her bed. Mimi was sitting at Sora's computer. "Have fun at school?" The pink haired girl asked. Sora sighed, "Same as always." Then she noticed the box by the foot of her bed. "Oh!" She said, "My costume is here!" She knelt down, and opened the box. She had ordered a mermaid costume over the internet, and it had finally arrived. She took everything out of the box and put it on her bed. "Oh!" she gasped, "They accidently sent two of them!"
Mimi got up and looked at the costumes, "Let's try them on!"
Mimi undid Sora's blue necktie, and tossed it on her bed. Then, she pulled the green school uniform top over her head, and tossed that aside as well. She pulled the skirt down, and put it on the bed, leaving Sora in her panties and bra.
Mimi pulled her own shirt over her head, and put it with Sora's stuff. She pulled down her white skirt too. Both girls were standing in their underwear. Sora undid M
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Lori - Fairymon Cosplay
Lori was browsing the shops at the mall. She had some extra money and didn't know what to buy. She came across a costume shop, and decided to check it out. There were racks and racks of costumes, but none that really interested her. Then, all of a sudden, she saw some purple fabric sticking out from a crowded rack. She grabbed the costume; it was a Fairymon costume. She took the costume to the change rooms to try it on.
She locked the stall door, and began to strip. She pulled off her jacket, and hung it up on one of the hooks. Then she pulled her t-shirt over her head, leaving her in her bra. She kicked off her shoes, and pulled her tights off. She pushed her skirt down her hips, and placed it on the bench, leaving her only in her underwear. Then she unhooked her bra, and took it off, and pulled down her panties.
Now fully undressed, she took the costume and started to put it on. She pulled on the purple panties, and the bra. She put the belt on, and connected them all together. She p
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Lori Hyde Out :iconpmaster77:pmaster77 22 4


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