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.:SPECIES:. Globanes


Welcome a new closed species, the Globanes!
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                                       What Are Globanes?                                     

Globanes are nocturnal feral creatures, lithe and dainty in body. From previous documentations from those that survived their encounters with them close up, it is revealed that this particular species has a glowing gas substance that surrounds their head or ears in occasions, rib area, paws, tail and rarely throat area, which has been shown to bait in their prey, as well as give mixed signals to each other.

However, it is recorded that this glowing gas is highly venomous, and not many who have recorded the presence of the Globanes have come out to live the tale. To document this, many brave men and women perished to collate all this data for you to understand these creatures better... As many have noted, these Globanes seem to be very agile and makes for a lot of mischief with each other and even strangers to their species - hence they've been seen always having a grin to their faces.

The barbs at the back of the front legs are often used to fight males and even dominant females for dominance. Notes have dubbed the packs of Globanes Flash Smogs and can have as many as 100 members to a Flash Smog. The radius of the Flash Smog's gases can cover over 50km dependent on how many Globanes are within the Smog.

Findings show that this species can be as small as 2ft (Duly noted as dwarves of the species), up to 10ft (Noted as a Titan). Average height of them is 4-5ft tall.

As pups, their gas hasn't been released as of yet, only until they come into adolescence do they begin to exude these deadly fumes - though human contact can cause mutation depending on the exposure the pups have had with humans - often becoming dwarves if they've remained in human contact for more than three days.

Pups are no bigger than the average human hand, though they do have a tendency to nibble on your digits, mistaking them for worms or snakes - they do not gain their vision until they are five human years of age and are still protected by their Flash Smog until they reach 10 human years of age; at which point they will have developed their hunting skills and learned the necessities to life. Globanes may choose to remain with their birth Flash Smog, or leave the Smog to create new life.

The Dwarves

Dwarfism only occurs within the species when a Globane pup has had direct human exposure for three days or more, though other mutations are possible, dwarfism is the most common.

Dwarves are NOT toxic gas releasers, as the gases have built up inside them and help them digest our foods, we have come to tame them as a species - leading to any Globane that isn't a standard height to be shunned by their own Flash Smog - relative, mate, they're shunned away regardless. Dwarf Globanes are of course 2ft and due to the build up of gases within them, this has made them very pudgy and gentle in nature.

Adopting them and integrating them into society was difficult, the dogs seemed off put by the chubby looking creatures Some of the children play with them as pets. The dwarf Globanes enjoy giving young babies and toddles back rides and are steady when needed to be - easily disciplined.

                             What Do Globanes Eat?                            

Globanes have been seen as an omnivorous species, but hunger more for meat; they have also been seen to have devoured the bones as well, Globanes seem to crave the marrow within the bones as it is rich in the nutrients they need to survive.

With their size and how toxic their fumes are, they can take down a fully grown hippo without too much trouble.

Dwarf Globanes can digest just about any food, as their stomach acid, along with their gases easily take care of what we can eat and more.

                                Where Do Globanes Live?                             

Globanes have commonly been seen in forests and mountainous regions, however, the occasional one can often run into rural survival and we have set up alarms around surrounding villages which they could wander upon - triggered by the presence of their gases.

Reptilian mutations of the species have been spotted in swamps and it is also believed that some of the species evolved to live in the sea. While the standards of the species can swim, gases keeping them afloat, these were not made for living in areas such as the oceans.


:bulletgreen:: Common :bulletyellow: Uncommon :bulletred: Rare :bulletpurple: Legendary :bulletblue: Epic


.:SPECIES:. Globane Tail Traits by Setholovania


.:SPECIES:. Globane Eye Traits by Setholovania


.:SPECIES:. Globane Neck Traits by Setholovania


.:SPECIES:. Globane Horns Traits by Setholovania


.:SPECIES:.Globane Ear Traits by Setholovania


:bulletred: Any accessories

:bulletpurple: Frowning and glaring - never smiling
:bulletpurple: No glowing gases
:bulletpurple: Gases found elsewhere on the body
:bulletpurple: Hair

:bulletblue: Heterochromia (Can be mixed with other eye styles)
:bulletblue: Wings (Not for MYO use)

Globanes (c) Setholovania
Art (c) MonsterMoxie

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How do I get a myo? And how much do they cost? ?

eris-chaos-goddess's avatar

They are adorable~ I LOVE THEM

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Shiro0x0's avatar

can i draw this

PlXlEDUST's avatar
No they’re a closed species meaning they’re not free to make n all, sorry! ^^;
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How do you get permission to draw a closed species?

PlXlEDUST's avatar

You can draw other owners closed species (so with permission, you can ask people who own a character from that closed species if you can draw them) - in terms of getting one of your own, some closed species may hold prompts and things in which you can win an MYO, others will use in group currency and even dA points, PayPal or via trades! It’s all about keeping an open mind in terms of getting one!

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I need to make one
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They’re not free to make I’m afraid, they are a CLOSED SPECIES aaaaa qvq
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TheJediOfCreativity's avatar
I'm not going to make one of these, but wouldn't it be cool if there was a Titan one of these named Kronos?(Okay, that may be a sign of a Rick Riordan obsession.)
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these are absolutely precious
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Hhholy shiz can Leer-Kingdom affiliate with them!!
They look like they could be cousin species. Can't believe I just found these!!

these are wicked!
PlXlEDUST's avatar
Uh no, I feel uncomfortable when people say they could be a related species, as they're already a part of their own world - especially when people compare looks to an already existing species. ^^;

I appreciate that you like them, so thank you for the compliment uvu
AcerbicDream's avatar
Ah sorry I didn't mean anything bad by it QAQ

And no problem
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I just love the way they look
UnofficialDemon's avatar
Can I make one of these??
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Only if you have an MYO slot, otherwise, no uvu
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how does human years convert to their years ?? ;v; 
PlXlEDUST's avatar
Okay, so... *cracks knuckles*

For every human year, these guys age 3 years and have an average lifespan of 500, though there are many that do live past this and some that live for more than 1000 years of age!
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oh and is there a reason a globane would be around 3 feet instead of 2 feet being dwarf and 4 feet being average or "normal" or does that just not happen ?? 
like at what height is it considered a dwarf 
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Anything above 3ft is not considered a dwarf and is of standard build - the tallest Globane that is just under Titan class is 8ft tall. The tallest Titans can get up to 20ft in some cases of growth, the more very rare to legendary trait a Titan has, the taller it will be!
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