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.:CLOSED SPECIES:. Havlabeest

Thank you to Simonetry for helping set out my sheet qvq <3333


Havlabeest live on their own planet (Polinnar) inhabited by other creatures - they consume plant's nectar by giving somewhat a vampire's kiss to the flower and draining the nectar, but not enough that it will die completely.

These tiny creatures are only 13cm in size, that's five inches!

Their tails hold their honey, the bigger the tail on a halvabeest, the higher the status. Their two toed feet make it easy for them to climb up the stems of plants and the pads on their hands secret the sticky honey goodness to also aid their climbing ability. There are some species of Halvabeest however that stray away from normal plant life and even go climbing the treetops for the best flavoured honey!~

Over the course of a life time, the honey tail will swell in size and at the point of their time to leave the world, a liquid honey flower blooms and drips freely into the pod they were born in and allows other creatures to harvest the honey.

Because Polinnar's atmosphere consists mainly of pollen, when the right conditions are met with rainfall, a Havlabeest's pod grows in the area it lands in, gelatenous and sticky until the pup bud is birthed! Pups are temporarily feral for at least a month while they are learning to walk, soft, round, chubby and muscular in a lot of the wrong places - but at least won't try to take your finger off.

The pod that they were born in becomes their home in which they build around and its certainly not uncommon for villages of Havlabeest to grow - even underground and in the treetops! They run their own trade with one another and each Havlabeest has a different flavour depending on the continent that they live in and the nectar that they consume!

Spicy, sweet, bitter and that one honey you wouldn't want to eat, but apparently its medicinal! The creatures and inhabitants who also harvest the honey the Havlas create use it for these purposes, but often get the worse end of the deal... For a ill Havlabeest, all it takes is one of the opposite flavour to cure them.

When they wander into human/humanoid territory, they're often the type of creature to get themselves stuck in a glass jar - which has rather humorous endings - often ending with bitten fingers. But if they fits, then they sits!

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Some kind of agumon of the Digimons.

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How much does it cost?

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At the moment they’re on hold to getting a rework so there’s no price until then, so they’re currently closed until I get things sorted for another time!
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Looks cool, and is pretty unique, one question, why is it closed?
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Thank you for the lovely compliment on the species, it is very much appreciated; I don’t get comments like this often but I shall answer this: it is a personal species of mine that resides in its own headworld, eventually they will become integrated in their own ARPG when I get the time to work more with them. It is closed to allow for the fact the game will bring new members in in limited droves to handle the game better and keep testing it through and through as well as slowly build up a community and keep the lore and anatomy in place. If people don’t want to participate in the ARPG and have them, that is fine too!

When I mention anatomy and lore, what I do notice with a lot of open species, (example vernids), people don’t seem to listen about making sure the species stays within its anatomy or breaks lore - or not making a higher class one (speaking about even semi-open species in this regard). With it being a closed species, yes it is limited, but it’s limited to its own anatomy and lore to make sure that it doesn’t cross paths with other species and end up confusing others!

Small note as well, I do not intend this to be in a mean spirited way please do not take it that way as I am simply trying to help, but I don’t think the artists work you’re reuploading are going to be too happy with you and you may end up getting your account banned if you get DMCA’d by them.

If you’re about open species, why not make some open species of your own (again not said in a mean spirited way), I’m sure you could make some gorgeous open species as well! You’ve got the right idea in the sense that there are some that may not come across as original, but this is certainly not the way to go - perhaps growing your own open species community would perhaps help in terms of understanding?

If you would like to further contact me regarding this, your opinions and everything, you’re free to note me or if you have discord that would work better than me on eclipse right now! I apologise this took me so long to write, but I hope this helps?
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Thank you so much you are really nice, I'm using this account mainly just to reupload people's work as open species, I will however take my copy of your work down as you have spent a long time developing it and all you want is a little money from it just don't overcharge people for it and don't take a species someone made that has a small detail in it that can resemble your work and yell at them for it, thank you
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Awww, I am glad to know I am nice, I do try and be nice to everyone I meet and it’s a pleasure to be able to have such a civilised conversation with you - I feel that some owners come off a little hard and makes it hard for everyone to communicate without the original point coming across!

On the contrary, I would never dream of yelling at anyone for taking a small detail or similar feature, of any species of mine; not only is it cruel, it limits the other artists creativity and we are all growing artists.

Thank you for being so kind and understanding in this regard and like I said, if you wish to contact me, you can note me or even have my discord to contact if you so wish!
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However, I made no failure to mention you in the halvabeest drawing
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Just realised you're the guy that yelled at someone for asking if they could draw a creature you made, you were claiming legal rights to something you have no patent for, my post isn't getting taken down by me
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I did not yell at them, merely explained, also please remember, that when you create something (on dA) you’re covered under a Creative Commons license, the smallest and freest form of copyright. I shall not go deeper into this however since I have no will to get into an argument over patents and licenses.

Please also remember, that I don’t tolerate people yelling at me first also; I expect to be treated the same as you have treated me in this thread. If you treat me with attacks, then I shall respond with a bit more frustration, but never yelling. Yelling has never solved a problem.

I’ve said before at the very start, instead of uploading other people’s work and forcing them to be open species when others have made them otherwise, why not make your own open species than risking yourself getting banned from dA from others DMCA’ing you (not meant as a threat but some people may not be as nice and understanding about all this)

Even so, if you want any help creating an open species, I could doodle you up some concepts based on descriptions for you to make open species out of and develop a community of your own! The whole point of species on dA is that they are community making in a massive cycle!

I hope that you take my words to heart and read them carefully, I do not mean any harm towards you, I too am trying to understand and get better in situations such as before. It helps me learn and grow from my mistakes as a species owner. I wish you luck in your species endeavours and please do not hesitate to contact me if you want me to make you some doodle concepts for you to work with!

Have a lovely day! <3
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No harm taken and no harm dealt, I just don't like that they're closed species, and your species keep popping up in my recommended, I'm not marking on all of them just these two, I know I'm risking being banned I just can't stand people making all these closed species and always saying that I copied them
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Oh goodness, I am so sorry that people harmed you in this way to upset you like this. I know what it’s like in all honesty, I used to be really upset about certain species back around 2013-2014? And it was over the most simplest concepts and things.

But what I couldn’t stand was people getting attacked for using traits that a popular cs had etc etc (I could understand if they legit traced over a species owners art and things). I am so sorry you had to go through the same thing and that you were hurt in such a way.

In all honesty, I’d like to see the concepts you made that people accused you of copying them, I’m sure they’re not that bad and I personally would like to see your art as well, it would be nice to see the art and species work of someone so civilised. I’d really hate to see you get banned from the site like this in all honesty
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It looks like a pokemon-
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They are quite cute! I like the anatomy and style of the head. Very noice. ;P
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These are amazing!
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awe so kawaii! ❤️
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