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Hi Pixi, i wanted to ask how is JolleRaptors handeling offbrand adopts? i found one outside of DA .

Just kindly recommending them to redesing it so its something one of a kind and not a jolle?

or just let them do what they want?

We ignore them, they won't ever be a part of the species / not welcomed in the community, but we tell everyone always to just ignore them and always ask for the masterlist entry of the JR for officialism - that is how you know if they are official or not! I appreciate the bringing up and so that is my advice!

Ok thank you very much :)

I legit was watching you last month and then I wondered why can't I see any of your artwork lately, then I realized DA unwatched me again. This is the third time I involuntarily unwatch someone ghhh : (

I was also not watching two others I have been watching for years , why you do this DA

hey pixie! i know your website states we cant make them

anymore but i saw jollyraptors and fell in love

my noobie artist life says " I WANNA MAKE ONE

I WANNA MAKE ONE" id like to make one

and if its really allowed can i make adoptables of them

of course you get credit!

No you cannot, they are a closed species and can only be made if you have an MYO slot to make one for yourself (you can earn coins over here:

For adopts, the only ones who can make JR adopts are myself and Simonetry, or approved designers which we approach ourselves