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No, this is not Plutonic Fluf, aka Jason Foster posting from the other side, although that would be very cool!  This is his parents Michelle and Chuck Foster writing to you all on what is, unbelievably, the five-year anniversary of his passing (August 6, 2009).  During the last 4 years of his 17 and three quarter year life, Jason was passionate about his photography and this DeviantART website was his main way of displaying his art.   He absolutely loved being part of this worldwide community and your support and encouragement helped him developed into an amazing young photographer; we still enjoy reading your comments and his humble thanks for each new photograph he posted.  And we can tell you that he enjoyed and was totally motivated by viewing and commenting on your photographs as well.  So we would like to give you all a big thanks for being such a large and nourishing part of his life, and ask that you take another look at his art in celebration of what he left behind for us to enjoy. And  yes, after five years we are ready for a celebration.

While all of you appreciated Jason photography, you may not have known that he was also a gifted musician with 60 compositions spread out over about five CDs. You can see him perform two of his compositions for marimba during his junior year at High School (Ipswich Ma) at…  (Jason is the one on the right with the long hair). You can hear most of his music at his memorial website And you can view a great slide show of his photography sequenced to his music (his vocals as well) here:

We are now looking into selling his photography on DeviantART with the proceeds going to the Jason Foster Youth Memorial Fund, which helps teens take the Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES!) – read more

In Jason’s last Journal Entry on DeviantArt he said that his mood was Awestruck.  And so in closing, we what to encourage you all to keep on creating and sharing your art so that we can have as many Awestruck people in the world as possible. After all, our talents are called gifts for good reason! Jason taught us a lot about following our passion, and we are passing that message on. 

In love and gratitude

Chuck, Michelle

raiawoman Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Dear Chuck & Michelle,

Thank you for sharing Jason's music and art with us. I apologize for not seeing this post sooner.

I never met Jason in person but we talked many times on DA. Jason founded a community called Perspectate and that is how we started talking. I had been a traditional photographer for many years and just getting into digital photos and Photoshop. Jason was a very talented young person and challenged me to think differently about art and to push myself to see ordinary things in different perspectives, thus the name of the club. He then gave me the club so that he could pursue other interests. In turn, I do my best to challenge others to see the world along new lines and from different angles.

I firmly believe that good art inspires other artists to create good art. Jason was and continues to be an inspiration to many. Thank you again for sharing with us here on DA.

Yours in Art,

Maria Raia aka raiawoman

Baalixan Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
i did not realize i had been away for so long. i did always enjoy his photography, and his own comments on my work. RIP
Markus43 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for this
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