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April 7, 2012
Creep around my head by ~plutonicfluf
Featured by DpressedSoul
Suggested by NanisKa
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Creep around my head

Every time I fall asleep, I can feel you creep around my head...

Two images overlayed with contrast and color adjustments
The web is digital, the person and grass and plant are (chinon) film
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© 2009 - 2021 plutonicfluf
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happyhorseshoe303's avatar
i faved this a while ago, but i think i forgot to tell you how TOTALLY AWESOME this is!!!!!!
augenweide's avatar
your beautiful work is featured in my new journal...[link]
cfry's avatar
there is something awesome about this
StephanePellennec's avatar
RIP Jason
And long life to your art!
NanisKa's avatar
Oh my! I didn't know that! :(
SLpImpressions's avatar did a good thing. thank you for your suggestion. Otherwise--sad to say--then saying; out of sight out of mind,' would have proven true. at least with regards to myself.
Thank you for keeping his art alive.
NanisKa's avatar

I'm glad you approve of it, and I hope people will benefit from the good things he did. The saying cannot always be true. Some life instances or happenings may remind us of those who are out of sight. Whether we really miss them or not, we can remember them at a time or another. :nod:

Thank you for getting back to me. It was my pleasure to participate. :iconflowersplz:

StephanePellennec's avatar
You made to his art a beautiful present.
SLpImpressions's avatar
you know--i have heard too often , out of sight out of mind, and i always hated that saying.
but :slamhead: I am guilty of such as well. although this cyber world one cannot place too much significance on such...there are a few ( like you ) who have touched us beyond the glass walls of the internet. jason was one such person.
NanisKa's avatar
It was nothing! I'm just glad I participated in showing it to others.
SuperAimster's avatar
Congrats on the DD! :iconclappingplz:
SLpImpressions's avatar
how many know that he is in deep right now?
it sort of took me back seeing this as a DD. Its been a couple of years.
how fast we forget...........those who once had an impact on us.
those who shared our journey.
i suppose in someways--this proves ART Lives on....
we do leave alittle of ourselves in the impressions we cast.
this artist ---certainly did.
even if for such a fickle faving system of passers by in the cyber world.
davespertine's avatar
we never forget
but we do need to be reminded sometimes

art is a powerful thing, it can live for millennia
but mostly it just gets thrown away, destroyed and lost

people pay more respect to artists than they do to art
but that is the wrong way around
that is how little we understand
and how we have lost value in the collective
everything is, out of sight, out of mind, behind our own individual walls

we must let go of what is gone, cherish what remains, before that is gone too
LesSunn's avatar
Lovely. Absolutely lovely. The colors are what make it so enjoyable for me.
ItabbyandJapaneko's avatar
I'm not even sure thats how you spell it..?
Nemper's avatar
This is fabulous and eerie, I love it!
GaYtAcOs's avatar
nice contrast :D
kriscahaya's avatar
fallenfromthemoon's avatar
Wow this is beyond amazing... I wish I could make such photographs. Beautiful to the core. <3
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MistRFuckingSunshine's avatar
Aww, that's so... spam. :|
Carlithedesigner's avatar
its seems eerie to me but i like it. it gives it a sense of mystery
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