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Once in a blue moon i may add a new piece to ye old PlutonianCrow.  That said, my hope is you'll move on from this name and check out OminousandOmnipotent and AquilusDomini.  Both are my names, sometimes there may be a repeat of art on one name, but that's just to see how adding art at certain times effects views.  Submitting art at 3am is not a wise time.  The best time appears to be 6 or 7 in the evening.  Anywhoo, my real pen name is Aquilus Domini and that DA name will be reserved for what i think is my better stuff.  OminousandOmnipotent is updated most often and that contains my regular items of photography and art.  But plutoniancrow, will only get the "mediocre at best" items from now on.  Some of those pieces may actually be amusing.
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this name is officially dedicated to my ancient stuff that i can safely say, really sucked ass in my opinion.  i have improved since these times shown in here, however, some of the stuff is still reasonably ok.  mostly the photography and a few traditional pieces are decent.  as for the majority of the writing, OH THE HORROR, i wish to slap myself for having written such tawdry crap.  i did write it though and haven't taken it down so feel free to read it if you want.
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again, i'm away from this name for a long time and what happens?  the bloody comments from all my pictures mysteriously disappear.  what the hell?  i'd like to know how and why they disappeared.  it's kind of pissing me off.  i never deleted them.  grrr. :chainsaw:
  • Listening to: Dave Matthews Band
  • Reading: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Watching: metalocalypse clips
  • Playing: master of the universe
  • Eating: the skin from my lips
  • Drinking: i wish
i get back on to this name after 2 bloody years and find that some boob reported one of my deviations, not for nudity, not for copyright issues, not for racism, not for illegalness, but rather, for no other reason than they were offended by the subject of necrophilia.  it was just a damn story, and i reckon at the time i sent it in i should have put a mature label on it, perhaps that's why it was deleted.  i think the main reason though, is that people will find a story (hell it was titled "Dead Girls Don't Say No") and they'll report it because they don't like the subject matter (they can always CHOOSE NOT TO READ IT!!!!).  what group the story offended i don't fucking know but apparently it offended some random person (no doubt a prude; ooo another violation).  who the hell did it i don't know nor do i give a flying fuck.  what i do care about is that certain types of "art" are being supressed because of supposed offensiveness.  like i said, it had no nudity, it was not outright porn (it was a transgressive story about the adventure of a necrophilic man and the joy of cemeteries lol) it didn't depict anything to horribly graphic, no worse than what's on the telly at night on HBO (i'm not saying the pornos, i'm talking about the late night movies).  yet, somehow, this story came across as horrible, disgusting, and not to mention downright wrong.  it was meant to be that way, that's what made it art not just sickness.  it was a quick short bit of story that told of a man's sickly desires for a woman he had a crush on in highschool and later found had died a few years after graduation.  i may submit the damn thing again, no doubt pissing the world off (some people did like the story and added it to their favourites) and probably getting booted from DA altogether, but i'm standing up for something here, there's a principle.  Not a damn thing was wrong with that story other than it made someone disgusted.  Isn't art supposed to induce different feelings?  Is that not what art is?  Art is feeling and emotion and all that jazz mixed together.  Sometimes the world needs a little different reaction than the usual happy/sad/anger, sometimes the disgusting/pissed/astonished feelings need to be brought out.  it's not like it was real, nothing but PURE FICTION.  i could go on, but hell, i've stated my point and i doubt anyone will read this bullshit anyway. (grrr :chainsaw:)  
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  • Reading: The Dark Tower 4: Wizard and Glass
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  • Eating: the remains of my sanity
  • Drinking: wish i was drinking sangria
just joined Negative Art club...:iconnegativeart: and got my other name up and goin if anyone wants to see the art posted there, it's better than the stuff in this gallery...:iconominousandomnipotent:
i have managed to gain another name on here, i don't know whether or not it's ok to have a second name, but well i have one.  the art on there is completely different, from what's on here.  ~ominousandomnipotent if you want to check it out please do.
hmm, this week was certainly very screwed up and insane, which is a good thing i suppose considering it is giving me new ideas to put to use in a new collection of death art.  perhaps i should tell the story of how i nearly killed my ex lover...
3 days ago, i decided i would take revenge for the bullshit that the idiot put me through...and man is there a lot of bull shit.
i went blading with my friend julie and her dude, Jeff, and all was going well until i wanted to see this dude i've been attempting to stalk so i can out go out with him, his name is Nick.  Well i went over to nick's house alone and left julie and her dude to do whatever the hell they wanted.  Well the dipshit, being my ex lover, who's name is justin, was there.  Nick and justin are friends and are in a band together and what not so that's how they know eachother...anywhoo, the dipshit was sitting in this computer desk chair and just looking at me.  That pissed me off, don't ask why, i have psychotic tendencies.  I told him i was going to kill him, and kept repeating "I'm going to fucking kill you" over and over again.  Well he got up and started to walk towards me, i turned around like i was going to go back out the door, but i didn't leave, instead i whirled back around and the dude had a damn knife in his hand. At first i was thinking "shit he's going to kill me before i can kill him" but well, being the idiot that he is, he said "Here, i deserve to die", i looked at the knife, turned around and headed for the door, but, again i didn't leave.  Again i turned back around, darted at  him, threw my left arm around his neck, and with the knife still in his hand, i was slowing forcing his hand and the knife towards his neck.  Something then clicked in me and i came to my senses and backed off.  I left quickly.  All the while this was happening, Nick was just watching it and did nothing to help justin out.  Damn that was a fucked up day.  Christ this is a long bloody journal entry.  
---Even more weird shit happened this week.  Today this little kid, around 5, decided to stalk me.  I had taken my niece and nephew to the park because they were begging like mad.  Well we get there and they're running around playing and stuff, and i decide to join in the fun...don't laugh at me...and all of a sudden this little blonde haired kid came up to me.  My nephew was yellin at me to hurry up and practically told the world my name.  And when i went to walk away from the little kid, she said "mary wait for me"...i was like...what the hell.  I mean normal kids do not walk up to a person in all black that's 21, it's just not sane.  But this kid did, and the whole time we were there this kid followed me everywhere, it was adorable yet oddly creepy.  Yes pointless little story but oh well i have nothing more to do right now so why not recollect the week's insanity.  
well, i finally figured out why my userpage wasn't updating...twasn't deviantart, it was my computer.  that's all fixed now or at least i think so.  so to everyone that's commented on my stuff or has thanked me for commenting or puting their picture/poem as a favourite, i just want to say thankyou and you're welcome...hmm until later...
i see a red door and i want to paint it black
no colours any more i want them to turn black....
man, no one seems to comment much anymore on my stuff... is there something i need to improve? to make it more appealing?..christ is it that bad???...darn...oh well, i'll just continue to comment on other peoples stuff and hope they will return the favour...