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She called him up one night and asked if he’d meet her somewhere.
“Where?” he asked
“Between the building and the fence, meet me there…please.”
He said all right and with that she hung up the phone. There wasn’t something quite right about this meeting that was soon to take place. He wondered if she had called him back there for the same reason as she did the others, he hoped not.
As he walked he wondered what would occur in that place so many others had been.
“Perhaps she just wants a man whore for the night and I’m who she picked.” he thought.
It was to late to turn and go back home, for she saw him walking over to the alleyway.
Midnight had risen by the time they both sat down. She sat down on the ground first, he did so a second later. During that brief second in which he stood, he took a look at where he was. He had never actually been back there himself, but had walked by it before. The sky was a midnight blue with the demon moon high and the stars almost invisible because of the city lights. Having finished looking, he then sat.
She looked over at him and asked him if he thought there was such a thing as eternity. Not able to figure out why there wouldn’t be one, he replied with a “yes”. She laughed, almost sarcastically, and then there was silence. He looked over at her, she was staring at the pattern of racks in the ground. Not wanting to disrupt her gazing, he kept silent. Suddenly she turned and looked right into his ocean blue eyes. So beautiful they were, she thought. She asked if he could stay a while because what she needed to do would take some time. Not able to say no, he said yes. There was a moment of silence again, then he spoke.
“Why’d you call me back here?”
“Many reasons.”
“What reasons?” he said in a slightly pissed off tone.
“I needed a friend here tonight for one reason, and the others, you’ll have to wait and see.”
“I’m not going to be one of your whores!” he said in viciously serious voice.
She laughed again and started another conversation almost as if she had ignored his statement.
“What’d you do today?”
“The same as I do everyday, up ‘til now.” He hated the questions that asked what he did and she knew that. Those questions just proved how redundant his life had become.
“Oh.” she said. “I bought a few things today and I hope to use them tonight.”
He got pissed off with that, but kept his silence.
“Have I ever told you my life story?”
He broke his silence to say no.
“Well then I’ll tell it to you tonight.”
She started explaining every insane or mundane thing that had ever happened to her and he listened to it all, took it in, and kept it in his mind. As she was speaking he got to looking at her and started wanting her, but he knew better than to chase after fallen angels.
He thought to himself, maybe if had got to her first, loved her first, she wouldn’t be like this. In a quick second he pictured them together, but almost as if she knew what he was thinking, she broke that thought with a question.
“Have you ever loved someone so much that you’d runaway with them forever?”
He was honest with her and said yes. He felt for her and realized that night that he always had. She was on the part of her story about her lovers. She stated that her current one could be such an ass, but she loved him. He asked what she could see in someone like that.
“If you could only se the way he looks at me, how green his eyes can be when he says he loves me. It’s what I live for, but I know he doesn’t love me, but something in his eyes says he might.”
She contradicted her own words, but he let that slide and said he understood. She went on, it was nearing 3 in the morning, he had to go to work in about 4 hours, but stayed with her anyway. She finished her story saying that it brought them up to tonight. It was such a story of pain, heartbreak after heartbreak, a story of longing for things that couldn’t be. She started to cry and he held her.
“I’ve become such a whorish creature, I never wanted things to be like this.”
“It’s ok, things will be ok”
“I wish I could believe you, but I can’t erase what’s been done”
He took his hand and wiped the tears from her face.
“Please don’t cry.”
“My friend, you were there for me when no one else was.” she cried.
“I love you for that and I always will.”
He started to cry too, wishing he could change her life. He looked down at her and covered her face in kisses. Their tears began to cease and they laid down. It didn’t take them long to fall asleep.
She woke up around 5am and gazed at her friend still sleeping.
“I love you” she said to him, wishing he could hear it.
She pulled a note out of her pocket and placed it gently in his hand, not wanting to wake him. She walked down the alleyway, took a moment to look around. The demon moon had lowered and dawn was nearly upon her. She took a moment, took a deep breath, and pulled out a knife.
Almost as if he knew what happened, he woke up, saw no one next to him, looked down the alley, and ran over to the limp body. She was dead.
“I love you” he said and began to cry. He picked up the paper that had fallen from his hand. On it were two song titles and an elaborately drawn rose, underneath it said, “True Love is Forever.”
A tear from his beautiful velvet blue eye hit the center of the rose and ran down the page like blood runs down skin. He kissed her one last time and walked home, called the police to inform them of her death, and went to sleep. When he woke, his radio was playing Lemon Parade, one of the song titles from the note.
Days of depression came and the funeral passed, her lover didn’t even go, but her friend was still there for her.
A year had passed, he lost his job, his friend and his sanity. He went to the alley again for the first time in a year. He laid down in the same place she had. He thought about her, went to sleep, and then dreamt of her. In his dream she walked to him “I love you” she said.
“I love you, too.”
“Tell me my friend, would you do anything for love?” she asked.
“Yes, I would do anything for love” he stated.
With that she kissed him and they walked off into the light of the dream.
“Hey, what’d he die of John?”
“I don’t know Sean, maybe a broken heart?”
“So, we’ll just say he died of depression?”
“We can embalm him now?”
“He died in the same place as that girl did last year, same day, too. Isn’t that weird Sean?”
“Yes, very weird, but we have to get this done before 11, so let’s get started.”
I didn't really know what to title this, or what to think of it after i wrote it. The two song titles involved are Lemon Parade by tonic, and I'd do anything for love by Meatloaf. One is stated, the other not so obvious. Both had meaning to me, and have meaning to the characters.
I'd like some constructive criticism because i know this needs a lot of work. It may appear vague or a little strange, but i intended it to be like that. It starts out somewhat odd, and ends in the same way, but there is a dramatic twist.
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