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Not long ago, but far away, on a brisk September day, a little girl the age of 7, sat down at her kitchen table. She sat alone in the dark Victorian house, her parents were always away on business trips, and they left just enough supplies to get her by. Crawling on the kitchen table were bugs of various sorts, not unusual in the life of little Victoria. For some reason though, 2 of these nasty little creatures seemed different. A seven legged spider walked its way to her, she looked at it hard for a minute, thought about annihilating its existence, but she chose not too. This spider was handicapped and in pain, just as she was in pain. With this thought in mind, she let the seven-legged arachnid crawl into her hand, she then placed it in a box to keep it as a pet.
Victoria rarely ate breakfast, she didn’t like the feeling of being loaded with food when she got to school, so often she just drank a little bit of orange juice. When she got to the kitchen sink to wash a glass, she found an insect drowning in the water that was in a bowl. She scooped it out of the water and put it in the box with the spider, perhaps the two would become friends. Poor Victoria didn’t have many friends, so these little beasts she found meant a lot to her. You see, Victoria was always alone and at school people picked on her, the one friend she did have didn’t seem to come around to often, so she believed it to be a friendship made because of pity. It wasn’t the way she dressed, for she was clean and up to date with the styles, she just couldn’t understand why people didn’t like her, so she decided to just go on with life as an anti-social outcast.
Living only 1 block away from the school, Victoria always walked to get there, no matter if it was raining or snowing, she would always arrive on time. It was a Friday, and everyone in her class had to turn in their homework assignments, unfortunately she had forgotten to do hers. It was only 9:00 am and already it was going to be a bad day. By lunchtime, Vicky was ready to leave to school. She had been picked on all day, and she wanted to get home to take care of her new pets. Lunch was usual that day, she sat alone on the cafeteria bench eating a poorly made peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A 6th grader sat down next to her and started harassing her. Vicky was sick of this cruelty, and for once she decided to stand up for herself. In a quick moment between the panic and the anger, she managed to dump a whole quart of milk over the 6th grade girl’s head. This little incident got both Vicky and the 6th grader detention for a week. 3:00pm came quickly after that, Victoria was silent for the rest of the day, which wasn’t unusual, and no one bothered her. As the school bell rang, her teacher, Ms. Dorn yelled out over the rowdy children and told them all to bring something in for show and tell on Monday. For once Victoria had an assignment worthy of her intelligence. Every show and tell project required a short 2 paragraph report on why you decided to bring in that particular item.
Opening the house door slowly, Vicky thought to herself how grand it would be to write a report about her new pets. Thinking of them, she then realized that neither of them had names yet, so she dubbed the seven-legged spider to be Bitzy, and the recovering insect to be Marley. Beginning her report with how she discovered these two creatures, she then continued to state how they were important to her. She finished the paragraphs quickly so she could try to teach her pets a few tricks. After a few tries she decided to give up on teaching them things, it was very difficult to train bugs. Since she couldn’t teach them anything, she thought that perhaps they would like some music. Victoria’s favorite band was Cloud of Destruction, a heavy metal band with good instrumental music, she thought that perhaps her creatures would like it too. She played it for them and they gave no response, I mean hell what do you expect from bugs, they just crawled around their box. Vicky being a little discouraged by this decided just to talk to them. She went on about all her troubles and her pain, they seemed to listen to it all, somehow understand it all.
The weekend went quickly, she spent Saturday and Sunday talking to her pets and listening to music. Monday came and Victoria ran off to school as quick as she could, she was overjoyed. Finally people might listen and learn just from a show and tell report. She carried her critters into school and stored them in her locker until after lunch. Her day seemed good, no one picked on her, and she was serving her detention hours at lunch, so no one had the chance to harass her. About 1:00pm show and tell started. The class was told to go to their lockers and retrieve their items. Vicky grabbed the box with the spider and insect, and ran back into the class before anyone else had the chance.
After all the kids were back in the classroom, Ms. Dorn appointed 3 students to get up in front of the class. As Tommy Loire started his report, Ms. Dorn quickly told the class she had a meeting to attend, and told them all to continue with their reports and whatnot. Vicky and the rest of the class knew where Ms. Dorn really was going, she was meeting Mr. Drick in the janitor’s closet for a good time. Since this happened every Monday, the class knew that it was best to continue with their projects. After Tommy’s report, Jane and Erika went. Vicky wanted to go fourth, her classmates allowed her to do so, but not without verbally assaulting her as she walked up to the front of the room. She started to talk when one kid yelled out, “hey icky Vicky, what the hell is in that box!” she ignored him and tried to continue. Suddenly she found herself surrounded by kids; they had all gathered up around her, Tommy ripped the box out of her hands and set it down on a desk. He opened it and shouted out “it’s just a couple of bugs”. He proceeded to take them out of the box while pushing Vicky away. The whole classroom gathered, Vicky couldn’t see what was going on so she climbed on a desk, but it was a fruitless effort. In a fit of rage and pain she ran out of the room, down the hall and out the school doors and then kept running until she reached her house just a block away. She thought quickly, she knew of a knife hidden in the kitchen drawer and a gun tucked away on the closet shelf. Giving in to her anger, she grabbed them both and ran back to school.
While she was gone the unruly little bastards in the classroom had ripped out the remaining legs of the spider, and they decided to let it die that way. The insect had been decapitated and the sadistic little fuckers were watching it hop around without a head. When Vicky arrived she found them still gathering, not even noticing she had left. Her only human friend was also in the crowd. Outraged by all this evil and cruelty that had been shown to her during her entire 7-year life she went on a violent rampage. With the gun, she shot 3 of the boys in the head, the ones who tore off the spider’s legs. Three more shots were given to 2 boys and the one girl who was once called a friend. Since a silencer was placed on the gun, no one heard the shots, the children were in shock and the ones that were shot weren’t fatally injured, they would just be handicapped for the rest of their lives. Victoria dropped the gun and ran to each remaining student in the class, and stabbed them all in places where the most pain could be felt. Now everyone was screaming and one kid had gotten away and ran to the office. After a moment Vicky realized what she had done and ran out of the school. She heard sirens in the distance but she didn’t care. She heard the word “Stop” coming from behind her, but she kept running, knife still in hand. “BANG!” a pain like no other filled Vicky’s body. A cop had shot her in the back. The bullet went right straight through her heart, came out through her chest, and landed on the ground. The poor girl fell to her death right then and there. The cop went over to her, to see if she was still alive, but he knew she wasn’t. He walked back to the school to check on the other kids. They were all crying as the paramedics carried them off in ambulances. Ms. Dorn and Mr. Drick were taken to the hospital too for unrelated reasons. The school had been evacuated so the police officer entered the school to investigate the crime scene. He saw a piece of paper on the floor with the name Victoria Daniels, he read the writing on it, and it was the show and tell report. As he read he realized why she hurt the other kids and then looking over to see the bugs, he understood her situation even more. He started to weep for the poor girl as he picked up the remains of the bugs. She led a tragic life. He placed the bugs in the box on the desk and walked out of the school. Victoria’s funeral was that Thursday; her parents weren’t even there. No one was there to mourn her except for the cop who shot her. After she was buried he took the box with the bugs, and gently laid it on her grave along with a note he had written, explaining how sorry he was.
Every year he returns to her burial spot to pay his respects to the little girl that no one ever really understood.

*NOTE*- Children are cruel, bullies deserve to be hurt, so Vicky’s actions in this story are justified. Don’t hurt people, because they will hurt you back. Paybacks are hell.
despite the weird title this doesn't really focus to much on the bugs, but instead the little kid. I wrote this to prove a point to a kid at highschool level even tho the main character is 7 yrs. old. it proves a point, it may seem strange, a little cut off here and there, hell it probably lacks a lot of detail too, but at least it serves a purpose. any critism is greatly appreciated. oh and please pardon the spelling errors because i most likely have quite a few in here.
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