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What is yet unknown is yet to be feared
This world we have created is the unknown
We as the creators, are what is feared
Our own intelligence is what we canít comprehend
Because of this fact we fear ourselves
Our genius is what we donít know
As humans we should know all of what we are
Instinct is being lost to technology
And yet we do not realize it
The whole specieís existence is hanging in the balance
This balance is being disrupted
Disrupted by our ignorance
Perhaps this is why we have yet to fear our extinction
Weíre afraid to acknowledge our own wrongs
Thus creating permanent damage
No longer is this unknown and it is becoming feared
We have awakened our own nightmares
Creating more inexhaustible chaos
What we have done to ourselves cannot be repaired
We as the creators invented these problems
Through this creation we have become destroyers
With our own insanity we have formed a method of killing
Because of our genius we are to be annihilated
For we have created the demented genocide.
just a poem about what society has become
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Submitted on
May 12, 2003
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