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Beginning in this world of possibility there also began a world of denial and paranoia.  Although many do not come to fully acknowledge what instigated the paranoia or what caused the denial, each of us know in our minds that such things are the creation of a wide spread disease.  This disease, as we may call it, is not viral nor is it bacterial.  Perhaps it is genetic but that is doubtful yet somehow it has passed through the generations.  Even though this disease does not often cause physical abnormalities or any form of mental problem, it does however manage to create insanity; insanity that can be personal or can be linked to many within a group.  Despite the fact that this insanity is not yet acknowledged as a mental problem, there is cause to believe that it most certainly is.  Throughout the ages, before Christ and after, this disease plagued nations.  It caused numerous battles between brothers, and caused more casualties than any recorded medical disease.  It is said to be the spawn of a brilliant imagination and it is also said to be the production of deities.  Those of us who acknowledge its existence and shy away from it, are often times spared the anguish that it causes and the confusion that it creates.  Those who refuse to believe it is not a disease and that it is not a mental hindrance, will go through life continuously asking questions about their own purpose and their own fate.

Ninnies claiming to be magicians and healers have helped populate this rapidly growing infection.  Continuous growth of this malicious force will eventually cause world destruction, yet so many deny the fact that it is a reality and that it is a bad creation worth no good.  There is only hope that those who are in denial, cease their paranoia of being cured of the disease and finally come to the realization that what is spoken of is destroying the existence man.  The cure for this disease is not believing in it.   
view point of an atheist...if you're religious i advise not to read
pierrell Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2004
Interesting. Most interesting.
Sorry I don't have anything intelligent to add. I'm just kinda lacking in the word department today.
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November 23, 2003
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