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Hidden within the mind there is a tiny little resort, which we all tend to reside to during moments of anxiety or confusion. It is here, where everything we love is kept, and everything we fear is held at bay. It is not located within the subconscious nor is it within the fully awakened mind. This nominal world is held somewhere on the in-between. A world like this is not part of the mortal realm, which we call reality. We canít call it an immortal realm, although for some it may seem to be, but it cannot be for it lies within the body of a living being. Although it does not have any physical properties, it can create objects that can be seen, touched, heard, and even felt. Many would say that such a place should be left to children, but many who have grown still rely on this place for their lively hood. Every living creature has a place within their bodies such as this, although some cannot use it in such a fashion as humans can. This is the place where invention, religion, and freedom are created. So how can one get there, and what is that place?
despite the picture, which is rather crude and weird, the writing isn't as weird, or is hell i don't know, you tell me
ghosttree Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
well done. very well done. ::adding to favourites::
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July 24, 2003
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