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Dead Like an Angel

I wish I could just fall
Jump off this 10-story building
Because I want to be your angel
I want to be your guardian

And if I were to die
I could watch you all the time
To make sure that you’re alright
And in moments of sadness, hold you very tight

You wouldn’t know I was there
But I’d always be watching you
Because I truly care for you
And because I truly love you

I wish I could just die for you
It’d be a tad easier on me
If I could see if you were happy
So then I wouldn’t have to worry

But because I am not dead
And I am not yet your angel
I fear for you each night
And hope that you’ll be alright

I wish I were dead like an angel
So I could keep you from pain
So I could protect you from harm
And always keep you sane.
have you ever been willing to die for love, or die for happiness or for the sake of another or to be with another?...well that's what this is about

not really very good is just came to me in a flash and within that same flash all the words seemed to leave me, but i tried and i got this.
mirva Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2003   Writer
Beautiful! I suggest that someday when you found someone you really care, you should dedicate this to that person!

Go and check my stuff too!
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July 23, 2003
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