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fallen from grace and acceptance
dignity and pride lost because of ignorance
removed and set in seclusion
a problem with no conclusion

embraced only by the arms of pain
often labeled to be insane
prone to accusations
a victim of eradications

not one many would chase after
thought of as a pitiful disaster
once precious to many
no longer loved by any

an angel in disguise
there's more behind such harsh eyes
brilliance behind the mask
beautiful despite the past.
yippy skippy, another one of those poems about a person who is considered a "fallen angel"--yay--this probably has numerous spelling errors, if so, please deal with them--oh and as the for the picture, tis not my creation, infact i don't know who created it or how it got into my files, but it's fitting for the poem i guess
corruptedangel Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003
Eradications can lose the s. - i am aware this is for the sake of rhyming but its not worth it when it throws the whole poem off course.... you don't have much poetry here but this is reasonably good. With more practice you would et some serious shit out here!

Borign fact- the only fallen angel known to man or even Saint Peter is the one known as Satan. To say 'beatiful despite the past' is flattering Satan. HA, are you a satanist or unaware of your sin? If your a satanist i admire your bravery. ;)
plutoniancrow Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2003  Hobbyist
no i'm not a bloody satanist...well i'm not one today, who knows what tomorrow can bring, and no my poem is not about satan, and i have nothing to do with the bible therefore my lousey poetry has nothing to do with the bible...christ i babble pointless...anywhoo....thanks for the critism--note that there is no sarcasm there
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