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end of the world

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I think somebody "borrowed" your image:…
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Yay! What an peaceful view!
This is featured on TV Tropes page for End of the World. Your art is definitely becoming popular.
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Nice view and best of all no monthly rental payments. :thumbsup:
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this picture inspired me to write a song, your work is featured here , set to music…

trying to make you famous, I'm not getting any $ for the video,  your name is in the video credits
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It's the end of the world as we know it...
and no one feels fine.
Meanwhile in Detroit...
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...y'know, I really do feel fine!
Hello, I am working on a poster for an English class at a community college in Texas City, Texas. The subject matter will be about the end of the world and your piece is something they would like put on the poster. It is for educational purposes only. Can we have your permission to use the End of the World art that you created on these posters? If so, please send your credit line as you want it to be displayed. It will be small but it will be on there. Please email for approval. I will also send you the pdf files of what was produced with your art.
Gina Castro
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This is litteraly the BEST end of the world photo i have ever seen! i congraduate you for you patronige!
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Looks pretty good mate! I like it :)
Although it would be nicer if you would of worked on a bigger canvas :)
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omg i luv it...and nice comment lol
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