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Poor Saga :(
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Very sexy. By looking at the comments, I think they wanna see how she gets tied up. Stay safe and keep up the good work.

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A great look of distress. The whole pic is great, really

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Your work is good.
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Gorgeous image.........
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Thank you detective! :D
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The Kidnapping Saga continues...

If that pun hurt you, I am so sorry
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I take no responsibility in pun-related harm!
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And I take no responsibility for the...PUN-ishments you receive for them! :D 
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Love how you colored her hair.
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I wonder what will happen to her mlmlml... XD
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poor thing
well done my friend~
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No ! Let her go ! :( (Sad)

*kick the kidnapper and run away with Saga* 

I think we're safe now :o (Eek)

*press a chloroform cloth over Saga's face while she isn't looking*

Sorry my dear, I prefer kidnap you myself Meow :3 
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Auch hey where are you going with my dam?
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poor hot damsel
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Yes, yes, poor Saga indeed, but the picture is amazing anyway ;P
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Of course, it is more the image looks very real and I feel that I am the sequetrador hehehehe
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Can't wait for saga tied up and gagged tightly :)
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damn paparazi, they keep taking photos of me while I'm working! (/>A>)/
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"Lesson number one, don't take shortcuts down dark alleys. Don't worry baby doll, I'll be teaching you several more lessons over our years together...."

Nice job dude! She looks great. :)
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Very nice, looks like Saga is in trouble.
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