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Mr. Batty added to the commission list.

*looks at my Red Bandinero's view count* W-w-what!? I'm so confused... o_0. Why so many more than anything else...?

Rope Snake added. :3


Now (finally!) open for commissions! The thing is, at this time I can only make the following:

Mr. Batty - 15cm tall with a 30 cm wingspan: $10.00
Rope Snake -  28 cm long: $25.00
       -With magnets: $28.00
Exit Mouse - 11 cm: $8.00
Gastrodon (Blue version for now) - 16 cm: $18.00
Giegue - 15 cm: $18.00
       -With Giygas hoodie: $23.00
Gustav Pincushion (Pick any two colors you like. I am out of the purple, though.) - 13.5 cm long: $12.00
Mr. Saturn I - 9 cm: $8.00
Mr. Saturn II - 7.5 cm: $8.00
Mini Mr. Saturn Keychain - 3 cm: $7.00
Tessie - 15 cm: $18.00
Worthless Protoplasm - 13 cm: $8.00

Note that the prices are before shipping. Plushies are made to order and I will sell them on Etsy or Ebay (your pick, but on Ebay someone can always snipe it from you). Please allow me 1-5 days to make each plushie. You can make a request by sending me a note. Feel free to ask me some questions in case I forgot to mention something (which is pretty likely).

Groundhog Day-
It kinda snuck up on me this year. Did he see his shadow?
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poehunter's avatar
Does the Giegue come with the Giygas hoodie?
PlushRayseTiger's avatar
The hoodie is $5 extra.
CXkacho's avatar
I will most definitely buy a Rope Snake if you ever so happen to make them on commission...magnetic mouth or not! (<- although I found that part especially awesome, if you don't mind me adding)

Keep up the great work.
PlushRayseTiger's avatar
:phew: The magnets were the only thing keeping me from adding him to the For Sale list (the kind I use are so expensive...). I just have to go find my pattern.
CXkacho's avatar
Cool, just let me know if you're up for making me one/the price. I don't mind cheaper magnets, or much were the ones you used?
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