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latte - little plant witch - reference

By plushpon
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after 1000 years i have something to post
now i return to slumber for 1000 years more
REALLY THOUGH i've been having... an incredibly hard time lately doing things i love, like drawing.
pom has been a big help and i'd go absolutely mad without them.
i haven't been in the best place lately mentally/emotionally and we've been trying to settle in as well since we've moved
it's been hard but we're doing our best / v \

so with that said, here's something that's been being worked on slowly but surely, latte, the little plant witch q7q
there's an almost completely finished, i guess i'll call it beta design, that i just dropped because i didn't like how it was turning out
(in fact there's a pretty big back log of art that i just can't bring myself to finish, post, or work on aha;; )

i have to say though i'm really really happy with this qvq it's nice to get something done
i can't promise by me posting this we'll be back for good, i'm still struggling a lot, but like i said, we're doing out best
this is latte, a plant witch (an adult elf, as well) who lives in a small cottage inside a forest filled with plenty of flora and creatures alike.
when she wakes up, she enjoys a freshly brewed cup of coffee while continuing where she left off in some book she's been reading. (probably romance!)
she's sure to greet her house plants, the many that there are, and give them their breakfast as well. afterwords she'll often be found tending to her small garden where
she grows most of her own food or materials. when it's raining, she likes to sit by the window and knit, maybe some clothes or a scarf. (and tiny ones for her plants in the winter)
she's not very good at spells, but she's doing her best, of course. more often than not, they're cosmetic or mundane spells that don't do much, but she doesn't mind.
though she gets lonely at times, the creatures and spirits of the forest love to keep her company. whether it be a bird with their song, or a fairy passing along a berry or two.
she loves to sleep and she loves to dream. she studies her dreams often and believes they are a key to some sort of other world, though she's not quite sure.

Latte Pjs 2 by plushpon 
latte in her pjs!
Latte Alt Colors - Washed Out by plushpon 
alternate, washed out colors
mood by plushpon 
a good mood board for her

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I really love your art! amazing! cuteeeeeeeee <333333

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Shes sooooo cute! Im totally in love with your style and plushpons Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon 
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Now i really want tot cosplay that XD its so cute~!!![Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Heart Eyes 

And different previews of the clothing layers would help with that!
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I want to make her a friend ;;
One that isn't a plant, that is. She already seems to have a lot of plant friends.
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she would love a friend / 7 \ <3
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what program do you use and what brush?? (SHE VERY CUTE AND I LOV E HER)
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Aww she's quite adorable! A plant witchy is a good idea! It's like a combination of the things I adore I love cute unique witches
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I submitted a flufferbun registration on my gallery please see it
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So CUTE. Her outfit looks super cozy.
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Such a cutie!!!!!! <3 <3
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i love this a latte 
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Ahh she's too cute! Your making me want to create my own witch character :) 
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oh wow that'd be amazing!!! if you do just be sure to tag me/ credit me!
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OMG I love her! I bet her hair is super soft lol
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I wish I can have her. 
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Beautiful of nature as a witch. 
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shes so cute?? ohmygosgh;;
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This is soo lovely~~ the muted colors and tiny details are so charming and cozy <3 Just A+ presentation
Her days sound really peaceful and idyllic~ [i]: potted sprout pixel 

And sending you some good vibes~ hard times seem to be going around lately.
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i hope u feel better <3


She is so freaking adorable >w<

i actually kinda study my dreams like she does, too
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ah it feels like ages since i've been on da, seeing your wonderful art again is nostalgic ;; my best wishes to you two and hope you have a great day :)
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even if you arent doing the best right now, its good to know youre working towards feeling better. you two do what you need to.
also latte is absolutely adorable.
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