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[f2u]: cactipum, bun!

By plushpon
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  pixel icon version of this boy! 
cactibun by plushpon
(i forgot the flowers!!)

these guys are a part of an open species!:
OPEN SPECIES - Cactipums by plushpon
please do not use outside deviantart!

● if you plan on using this for f2u codes please either use the 
thumbcode or make the img code link back with linked image code.

(<a href="linkurlhere"><img src="imgurlhere"></a>)

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Hey you, I have recently made some flags etc in animal crossing and found your pixel cactus as a stock photo on one of the websites. It has been shared ever since and I meant to harm. It has been pointed out by one of the people that it does actually belong to someone... Just wanted to pop in to say sorry if that’s an exploit of your art but it was done in an honest lack of knowledge and there is about 4-5 websites that claim this is a stock photo and I haven’t been seeking any further validation. I do not have any profit from that design, it was done for people to hang it in their home or use as a flag And have fun with it and enjoy it. I hope you don’t mind, if you do hmu I’ll try messaging people to take it down from their Instagram for you. Take care!

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I meant no harm****

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Using this sweet and cute bunn :la:

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using, thank you!!
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cactus green cactus go
H2o will always know✧⁺⸜(●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧
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Using!! I loved it!
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using! this is SO cutee!!
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this is sooooo adorable :heart:
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