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custom: D0Ilie

By plushpon
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Tamagotchi Icon [Pink] 
Rollin' Stars 

a custom for D0Ilie


head is a cat shaped tamagotchi, with pixel face to boot!
stickers are interchangeable, but they're holographic!! (that's hard to illustrate haha;; )
button cheeks, button ears, button d-paw-pads, and what i like to call the 'game overall dress' !!
has the a & b buttons of a ds or gameboy as overall buttons!
their star bow also works as a speaker, where their voice comes from!
and lastly, they have a star phone charm wrapped around their tail c:</b>

original custom form:

moodboard link: i.. dont have a moodboard,, but i'll send you some images if that's alright,,,, just.. imagine they're a complete collage, or something! ^^…………

neutral -  feminine
lazy - sweet

biped/feral: biped, but not that tall, u know? qoq. Kinda the stature of your character Charm?? the head needs to be bigger <3

maybe you can add to the neck area a big star bow like this?… , but bigger? //v//
clothes themed on the 90's... RETRO TOO?
you can add watever it looks better and fits the character 

other details?:  
can it have a tamagotchi head, with a pixel face/expression? ;;, i know this is too crazy to ask, but omg!, it's something new, i guess.
if you can do this head, better!:… 
(the third pink one!, you can change the colour palette tho,, and patterns!, it's just the cat-form idea!)
oof, i'm asking too much.. Just leave your imagination flow!!!
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this is such a beautiful and creative design omg i could never think of all the details
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iloveapersonHobbyist General Artist
do you do requests(just curious)
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pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is super cute!
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Awww! So cute!
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cinnibluuHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so adorable. I legit cant
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Skymely-chanHobbyist General Artist
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SoshieeLove Digital Artist
does it cost anything for you to make on i would love for you to make a charter for me
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yeah they cost money lol
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SoshieeLove Digital Artist
ok ty for telling me
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Wow! So cutie)

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OinatzStarUltraHobbyist Digital Artist
this is the most pure thing

Rule34 is typing...
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D0IlieHobbyist General Artist

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OinatzStarUltraHobbyist Digital Artist
Doki Doki Literature Club! - Dead-Eyed Yuri 
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sugarqubesStudent General Artist
Game Over-all Dress, that's so clever aaaahh!!! <3
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DuskinrockDoesArtProfessional Digital Artist
Aaaaaaaa she's so cute!
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Robin-chan33Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is the cutest thing, omg ;o; <3
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CaseyDeckerHobbyist Artist
This cute-looking character definitely has a really nice and creative design, and I absolutely love her as well! :love:
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TammyTheRangerHobbyist General Artist
CLANNAD - Kyou Thot Patrol
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Aria-Art-PageHobbyist Artist
She is so cute, I love her adorable design! :heart: 
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