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VenezulianPoodleMoth Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2022  Student General Artist
how are you guys this talented- i want to pet every plushpet i see hereeee
BurntCorgi Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2021  Student Digital Artist
one thing i really need to know is what the site runs on qwq.... 
deminoca Featured By Owner May 24, 2021
Hello! How do I participate? 
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FeyVagabond Featured By Owner May 7, 2021
Hey there, I'm interested in this species, but I honestly have no idea where to start! Do I have to pay or wait for an event to make a PlushPet? Thanks for your time!
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RayRueComm Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I am a new user to plushpets, maybe could I get dmed some help? Or a comment response is fine hhh,,
Whenever I go to login to my Deviantart account through the website, it brings me to an 'error' page,, I'm currently a bit lost on how to login?
I recently heard of the species and thought they were very cute, and decided to join, but now I can't seem to do anything,, my username on the website is 'seaotter', if needed! ack,,
Here's a stash with the error screen thing ;-; 

Screenshot (344) by RayRueComm
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H0tT0picHedgehog Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
ok i have no idea what is going on but I cant send a prompt drawing in? i have looked at everything but haven't had any luck. My account on the website (if you need it) is RobinTheWeirdo 
Ribbon-Dove Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, since this is a closed species do I have to pay money to make one myself or do I need to adopt a plushpet from someone else? I really love the way these things look, I think they can make for very cute mascots :)
InkuDoesArt Featured By Owner Edited Oct 29, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
how did you make your website?
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