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So back in August I commissioned Avanii for a plush of Akamai. This was the reference I sent in:


And now a few days ago, I finally got him!
Img 20180106 101539 105 by PLUSHIETEETH Img 20180106 101621 559 by PLUSHIETEETH
Img 20180106 101755 228 by PLUSHIETEETH Img 20180106 101840 804 by PLUSHIETEETH

Overall Avanii was very easy to contact, and was a pleasure to talk to! She sent plenty of WIP pictures, and made sure I was satisfied with everything. She let me pick out his eyes, and let me choose what kind of facial expression I wanted him to have. There was only one issue, but it was on my end (I made his eyebrow spots white instead of brown on the ref), and she was quick to figure out a fix despite him being mostly done.

The fur she used on him is super soft, and I love the colors she chose! He looks absolutely stunning in person. The proportions are perfect, and she got all of his details and markings correct. I especially adore the toes, they are shaped so well and are very clean and defined. She really nailed his appearance, giving him a very cute appearance while still keeping true to his anatomy. He is a floppy plush, very squishy and somewhat poseable! I am extremely happy with his appearance and construction.

Here are a few the pictures I received from her when he was shipped:
Img 20171218 093739 478 by PLUSHIETEETH  Img 20171218 093739 475 by PLUSHIETEETH
Img 20171218 093739 485 by PLUSHIETEETH  Img 20171218 093739 497 by PLUSHIETEETH

I paid about $350 USD for him, and I honestly think that the end result was well worth the cost. For what I paid, his quality is stellar. He came out better than I ever could have imagined. I highly recommend Avanii if you're looking to commission a plushie. She does amazing work and is super easy to work with.

Thank you so much Avanii for bringing my boy to life!
Avanii Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018   General Artist
Ahh this review is so lovely, I'm so glad you're happy with the plush and the commission process :heart: I uploaded his photos too!  Plushie Commission: Akamai the Jackal by Avanii
tigerstar102 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018
the plush looks adorable if i could i'd have my oc done but im not rich so lol
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