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Welcome to PlushieMakers!

Welcome to our Plushie-Makers! If your just visiting, looking to join or already member; below are some handy links to help you out!

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Want to join?

Follow the directions found here and dont forget to read the rules.
[Requirements For Joining]
Any blank join requests will be declined.

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General Rules

Dont know what folder to submit to? Find out here.

Special Links
:star: List of our members that take commissions and/or sell their plush. Looking to commission someone but dont know who to ask? Check our list!


:star: List of Etsy stores run by our members. Looking to buy some pre-made plushies? Here's a great place to start


Current Contests & Events

:star: Plush Pen Pal Exchange Program! Coming soon!

:star: Plushie-Makers' School for Beginners Coming soon!

Monthly Listings
Once or twice a month we post a listing of plush up for sale from our group members. We also include etsy stores, who has open commission slots, events from other groups, auctions and more.

:star: JULY 2014
:star: Next listing coming in August.

Looking for admin! Join the Plush Crew!

Plush Crew [Admin] Responsibilities:
:bulletblack: Help with the flow of submissions coming in.
:bulletblack: Accept or decline join requests.
:bulletblack: Keep folders organized.

Please make sure that you have read the most recent descriptions on our gallery folders and our group rules. Which I will link below. If you have any questions about being part of the Plush Crew please comment below.

[Folder Descriptions] + [Group Rules + Requirements For Joining]

To volunteer for Plush Crew please note the group with the following application. Just copy, paste and fill it in please.

dA name:
Any group admin experience:
+If so, please list groups:
What kind of plushies do you like to make:
How often you log into dA:

Gallery Folders

Double Xenomorph plush by DemodexPlush
OC: Ophelia by sugarstitch
Commission: Large-sized Beelzemon Plush by Sarasaland-Dragon
Praise The Sun! by DemodexPlush
Movies TV
Beanie Night lights - handmade plushies by Piquipauparro
Toothless Chibi Plush by HappyKittyPlushies
Frank Plush by DemodexPlush
Luci by Zareidy
Anime Manga
.:Tomura Shigaraki plush:. by Angeru-Charms
.:Giorno Giovanna plush:. by Angeru-Charms
Commission: Present Mic Plush Doll by Sarasaland-Dragon
Zwei Plush by DemodexPlush
Animals Fantasy Creatures
little birds, plush by icecream80810
Keegan Plush by Fingernail-Moon
Ravencorgi by beanchan
Dreggons Plush Toys (Kickstarter is now LIVE by PlanetPlush
Video Games
.:Caith Sith plush:. by Angeru-Charms
Omega Flowey Plush Returns by HappyKittyPlushies
Thrall crochet doll - full costume by Wayuki
Lancer Mini Plush by HappyKittyPlushies
trash gryphon by MasterPlanner
Jeremiah Valeska for thebelovedpanda by MasterPlanner
Yoshi amigurumi by VilDeviant
Derpy moogle amigurumi by VilDeviant
Plushie Accessories Objects
Paw Plushie by DemodexPlush
Kawaii Bundle by TrashKitten-Plushies
Tamagotchi plushies by TrashKitten-Plushies
Itty Bitty Cactus by hiro-chan28
Books Comics
Shark (Oh, Dakuwaqa!) by fireflytwinkletoes
Fuzzy Philospher by The-Crafty-Kaiju
Mini Wonder Woman 2.0! by jenny3793
Mini Wonder Woman! by jenny3793
Food Plush
Onigiri by beanchan
.:Aguacates:. by Angeru-Charms
small pumpkin plush by cortpea
Potato custom plush by DemodexPlush
Original Plush
Lil' Squish by fireflytwinkletoes
Commission: Steampunk Garrett Plush Doll by Sarasaland-Dragon
Shine OC comm by FaytsCreations
Asante beanie by Zareidy
Revolver Ocelot plush by DemodexPlush
Contests Folder
Grim Reaper plushie by prismtwine
My Litte Pony Inspired
Gothic Metal Chrysalis plushie by Essorille
Eevee chibi plush for sale by DemodexPlush
Resin Eyes for Plushies Tutorial by TrashKitten-Plushies
Batty Bat ITH Embroidery Pattern by equinepalette
[UPDATE] 4.10.14

When you submit something, please make sure it's going to the right folder. If your work falls under two different folders [ie: an amigurumi plush of Doctor Who can fall under both the amigurumi folder and Movies TV Folder, go with the folder you think it fits best. If you're really not sure, you're always welcomed to note the group with questions. The only exception to this are ALL MLP AND POKEMON PLUSH, they each have their own folder. Any plush MLP plush, canon or fan characters, or anything MLP related must go into the MLP Inspired folder. And all Pokemon plush and related work, whether amigurumi or otherwise, go into the Pokemon Plush folder.

The featured folder is closed to all members. Deviations in the featured folder are chosen by admin to showcase the best of the best from our group members.

General Rules For Submissions
:bulletblack: A limit's been put on all the folders. Each member can only submit 5 entries a week now.  
:bulletblack: We only allow photos of actual plush work. NO DRAWINGS of plushies, even if they're concept sketches or designs. And no journal entry submissions.
:bulletblack: All work submitted will be reviewed by admin to make sure it goes into a matching folder.

Here are the folders~!

:bulletblue: Movies TV
This will house anything from movies and tv shows whether it's animated or not. This includes western cartoons and animated movies like Disney and Dreamworks. This also includes plushies of actors, singers and other celebrities.

:bulletblue: Anime Manga
Since there's an overwhelming amount of anime-related work, I had to give it its own folder. Anything from any form of Japanese animation or manga will go here. This also includes plush of fan made characters. This does not include any Pokemon plush.

:bulletblue: Animals Fantasy Creatures
All animal plushies, along with dinosaurs, dragons, and unicorns. As long as it's not from any specific game or show will go here.

:bulletblue: Video Games
I think this one is pretty easy to understand. Even if it's from games that have an anime style, such as Kingdom Hearts. If it's from any video game, it goes here my friends. Characters or objects from within actual games as well of plush of actual game consoles or controllers. Excluding all Pokemon plush.

:bulletblue: Amigurumi
Because of its distinct style, amigurumi get their own folder. If anything is amigurumi but also falls under another folder, please submit to the amigurumi folder first unless you feel strongly otherwise.

:bulletblue: Plushie Accessories Objects
Any kind of plush accessory that is made for people or for plushies. So things like hats and bags go here. As well as plush objects that are NOT food. This excludes all Pokemon and MLP related plush.

:bulletblue: Food
Who doesn't love food? Food gets its own folder cause there is a large amount of food plush out there. This pretty much explains itself. So whether its happy smiling food or just delicious looking, it all goes here.

:bulletblue: Books Comics
Another folder for fan plush of characters from books, novels, and comics. Do not submit characters from manga to this folder, they have their own folder alongside anime. Not sure if you're superhero plush go here or in movies? Pick the folder you think fits best.

:bulletblue: Original Plush
All plush of original characters will go here, as well as original artist dolls. So any plush that are entirely your own original design. Any plush of fan characters will also be allowed in this folder.

:bulletblue: MLP Inspired
Made for any My Little Pony related plush. Whether it be fan plush of characters from the show, original MLP characters or characters from other fandoms in MLP form, they all belong in this folder. Any MLP related plush not submitted to this folder will be automatically declined.

:bulletblue: Pokemon Plush
There is just so much beautiful Pokemon related plush out there, it had to get its own folder. Any and all plush Pokemon related must go to this folder. If its plush of Pokemon, trainers or accessories like Pokemon beanies. It all goes here. Any Pokemon related plush not submitted to this folder will be automatically declined.

:bulletblue: Misc
Last but not least. If you have a plushie that doesn't match any of the folders, or you really just aren't sure where it should go. Put them here. Be aware, if an admin feels that it belongs in another folder, you may be asked to resubmit it.

NEWLY ADDED. We've decided to move our Tutorials and Patterns folders to our main gallery to make them easier to submit to.

:bulletgreen: Tutorials
We accept all plush related tutorials! From basic to more advanced techniques.

:bulletgreen: Patterns
Please submit all plush patterns to this folder. We do not accept patterns that are not your own original design. ie] A pattern you found in a book.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or note the group!
More Journal Entries

Plushie Makers' School for Begginers!

Plushie-Makers' School for Beginners is for anyone looking to learn about plush making or any other plush related crafts. The resources complied are free for everyone to use whether they're a group member or not.

:bulletgreen:Important links!:bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: To the school's main journal page! [under construction]

:bulletblue: Upcoming livestream classes/projects! [under construction]

:bulletblue: Tutorials folder!…

Our school was made possible by the combined efforts of our group's admin, members and our wonderful teachers! If you have something you want to contribute to our school, please contact our headmaster DeadEndSeid via note.

Our Plushie Professors:
:icondeadendseid: :iconbunka-love: :iconviergacht: :iconbubble-rhapsody: :iconkazulgfox: :icontheaquallama: :iconmiss-lanane: :iconkenlybop: :iconsongahin: :iconkitsune-kitsune: :iconprismtwine:



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25animeguys Featured By Owner Edited Jul 1, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Willing to commission someone to make a plushie of Colress from pokemon at a reasonable price. Particularly in the range of chibi sized.
HouseOfMarvels Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Artisan Crafter
Sending Pm
RingaKai Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2019  New Deviant
Looking to commission someone to make the 4 elemental Djinns from Golden Sun
HouseOfMarvels Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2019  Professional Artisan Crafter
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Captain-Luluco Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Looking to commission someone  to make a chibi-ish Mecha King Ghidorah.
HouseOfMarvels Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2019  Professional Artisan Crafter
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CynthiaXY1800 Featured By Owner May 29, 2019  Student General Artist
Anyone willing to make a custom plush of Cynthia from Pokemon?
HouseOfMarvels Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2019  Professional Artisan Crafter
Are you still looking?
Senswii Featured By Owner May 23, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
anyone willing to make custom plushies of closed species ocs? specifically bagbeans. or if thats too hard, maybe a feral cat
HouseOfMarvels Featured By Owner May 28, 2019  Professional Artisan Crafter
Sending PM
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