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Vision: Since I'm a little unfamiliar with One Piece (outside of a few scenes I've seen), I'm unable to tell if this is a scene where; Shanks is saving Luffy from this sea monster, and came just in the nick-of-time. Inversely, I can't tell if perhaps instead it's a scene where Shanks was already there, and is trying to save Luffy this way. By no means is this a fault, but I find it amazing that given the information in the picture, I'm more concerned about what happens next, rather than that it is merely a picture. Excellent job here.

Originality: I really admire the setup for this scene that you did, whether it be a direct interpretation/copy from the source material, or your own tweaking/imaging of a specific scene (if that makes sense). Either way, I can still greatly appreciate the work you've put in here to make it your own.

Technique: I'm a big fan of drastically varying line sizes (e.g. from the side of the monster's head, to his chin), I feel adds an extra layer of "care" that goes into making a piece. On this same note, I also +1 to the line-shading on the monster too, but wish it perhaps extended into more parts of the scene. On the topic of Shank's proportions, at that angle I feel his face is at the right angle (perhaps not the ear), but I think the problem is that the hair seems a bit "flat." It doesn't appear to be at the same angle as the rest of the head is. Perhaps more curvature near the ear, to "round" it out more?

Impact: This section is borrowing a lot of aspects from the other areas, but I'm really a big fan of this one, even if it doesn't have that "omg amazing" anime quality that some fan art has. Not to say that it's bad either; it's actually the opposite. The work you created here doesn't need all that "pizzazz" to show what you wanted to show, you accomplished it with what was needed, and nothing else. People aren't completely in the dark either, we know what's not apparent in the picture (color, fine details, setting, etc), and out brain will fill that in on it's own. (Although I secretly want a colored one :D)

Excellent job Rawr, I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!
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rawrdoodles Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, thanks so much for your critique!
In this scene Shanks came just in the nick of time to save Luffy from the sea monster.  I'm glad it made you curious about the story itself instead of this one scene. That's definitely what I was going for!  :D
This is a pretty direct interpretation of a picture from the manga, but it varies just a bit.
Hmm yeah, I see what you're saying about the hair, it does seem pretty flat.
I'm really tempted to re-draw or maybe even paint this scene (in color!) as it's one of my favorite scenes (also I was drawing in a smaller sketchbook, so I missed out on drawing some of the cool waves that add a lot of depth to the original picture in the manga), so I'll definitely keep that in mind next time and hopefully Shanks' head will turn out better.  :)
Thanks again for all your input and suggestions! I really appreciate the time you put into your critique, and it was great to hear your thoughts! :D
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