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Star - Voids Child - Reference sheet

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Well been working on this over the last month + and I finally finished! 

This is the biggest ref sheet I have done so far I think? And honestly I love making ref sheets wayyyy to much <3 they allow me or just really study a character. 

✨Star - Void’s Child ✨

Born in the void. Raised by the void and all that is in it. 

Her levels of void with in themself changes depending on many factors, some being, mood, energy levels, when they were last in the void. On occasion she also just get bursts of void. 

Their levels of void affect what forms they are able to shift into, the less void they have in them the more normal their form is, the more void the more chaotic and unstable the form becomes. 

He enjoys all forms and levels of void. It is part of him and is how it always has been for him. 
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