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cmyk business card

a business card for a printing company
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Nice work, Thanks for sharing.
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Nice Work..
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You must be joking!!!! The print and design are AWESOME!!!!!
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hey check this one out [link]
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Wonderful typography on the back; unfortunately, the front is a little too busy.

The front might be a little more appealing if you simplified it by removing all the color and non-textual elements. Moreover, you could align all text (on the front) to the right, and remove all the space and font size variation between the name/title lines and the contact information lines

Also, the floral pattern does not at all compliment the grunge elements found elsewhere in the card. The two styles of design elements clash, and are therefore not aesthetically pleasing together. Of course, this becomes a non-issue should you remove all of the non-textual elements from the front.

If you really want to include color on the front, put a vertical bar on the left side of the card (with a slight left margin), or maybe flip the existing diagonal bar's position to the top left corner.

If you do but one thing, remove the grunge, from everywhere on the card; it is not conducive to the image of professional corporations.
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hey check this one out [link]
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How pretty! :D

Hooray for colourful art!
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Hello. Do you do commissions? If so, what do you charge for business card designs and logos?

This is the genre/style i want for my company's paper designs. Love it!
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nice job, really love the rainbow text
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really like this, nice work :D
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