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I just want to take some time and thank the artists that allow their work to be used in a variety of settings and creative projects. I am extremely thankful to be a member of a digital community that provides incredible masterpieces that focus on a wide range of creativity and diversity. As always, I respect the original artist's work; therefore, I always use your work for backgrounds. I want your ideas to be the focal point, while still adding my intellect and artistic principles. I enjoy using your work for backgrounds and collages mostly. I never hesitate to give compliments because I think it strengthen the artist's talent and innovativeness. We are here to promote and encourage each other to do first class work.

When I finish my work, I tend to upload it to social networking sites, mainly Facebook. So far, the glittery textures, plaid fabrics, furry textures, and scrapbooking kits are my favorites.

Primarily, I am not an artist, because I do not possess drawing skills (e.g., sketching, illustration, animation, etc). However, I am able to construct neat, colorful (vibrant), organized, beautiful, and notable work that are more acceptable in the "academic realm." In other words, I can do science projects (decorate and formulate ideals that correlate with the project's main idea), reading projects, articulate and understand theories/hypotheses, and so forth. I can "doodle", basic drawings of something that I want to make whether it is on the computer or handmade. I can crochet type very well, and put work together neatly. That is the main reason why I went to this site because I noticed that incredible, esteemed, and wonderfully talented artists are here showing their creations. Therefore, I will give honest comments to their masterpieces and incorporate their creativity in my work, if deemed acceptable. I appreciate you showing your wonderful work. I will mostly use your work for backgrounds and upload to social networking sites.