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November 7, 2008
The patience, overall creativity, and hard work it took to bring With Great Humility... by *pluckylump together is what makes this piece totally deserved to be recognized. Great concept and so well done.
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With Great Humility...

Barack Obama has himself some quality speeches. The only thing that could make them better is if the very words of his speeches gained the power of a chameleon and formed into a portrait of his face.

Mission accomplished.

This portrait of Barack Obama contains the entirety of his 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech... in his face!

Made for the PA for Change campaign 2008.
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titanusTyphon's avatar

i like this anime character

Why is the flag the opposite way?
ZAMNPlayerD's avatar
I miss this man. I'll be telling my kids and grand kids about how amazing he was.
veeegeee's avatar
With great shame and a golf club.  
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TheRemixMaster's avatar
This looks painfully time consuming x3

But he has my support in the upcoming election :I
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Check out my Original Quotes Design: [link]
AnimeKoneko242's avatar
Very nicely done. :+fav:
ritter99's avatar
Awesome ,cool you described all the lies, cool and they all fit in his big head.Just kidding good piece, even though I can"t stand Obama!!!!!
EmoInInk's avatar
The same could be said about any and all politicians, amirite?
chandotjoseph's avatar
can i have the PSD of this? I'd love to see how you did this.
ritter99's avatar
You mean you want to know how to steel this right? c'mon now!!!!!
whimsy657's avatar
holy crap. this is brilliant. how long did it take you to make this?
xxxladyxhavokxxx13's avatar
now try to do this with colored pencils and black pencils. i have the one i did with black pencils in my gallery. it takes forever but it is very rewarding :)
jablonskyisland's avatar
'With Great Humility...'
Does he ever stop bowing down?
Stop making apologizes and instead of making everything different, MAKE a difference.

BTW nice work. Disappointing subject.
Digoraccoon's avatar
This is an amazing bit of work! Nice job on it!
youde123's avatar
That looks hard to do... Great job! :thumbsup:
inmany's avatar
wooow!!! :clap:
Brilliant! I love it :D
sega-uranus's avatar
he's not even human!
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