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I've been writing erotic fiction for a while now as a hobby, and probably should have started sharing it on DA a long time ago.  But that somehow seemed to turn it from hobby into something else.

Then it struck me that without posting my own stuff I was basically just a mooch.  So here's my old stuff (which you can find around the web) with a bit of new stuff and more on the way.  I've had the odd configuration of work, home life, and inspiration come align so I've time to work on some new stuff.

Please feel free to comment/critique constructively.  If you do, please keep one thing in mind - I don't write hardcore stuff and I'm unlikely to ever describe sex in gory detail.  My style is more about setting the stage and letting the reader's imagination take that where they want it to go.

And if you've got suggestions for how to continue a story, well - there are worse things for me to hear.
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