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Chapter 20 – Thwarted

This is a work of erotic fiction that contains adult themes like bondage, dominance, teasing, and sex.  If this isn't your cup of tea, please read something else.  This is a work of fiction - any resemblance to real events is purely coincidental.

Perhaps it shouldn’t have been surprising that a cruise liner in the Pleasure Colonies would host a “Tarty Party,” but when Roger finally noticed it on the cruise schedule, he had to laugh.  Andrea had grinned in reply.  “I was wondering when you’d actually start paying attention to the schedule.  It’s a sort of a contest and party to encourage the guests to let go of inhibitions.  Doesn’t that just scream ‘Pleasure Colonies?’”

“It does,” he’d replied absent-mindedly as he put down his coffee, still staring at the tablet he was using to catch up on news and messages.  “I suppose you’ve already set your mind on attending?  Have you also picked out your outfit?”

“I had some ideas.  You were all for showing me off at the Captain’s dinner.  You want more eggs or bacon?”  Roger glanced up and smiled.

“Getting into the role, are we?”  Andrea grinned back – she had insisted that Roger transform the suit into the stereotypical French maid’s outfit – a short and frilly skirt, a closely cut top with a push-up bustier that displayed her cleavage through a teardrop-shaped opening, a high collar, frilly shoulders flowing into long sleeves that ended in a triangle of material reaching out to the base of her middle fingers where a loop kept them in place, fishnet stockings with garters disappearing under the skirt, three-inch-high heels, and a lacy apron tied in back with a ridiculously large bow.  The fact that it was all red instead of black perhaps diminished the effectiveness a bit, but only a bit.  Roger had even figured out how to have the material cover both the choker and belt to hide their green color rather than break up the look.  “Sure – I’m unusually hungry this morning.”

Andrea attempted to look serious as she curtsied.  “Whatever my master wishes.  I’ll be back in just a moment.”  Despite the fact that they had been together nearly eighteen months, Roger couldn’t take her eyes of her as she walked through the door into the kitchen.  The outfit and the fact that she was exaggerating the sway of her hips a bit as she walked didn’t hurt, but a part of him did sometimes ask the same question Amy had asked him – “How’d you end up with someone like that, huh?”

The door slid shut behind her just as Ken wandered into the dining area, yawning and stretching as he did.  As they exchange greetings, he sat with his back to the kitchen door, grabbed a coffee mug and the carafe of coffee from the middle of the table and poured himself a cup.  “Amy had limitless energy last night.  We closed the dinner, then she wanted to go dancing, and then the private time back here.  I don’t know that there’s enough caffeine to keep me from napping all day,” he said as he poured.

Roger couldn’t possibly hide his grin, so he didn’t bother to try, though he kept his eyes focused on the news reports he was skimming.  “That sounds exactly like the Amy I know.  You’re lucky that you’re clearly in the driver’s seat for this cruise or you might not be able to get out of bed for the coffee.”

Ken chuckled in return.  “True enough.  You and Andrea vanished pretty early – I don’t think you made it to desert.  Amy wouldn’t tell me what was going on, though she clearly knew.”

Roger looked up.  “She did.  Though it turns out that she didn’t really need to – the stewards are remarkably helpful and apparently would have been happy to do what she did for me.”  He noticed he was in need of a refill and waved for Ken to send the carafe his way.

That distracted Ken as the door slid open behind him, so he started talking before he had a chance to turn around.  “Morning, Andrea.  How’s this lovely day…holy crap!”  Andrea visibly grinned at his reaction when he finally caught sight of her, particularly since he spilled some of his coffee in his surprise.  She slid a plate of food in front of him before heading over towards Roger with another.

“This lovely day is starting out just wonderfully, thanks, Ken.  How ‘bout you?  I could hear your voice, but the door’s thick enough to make picking out more than occasional words hard.”

Ken forced himself to stop staring and pay attention to getting his napkin in his lap and sorting out his silverware.  “Well, I was worried about ever really waking up today, but I think you helped sort that out.  Though you could get me in trouble with Amy traipsing around in that outfit.”

Andrea swapped the new plate she carried for Roger’s empty one, bending over more than was necessary to do so for Roger’s benefit, then kissing him before starting back towards the kitchen.

“I think we’ve all been around each other enough that you don’t have to worry about that.  She’d get more than a few looks from Roger in a similar outfit.”

As the door slid open, she turned back towards the table just enough to show her full profile.  “One of the stewards taught me a coffee cake recipe, but it won’t be ready for another 30 minutes or so.  Save room if you like, otherwise we can just snack on it.”  Then she stepped through and the door closed.

“You couldn’t warn me she was going to be wearing that?  And why is she wearing that?  I’ve never seen you put her in a get-up like that and you’ve had plenty of chances.”  Ken was clearly grinning over his breakfast as he spoke, though Roger couldn’t tell if this was strictly because of Andrea or relief that Amy wasn’t present for his reaction.

“That takes a bunch of the fun out it, doesn’t it?  Besides, I had like thirty seconds between you walking in and her coming back.  And she’s wearing it because, well, she forced me to let her.  She says she was mean to me last night and figured this was a good way to make up for it.”  Roger set his tablet aside for the moment.

“Mean to you?  So the ‘help’ was giving Andrea some control last night?”

Roger smiled.  “A bit of a first date reenactment.  Andrea sorta stretched my rules a bit.”

Ken grinned in return.  “Ahhhh.  So Amy helping out was doubly appropriate.  Stretching the rules?”

“Yeah.  I set things up with a time limit, but she found a way to avoid starting the timer.  And those cabinets are stocked well-enough to keep things interesting even if sex wasn’t an option until she finally called the steward and started the timer after an hour.  I’m going to have to see about getting a lock put on ‘em.”

Ken laughed.  “Amy made me wish the same thing, actually.  I don’t know when she’s been practicing her rope-work, but she’s been doing it.  She let me fall asleep and twenty minutes later, I wake up with my hands tied firmly and my ankles well on the way.”

“We need to work on the quality of our servants, Ken.  People will start to talk.”

Both laughed, then focused on their respective tablets as they finished eating.  Roger wasn’t paying enough attention to Ken to notice that he was tapping away more than someone reading should until he heard Amy shouting from the sitting area.

“Ken?  What the hell is up with this?”

Ken looked like he was suppressing laughter as Roger glanced at him before turning his attention to the doorway, which they had locked in the open position.  Amy appeared there and Roger understood immediately.  Her suit had been transformed into a literal catsuit.  An open-faced hood with cat’s ears on top covered her head completely, her ears hidden under the material.  The suit hugged her body tightly, covering and supporting each of her breasts individually without any cleavage, her nipples barely visible underneath the rubber. An oval of open skin began just below her bosom and extended perhaps an inch below her navel, creating a look very much like a different color of fur for her belly.

But what really brought the transformation home were the details.  Rather than standing with her hands on her hips, she stood with her paws on her hips.  The suit’s material had created mittens shaped like paws that clearly trapped her hands completely, denying her the use of her fingers.  Her feet were spread apart, which showed off the boots that Ken had opted for over paws for her feet, what looked like four inch heels highlighting the shape of her legs.  Her pose also exposed a tail hanging down between her legs, emerging from somewhere on the back of the suit.  Roger wasn’t sure, but he could have sworn it moved on it’s own after Amy had struck her pose and was standing still.

“Oh, that?  Andrea decided that it was costume day and I though she could use some company.”  Ken said, sliding the chair next to him out and patting the seat for her to come join them.  “The paws are strictly for my protection – makes it harder for you to decide to tie me up.”

Amy remained unmoving in the doorway.  This time, Roger was sure he saw the tail move.  “So I’m sleeping nicely only to be woken up because Andrea’s into costumes?  Isn’t it enough that she got me in this thing in the first place?  And you’d really like for me to sit down, wouldn’t you?”

Ken laughed out loud.  “Well, maybe you should behave instead of turning the tables.  Come sit and I’ll get Andrea to bring out some breakfast for you.”

“I’ll sit if you get rid of the butt plug that you have connected to that stupid tail.  It’s bad enough you have that moving around on it’s own.””

“It’s only a small one,” Ken said, grinning as he tapped the tablet in front of him a few times.  Amy seemed satisfied and sat down, reaching for the coffee as Ken got up to head for the kitchen.

“Ha!  Small doesn’t mean it can’t be felt.  Your night went as planned, Roger?”

Roger smiled.  “Not quite.  Andrea’s outfit is her self-inflicted penance for deviating from the plan.  Do you need some help?”

Amy couldn’t help but laugh – she had been trying to use her paws to maneuver a mug in front of her, pull over the carafe, and pour herself a cup only to realize there was a button on top of the handle that had to be pressed to pour.  She looked at Roger with a mix of humor and frustration.  “No, if Ken wants me this way, I’ll do the little things I can to make him regret it.  Penance?  So she misbehaved?”

“She did.  Sounds like you did as well.”  At that moment, Ken returned from the kitchen to resume his seat.  As he did he glanced at the mug and the carafe, chuckling.

“Is our kitten thirsty?  Should I get you a bowl?”

“I am thirsty and I don’t need a bowl.  You’ll just have to be my fingers until you decide I can use mine again – I can make the mug work in a pinch.”

Ken filled both of their mugs and both he and Roger watched Amy manage to take a few sips with the mug between her paws with some amusement.  Her focus on drinking kept her from turning when the kitchen door slid open and Andre stepped through, another plate of food and a replacement carafe of coffee in her hands.  She reached around to slide the plate under Amy’s upraised arms, which caused Amy to pause, looking at the arm reaching around from behind.  She decided to make sure that her mug was safely on the table before looking, which gave Andrea time to start walking around the towards Roger, providing a much better view.

“Oh, my, Andrea!  You’ve outdone yourself with that.  Did you have to roll Ken’s tongue back up into his mouth?”  She grinned and playfully elbowed Ken.

Andrea grinned and sat next to Roger and refilled his coffee as she answered.  “His back was to the door when I came in and I’ve been busy going back and forth to the kitchen, so I really didn’t see a lot of his face.  You’d have to ask Roger.  I thought I heard something flapping as I was walking out, though.”

“How is it possible that I’m in trouble for Andrea wearing that?”  Ken asked, laughing.  He didn’t bother waiting for Amy to answer and instead popped a forkful of eggs into her mouth.

“We’re always wrong, Ken.  You should know that.  Even when they’ve become our servants for a week, we’re going to be wrong.”  Roger grabbed Andrea’s hand and kissed the back of it as he spoke.  Andrea seemed to have chosen her position carefully to maximize his view of her cleavage.

Amy spoke through the last remnants of the eggs in her mouth, her words slightly slurred as a result.  “Sheee!  Roger getsh it.!”

“Be quiet, you, or I may feed you fast enough to have it act as a gag.”  Ken replied, chuckling.

Andrea sipped on her coffee while all this was going on, enjoying the show.  She pulled her chair close to Rogers, leaned her head against his shoulder, and asked, “So are we going to the ‘Tarty Party?’  It should be one hell of a show, one way or another.”

Amy nodded enthusiastically, but either decided to obey Ken for the moment or that she was hungry enough to limit her answer to that.

“I wouldn’t mind the people-watching,” Ken replied.  “Though I’m not sure I’m going to get all that tarted up myself.  Exhibitionism isn’t really my thing.”

Andrea laughed.  “And the number of times that we’ve seen…”

Ken cut her off, still feeding Amy as he did.  “The Academy is different.  They’ve put us in situations where we’ll be comfortable doing uncomfortable things around peers or on mission.  And that’s made it familiar enough that I don’t give a damn about stuff happening around you guys.  But I’m still not going to enjoy it around strangers.  Hell, if you guys tried introducing someone new to our games, I’d probably object.”

“That makes sense, I guess,” Andrea replied.  Roger felt her hand start moving towards the inside of his thigh, which both made him laugh a little and reach down casually to stop her.  Ken looked confused at the laugh until Roger spoke.

“Haven’t you already decided that you’re in enough trouble?” he said to Andrea.  “Can’t say I disagree with Ken.  But I’m happy to go if you want.  I just won’t let you pick my outfit.”

Andrea pouted playfully, though he couldn’t tell if this was a response to moving her hand away or his answer.  “Then it’s settled.  We’ll go tonight, dressing up optional.”

Ken nodded.  “You going to wear your current get-up?”

Andrea smiled and shook her head.  “More costume-y than tarty, I think.  But I’ve got some ideas.  Amy probably does to.  There’s a ‘Costume Masquerade’ the last night of the cruise that these would be better for.”

Just then, the doorbell sounded.  Roger checked his tablet and saw that Lieutenant Rhyes was at the Steward’s entrance to the kitchen and admitted him.  As he did, Andrea noticed the time on the tablet.

“Need to make sure the coffee cake doesn’t turn into a brick.  Don’t let him talk you into tethering me down again, OK?”  She kissed him and headed towards the kitchen.

“You’re working on that all on your own, aren’t you?  Good morning, Lieutenant.  How are you?”

“Well, thank you, Mr. Derian.  Yourself?  Are you trying out costumes for the masquerade?”

Amy giggled, pausing as she lifted her mug between her paws.  “No, Rhyes.  I don’t think the men have even looked at the schedule.  It could read ‘Turn Roger and Ken into sex slaves’ and they wouldn’t know unless we told them.”

Roger and Ken both laughed, Ken jokingly raising his tablet as though he was checking the schedule.

“Indeed, Miss.  The coffee cake smelled wonderful coming through the kitchen.  I thought I would make sure that you didn’t need anything and to remind you that the hyperspace jump will be in about four hours, which means we’ll start maneuvering in just about one hour.  The Captain will be adding some slow rolls so that everyone gets a good last look at the nebula on our way out, so you may notice the lack of stability more than our first set of maneuvers.”

“More violent?  Or just more frequent?”  Ken asked.

“The latter, Mr. Arden.  There’s far less traffic in this area, so there will be fewer severe maneuvers to keep lanes clear.  I’ll stop by to perform my safety check about fifteen minutes before they begin.”

Roger stood up, grabbed his dishes, and headed for the kitchen just as the door opened to reveal Andrea with a steaming coffee cake and a stack of small plates.  “I think I’ll take the opportunity to get cleaned up before that starts, then.”

Once Andrea cleared the door, the Lieutenant waved Roger through before following.  “I have to give you credit, Rhyes.  I doubt I could be as unflappable as you are.  Particularly with Andrea dressed like she is this morning.”

The officer chuckled and paused just outside of the steward’s entrance in the kitchen.  “Thank you, sir, but years of serving this line means I’ve seen far more…unusual things.  I’m often asked to help edit the in-suite videos that our guests film for their future entertainment.”

Roger looked quizzically at him.  “In-suite video?

“Of course, sir.  Every suite has remote cameras providing a complete view of each room.  Some guests use them for their security.  Others to record their cruise.  Many don’t bother using them at all, but they’re always there.  Did you not know?”

Roger smiled.  “My curiosity seems to have deserted me for this cruise.  I guess I needed the rest more than I thought.  I haven’t checked out the schedule or all the features.  Are the cameras always on?”

“Always on, but never monitored without a special request, sir.  Shall I show you where the controls are?”

Roger nodded, more out of curiosity than a desire to put them to use.  Rhyes used the console in the kitchen to pull up the controls, first displaying the dining room, where Ken and Amy still sat, Ken now feeding Amy some of the coffee cake.

“Hmm.  Wonder where Andrea went,” Roger muttered, largely to himself.

“Easy enough to find out, sir.  This allows you to switch rooms, here.  It appears she’s in the sitting area…”

“…and that she’s up to no good.”  Roger said, smiling and shaking his head.  The cabinet of toys was open and Andrea had clearly made some selections which she was just finishing hiding behind several of the pillows on the couch.

“Indeed, sir.  If I might say, it seems your servant enjoys turning the tables as much as being a servant if what I heard of last night’s events is accurate.”  Rhyes smile didn’t seem forced, which somehow was reassuring to Roger.

“We’re very flexible, Rhyes.  I wonder if you could show me how to do something in the suit controls…” Roger asked as he produced his comm unit.

It took Roger perhaps fifteen minutes to finish showering, shaving, and pulling on some jeans and a T-shirt.  Then he checked the cameras for the sitting area and grinned.  As suspected, the girls had waited until he and Ken were separated before acting.  Ken was pinned to the table in front of the couch with cuffs that appeared to be attached to magnetic bases – his pulls against them were quite fruitless and there was nothing else visibly holding him down.  He still wore his pajamas, but his mouth had clearly been stuffed full of something that was held in with some type of bandages or medical tape.  In his spread-eagle, he was at the girl's mercy.

Andrea and Amy stood close to the top of the stairs, talking quietly with conspiratorial grins on their faces.  Andrea held a set of manacles, Amy clearly planning on just providing muscle to overpower Roger when he appeared due to her current lack of working fingers.  Roger shut off the cameras, grabbed his comm unit, and headed for the door.

As he exited the bedroom, he shouted.  “I hope there’s still some coffee cake.  That smelled great.”

Andrea’s shouted reply reached him as he made it to the bottom of the stairs.  “There’s plenty.  Ken’s stuffed after trying it.”

Roger grinned, certain that Andrea planned on gloating over her pun once the manacles were securely on his wrists and started up the stairs.  He held his comm unit in his right hand, his thumb hovering over the button for “execute.”  He pressed it just as he reached the top step and his foot cleared the entrance to the sitting room.  Gasps reached him from either side of the entryway.

“Ummm, Andrea?  I can’t move.”  Amy’s voice came from his right, which caused him to turn in that direction.  She stood there in her cat suit, arms up, stepping forward and clearly ready to either tackle him or get control of his arms.  Roger grinned and turned back to his left.  Andrea stood there, similarly caught mid-step with an open manacle in one hand, the other reaching out around waist height.

“Shit.  I think the jig’s up, Amy.”  Roger could see a bit of disappointment on her face, but that rapidly faded into a smile.  She blew him a kiss.

“Rhyes was kind enough to show me how to set up a button that would just freeze the suit in it’s current position so long as that was safe.”  He started heading towards the couch and table.  “And it seems neither Ken nor I has kept the other from controlling either suit, so I could use that on both of you.  You’re up to no good this morning, I see.  Was the coffee cake drugged?  Or did you just wrestle Ken into submission?”

“No drugs.  The old-fashioned fun of wrestling,” came Amy’s voice with a hint of a giggle.

Ken looked both perturbed and relieved at the same time.  Roger looked at the bases his cuffs were connected to and didn’t see any buttons or controls on them.  “How do I shut off the magnets?”  He asked as he started to remove the bandages that had been pulled tightly around Ken’s face.  “And remember that the steward is just a call away before you tell me you don’t know.”

Both women laughed before Andrea replied.  “There’s buttons under the table at either end to turn the table on or off.  The key for the manacles is on the couch closest to the dining room.”  Then she giggled.  “I think we may be in some trouble, Amy.”

Roger decided that the best course of action was to annoy them by ignoring them.  He changed course and retrieved the key, then shut off the magnets, then remove the manacles from Ken’s wrists, the bandages dangling partially unwrapped from his face.  Once one hand was free, Ken worked on finishing the job.

“Glad you sussed this out somehow.  I volunteered to clear the table while they took the coffee and the cake in here.  When I cleared the dining room, I didn’t have much of a chance.”  He said after removing a pair of napkins from his mouth.

Roger grinned.  “I’ll share how later.  For now, I have an idea on an appropriate punishment.”

Andrea and Amy feigned terror as the men huddled together for a moment before they reached agreement.  They tapped away on their comm units for a few minutes before checking each other’s work, nodding, and heading over towards the women frozen in place.

“Andrea first, right?”  Ken asked.  Roger nodded and the two of them picked her up to move her over towards the couch…

“Well, I think it’s time for me to get cleaned up.  I think you should be safe with the two of them,”  Ken said when they were done.  He caressed Amy’s cheek before heading for the staircase.  Amy tried to growl in return, but that faded to a moan very quickly.

Roger grinned at Ken’s back as he got himself a mug of coffee and a slice of the coffee cake from the bar.  “I think they’re under control.  It’ll give us a show before the show we’ll get at departure.”

Roger headed back towards the couch, taking in the sight of the two women, still in their maid and cat outfits, but now bound to each other.  Both were kneeling on the couch, their ankles crossed and fused together by their suit.  Their knees were only spread wide enough to allow each woman’s right leg to extend between the other’s legs to provide firm contact between their womanhood and the other’s thigh.  Although it wasn’t visible, a band of material circled underneath this and pulled firmly upwards to make sure that there was no way for them to break contact.

Both woman’s arms were pulled firmly behind them, loops of rubbery material substituting for rope.  Andrea’s elbows could never touch without causing her significant discomfort, but Amy’s currently made contact with one another.  Additional loops of material circled both women, then were cinched to both hold their arms close to their backs and pull their upper bodies together, alternating in color based on which suit produced that particularly loop.  First red, then blue, a total of six encircled them from just below their shoulders down to their waists.    Cinch loops running between their bodies made sure that their arms were held firmly while also holding them in close contact.  Amy sat up slightly higher than the taller Andrea so that their right breasts were firmly in contact with one another.  Each would share the mix of vibrations and warm, tickling sensations that now stimulated their nipples simultaneously.

Both women’s suits retained their high collars, but now each was now stiff to prevent movement.  Roger had retrieved a short metal bar from the toy cabinet, and each suit now held this firmly in position.  The collars now rose to cover their mouths, their mouths filled by the suit’s material.  Rather than simply forming a ball or oval, this conformed to the internal contours of their mouths to create a more effective seal.  A smaller bar was held in place at the center of these, keeping their faces just inches apart.

Roger could see each of them twitch as their individual vibrators fired simultaneously, matching the stimulation from their nipples.  He and Ken had allowed each a small degree of motion, knowing that slight movements would amplify the effect of the vibrators and nipple stimulation.  He was sure that Ken had probably added Amy’s butt plug back to her suit due to the slightly circular motion she seemed to be making with her butt every so often.  He had contemplated adding one himself, but Andrea had never been fond of such play and he decided not to push it.

They had allowed the women to watch as they’d gotten first Andrea and then Amy into position, although they had gagged the two quickly rather than listen to their over-the-top acting as they begged for mercy between laughs.  But once they were in position, earplugs and blindfolds cut them off from any sensations other than their own miniscule movements and the stimulation provided by their suits.  Although only minutes in, both women were already breathing much more heavily.

Roger set his mug and plate on the table so he could sit close to Andrea, but didn’t sit yet.  He reached out and stroked her side, letting his hand drift over to her buttocks, which he first caressed, then squeezed.  Andrea responded with a sharp intake of breath and a low groan both when he first made contact and when he squeezed.  He grinned.

“I don’t know, maybe we should make a game out of this,” he said loudly enough that he was sure they could hear him.  “Maybe we should let the first one to orgasm after Ken gets back go?  Or perhaps the one that holds out longest – maybe that’s the more challenging goal.”  Both mewled into their gags, nearly in a perfect harmony, which made him chuckle.  He let his hand drop away from Andrea’s butt and reached out with the other to trace the top of her breasts with a single finger.

Roger headed to take a seat next to Andrea, grabbing his plate as he did.  He raised his voice even more.

“But I guess you’d better hope that he cleans up quickly and we sort out the rules without much disagreement.  With the maneuvers coming up, it won’t be long until we’re forced to tether your down and leave you there for your own safety.”  Both women seemed to struggle more, though it was impossible to tell if this was due to the cycle of stimulation they were experiencing or some anticipation or fear of being locked in this position for several hours.

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Chapter 19 – Making and Changing Plans

This is a work of erotic fiction that includes adult themes such as bondage, sex, and teasing.  If that isn't for you, please go read something else.  This work is also entirely fictional - any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.

Roger stared at Andrea from across the room as he waited in the line for the bar.  She and Ken were talking with Captain Arenaud, enjoying the dinner he was hosting for the first class guests at their first destination.  Even if he tried to mark her down to remove the bias he had for her, he thought that she was easily the most beautiful woman in the room.

Her dress helped a great deal with that, of course.  It had a high neck line that made her collar look like a nice choker.  Material flowed down the front to provide just the right amount of coverage for her breasts with a thin band reaching around her back to provide support.  Then the material narrowed in a pair of matching curves that created an hourglass shape that showed off her well-toned tummy.  The bottom widened to connect to the skirt, an asymmetrical affair that rose about half way up her lower right leg, dropping to cover her left ankle.  The skirt barely covered her rear, providing a stunning view from the back, even if she would risk a plumber’s butt if she bent over.  A slit on the left side allowed frequent glimpses of both of her stockinged legs, and her heels were just the right height to make the most of those legs.  A long set of gloves reached over her elbows to complete the look.

Of course, everything was the red rubbery material of her servant’s suit –– there was just no way to display so much skin without somehow ruining the look.  There would simply be too much of the suit remaining to hide.  The ship’s shopper had arrived before lunch, and spent some time huddled with Andrea and Amy in the dining room to see if there was a dress in one of the liner’s shops that would work.  Ultimately, the trio had decided that it would be better to create dresses out of the suit rather than try to work around any limitations the suit imposed, particularly because of the dress Andrea had chosen.  Many guests chose to go this route for exactly the same reasons.

This turned out to be a simple affair – the shopper could take the images of the dresses the women liked, import them into the command system, make adjustments for each person’s individual build and the things that wouldn’t be visible in the picture, and send the command set to Roger and Ken’s comm units.  A tap of a button and they would be dressed for the dinner in a matter of seconds.  Roger and Ken were easily persuaded to let the dresses be a surprise.

Then the shopper had confirmed that that the stylist would visit fifteen minutes before the dinner opened.  Roger’s sense of punctuality objected – they would never make it to the dinner on time - but he was quickly educated that people in this suite didn’t arrive on time, they arrived fashionably late to call attention to themselves.  Particularly when they were wearing things like the girls would be wearing.  Roger laughed and surrendered.

The hours leading up to the dinner passed relatively uneventfully.  Roger’s mood was much the same as the previous day, more interested in spending some down-time with Andrea than sex, while Andrea seemed to be feeling more mischievous.  He used the suit to “punish” her twice.  The four friends had been playing some cards after lunch and he had frozen her legs in place because she had been reaching out to tease him with her foot.  He also experimented and discovered that strong enough vibrations on her sides would tickle, so he had them happen randomly, resulting in sudden fits of laughter.  Later, they were at one of the art galleries when he decided that she was being too “hands on.”  He had the suit merger her sleeves to her sides to trap them in place.  Then he had very light vibrations randomly appear at her nipples, navel, and clitoris – barely perceptible, but there nevertheless.  “Ohhh, that’s very mean,” she had said, but she was grinning when she did.

Then it was time to get ready for dinner.  The stylist had arrived with a hair and makeup kit as well as vests for the suits Roger and Ken had.  These added subtle piping that picked up the color of their companion’s suits, subtly matching the clothing for each pair.  Roger and Ken had to formally consent to allowing the stylist making changes to the suits because of ship’s rules, then Ken and Amy’s bedroom was turned into “preparation central.”  For the next thirty minutes, the men had played cards and sipped drinks while the women got ready.

When they had finally come upstairs, Roger was literally rendered speechless for a moment.  He’d seen Andrea dress up before, but nothing so formal or so carefully designed to emphasize her figure.  She seemed pleased at the reaction and he was sure that they would live up to the shopper’s goal of attracting attention when they arrived nearly twenty minutes late.  Amy’s dress was more conservative, but still very attractive.  Sleeveless, a plunging “v” in back with a similar cut-out emphasizing her cleavage, with a long skirt, also with a slit.  Ken was appropriately pleased as well.

And they had made an impression when they entered.  Conversation had stopped when they passed by a number of tables on their way to the Captain’s table, and a number of whispers weren’t soft enough to hide who was being discussed.  Roger was fairly sure he heard a muted whistle, as well.  The Captain commented on Andrea’s appearance as he rose to greet them, and Roger was fairly certain a number of the women already seated would happily put her suit to work to bind her and tuck her well out of the way if they could.

That didn’t seem to change Roger’s mood much, though.  He simply wasn’t in the mood for a lot of play right now – just spending time with her right now was enough.  Plus, something about her behavior over the past few days just seemed off and that nagged at him, distracted him.  Andrea seemed to notice that he was somewhat detached and even asked him if he was OK.  But she seemed to think that more play was the way to bring him out of his funk.  This wasn’t necessarily unreasonable – she knew very well how she might use her looks to her advantage.  It just wasn’t working this time.  Eventually, he felt himself getting annoyed enough at her hand on his inner thigh that he excused himself to head to the bar.

That was where Amy found him, staring at Andrea as he waited to get his drink.  He didn’t notice her approach and was somewhat surprised when she spoke.  “How’d you end up with someone like that, huh?”

He smiled and turned around.  “I recall an anesthetic, exotic rubber, and a kidnapping helping out there.”

Amy grinned.  “And aren’t you glad that it did?  But you seem out of sorts tonight.  What’s going on?”

The two reached the bar and ordered their drinks, Roger adding a glass of champagne for Andrea.

“I don’t really know, to be honest.  Something about Andrea is bothering me.  She’s so…insistent lately.  Like we’ll run out of chances to make love or something.  And that’s great in its own way, but it’s not where I’m at today and I’m not managing to get that message across.”

“Hmmm.  I might have an idea about that, but it has to stay between us.”  Amy leaned against the bar as they waited.  She idly pulled a cherry from the bar’s supply of garnishes.

“Oh?”  Roger joined her against the bar, turning so he could look out at the room.

“Yeah.  I know something I shouldn’t.”  Amy quickly ate the cherry and then looked over at Roger.  “Don’t ask me how, but Andrea nearly received an early commission and orders for a mission she was ‘uniquely qualified’ for.”

Roger’s face had to show some surprise, so he turned back towards Amy so that Andrea wouldn’t see.  It wasn’t unusual for third-year cadets in the top of the class to be put into the field early if they had  skills that were hard to find and Andrea was fluent in a few obscure languages from where she grew up.  Amy continued.  “It was close enough that they actually warned her to pack a bag of personal effects in case they needed her to ship out on short notice.  She wasn’t allowed to mention it to anyone, and if the orders came through, she probably would have just vanished without a chance to say goodbye to anyone.”

“How did you get this?”  Roger asked as their drinks arrived.

“I don’t want to say.  But I think that scared her and has her thinking about the future.  We have about four weeks left in the semester, then a break, then we’re done a year from now.  We’re likely to be scattered throughout the Service, given lots of different assignments, and it’ll be nearly impossible to actually see each other.  Particularly couples – we’d be a danger to an operational team if we were working together.  The chances that you and Andrea or Ken and I serve together are just about nil.”

They grabbed their drinks and started slowly walking back to the table.

“So, I think she’s trying to, well, give herself to you.  To show you how devoted she is to you in case you suddenly get split up.  I don’t think she really knows that, but I think she’s terrified that this is coming to an end one way or another and she’s going to lose you.”

Roger paused for a moment, which caused Amy to have to stop and turn towards him.  “Roger?  You OK.”

He smiled.  “Yeah, I just had an idea.  Can you make excuses and meet me at the suite in fifteen minutes?”

“I guess, sure.  Why?”

“You’ll see.”  The two returned to the table, Roger excusing himself to go get something for a headache that had been building after a few minutes, Amy just about fifteen minutes later.

It was around twenty minutes later that Andrea had returned to their suite, alone.  She looked a bit concerned – Amy had told her that one of the stewards had found her to pass along that Roger was back in the bedroom, his headache too much to return to the dinner.  She opened the door to their bedroom and was greeted with a room completely dark except for the light spilling in from the foyer.  She stepped inside, and called for him as the door shut behind her.

The room lit up, not from the lamps, but from strings of holiday lights strewn about the room.  She started to smile, then her smile grew as she caught sight of something by the bed.  It was a pole, securely fixed from ceiling to floor.  Hanging on the pole, perhaps three inches above the ground was a shape that was unmistakably a bound man, only his penis free of the wrapping that secured him from the pole.  She approached slowly, noticing that the figure was gagged with a leather panel gag and blinded by a matching padded blindfold.  It was also clear that the plastic wrapping was over what appeared to be a tight latex sleepsack.  A note was taped to the figure’s chest, which she took and read.

She smiled, noticing a low stool just about three inches high a few feet from Roger’s bound form.  She let her hand drift across his exposed erection as she went to retrieve it and move it closer.  Then she stood on the stool so that she could remove the gag.  Kissing him was something of a balancing act, but she did it anyway.

“So you had to show me you were willing to give yourself to me, too, Roger?”

“It seemed to be the right way to respond to how insistent you were about giving yourself to me lately.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t any spray-on rubber we could find, so Amy had to go with what was available to recreate our first. .encounter.”

Andrea grinned, her hand playing with his penis slowly.  “And the last part of the note?  Gabelli’s and a date?”

“It’s a restaurant on the station where this cruise departed that’s been in business for something like 150 years.  I figure it’s likely to be in business when our tour of duty is up.  That date is one month after our projected muster-out date, which should be more than enough time to travel to wherever they have it located then.  Unless you find me first, that’s where I’m going to be for every meal of the day.”

Still blindfolded, Roger couldn’t see her reaction, but there was a notable pause before she spoke again.  He though he heard a bit of strain in her voice, as if she was trying to cover something.

“That sounds like a great plan.  But I’m confused about tonight’s plan.”  Her hand started softly moving up his body towards his chest.  “You don’t look like you can work your comm unit, I can’t use it, and my current outfit, well, I can’t remove my panties.”

Roger grinned.  “You call the steward on duty and tell her you want to invoke the cauliflower protocol.  She’ll address that little problem.”

“And what if I decide I don’t want to let you go?”  She leaned in to kiss him.

“Well, your suit is going to lock you in a stringent hogtie with all sorts of vibrations and heating and cooling and shocks two hours after you call the steward, so you might not want to have to wait for someone to come to both of our aid.”

“Well, then we’d better get you down from there to somewhere a bit more convenient, hmm?”

Roger felt her body move away from him as she got down, wedged the stool under his feet, and used a scissors that had been conveniently taped to his butt to start cutting him free of the plastic wrap that held him to the pole.  She left the wrap hanging from him rather than potentially knocking him off balance as he stood in the sleepsack.  She helped him balance as he hopped down from the stool and then to the bed.  Once he was lying down, she finally removed the plastic.

As she helped him get to the center of the bed, she took a few opportunities to toy with his erection.

“Roger, I have one last question.”  she said as she slid a pillow behind his head.

“What’s that?” he asked, shifting slightly to get the pillow in the best position.

Suddenly he felt the gag on his lips, still slightly open from speaking.  He tried to shift his head to keep her from getting it back in, but Andrea managed to push it home, hold it in, and start positioning the straps behind his head with her other hand.

“What happens if I never call the steward?”

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Chapter 18 – A Clean Departure

This is a work of erotic fiction.  If that isn’t your thing, please spend your time elsewhere instead of reading it.  It may contain strong adult content such as bondage, dominance, and sex.  It’s also a work of complete fiction.  Any resemblance it bears to real people or events is entirely coincidental.

Roger removed Andrea’s blindfold so that she could at least watch the view as the ship departed, which had been as spectacular as Lieutenant Rhyes had suggested.  The three stars in the system had all come in and out of view as the ship cleared the space station and followed designated shipping lanes to reach a safe distance for the hyperspace jump.  All conversation had stopped as the four relaxed and watched the spectacle unfold.  The all clear had sounded after about thirty minutes of maneuvering, and while Ken and Amy had gotten up to do other things, Roger had decided to remain on the couch with Andrea, still frozen in place and subject to the punishment he’d devised for her.  He didn’t know if she was trying not to make noise as some form of contrition or had just grown accustomed to her situation, but she was moving less and making less noise.

The hum of the engines seemed to penetrate his bones somehow and cause his lack of real sleep over the past several days to resurface with a vengeance.  The drink and a half he’d consumed probably helped this along, but he suddenly found it impossible to keep his eyes open and drifted off to sleep with his head on Andrea’s thigh.

He had awoken to a gentle kiss and a quiet “Roger?”  Given the way that holosuite simulations often played out, he found himself grateful that he hadn’t been restrained in some way himself and instead was gazing up at Andrea.  The lights in the room had been dimmed and the soft light coming in from the window created a somewhat mystical feeling in the room.  She was no longer bound and her outfit had been shifted back to the one he’d selected when he freed her arms – bare shoulders and long sleeves.  She was gently stroking his hair with her left hand.  He smiled up at her and stretched as best he could without removing his head from her lap.

“You’re out of time out.  Did some timer trip somewhere or something?  How long was I out?”

She smiled back.  “No, Amy convinced Ken to have pity on me after about an hour and your comm unit had fallen out of your pocket.  You’ve been out around two hours.  I figured we should just go to bed since it’s already late and you’re clearly still catching up on your sleep.  You didn’t even notice when I shifted position after they let me loose.”

He sat up and stretched properly.  “And you’ve been sitting here since?”

“It seemed like the thing to do.”  There was something about the way she said it that seemed too intense, which she must have sensed.  She stood and held out her hand.  “To avoid more punishment, of course.  C’mon.  Let’s get some sleep and you can play with your toy tomorrow.”

Roger was much too tired to argue and let her lead him down to their bedroom.  He woke to one set of fingers running along his inner thigh, another toying with his right nipple while she gently kissed his neck.  She giggled when he woke.  “I apologize – I was going to get myself dressed in something a bit more appropriate first, but it seems your comm unit won’t work for me.”  She nearly forced him onto his back and pinned him down so she could give him a deep kiss, her breathing already a bit fast.  When the kiss had broken, he’d laughed.

“Well, I can probably fix that.  Let’s see what we can do.”  She eagerly let him up so he could retrieve the comm unit from his nightstand, kneeling as she did so.  He started tapping on the controls, exaggerating the process of considering options, eyeing her in a caricature of the way an artist would, holding a finger to his chin as though deep in thought.  Andrea laughed, but finally threw a pillow at him, which he swatted away with his free hand.  Then he pressed the button to commit his changes, which actually had taken a bit of time to make.

The whole suit started to transform all at once.  Her sleeves split away from the rest of the garment to become long lace, fingerless gloves that ran all the way to her armpits.  Her boots vanished and the skin-tight pants integrated into her suit transformed themselves into matching lace stockings that rose halfway up her thigh, where garters attached to them.  The material around her chest transformed to a lacy teddy with an open crotch.  Material covered her breasts, but could easily be moved aside to expose them.  A lace accent appeared around her collar and belt.

“My goodness!  The feeling when things change.  A girl could get addicted just to that in the right places!”  She exclaimed as her suit adopted its final form.  Until it kept on making changes.

Her smile turned to a look of surprise and then back to a smile as material from the teddy flowed to connect to her wrists and begin to draw her arms behind her back, already recognizable as a rope.  The material around her legs simultaneously started to coax her from a kneeling position to one where she sat with her legs crossed in front of her.  She chose not to fight it this time, her gaze bouncing between Roger and what she could see of the changes happening to her.

Once her wrists were behind her, the suit rapidly created cinched loops at her wrists and elbows, a harness quickly forming to bring multiple coils of rope that circled her upper arms to run above and below her breasts, with a pair of ropes running over her breasts to pinch on either side of her nipples.  These were cinched at her sides and in the center of her chest between her breasts to both tighten the harness and pull her arms closer to her back.
At the same time, her ankles were tied together where they crossed, and rope dipped from her neck to her ankles to keep her from leaning back too far.  More appeared around her waist just below her belt and quickly formed a tight crotchrope that not only was tight to her body, but connected to the ropes around here wrists – any time she tried to pull them away from her body, she would tug on it.

She had gasped when the rope had split the lips to her womanhood, which was just the moment that material flowed up her neck to begin filling her mouth with something simulating a wad of cloth.  Wide bands wrapped around her head to trap that in her mouth, stifling her moan as the crotchrope slowly grew a vibrator that was perfectly sized for her to fill her womanhood.  She could also feel the knot that formed over the button for her clitoris, which was tight enough to her skin that even the smallest motion would exert pressure.

The changes finally complete, she looked at Roger with a mix of desire and questioning.  He grinned, kissed her on the cheek, and answered as he started getting off the bed.  “Yesterday, you seemed bound and determined to be punished and I wasn’t particularly in the mood.  I’m not sure I’ll tolerate too much misbehavior today, but right now I’m at least of the mind to make up for a bit of the lost time.”  He had gone to sleep wearing only his underwear, so he raised his voice as he headed for the bathroom to retrieve a robe.  This put him out of Andrea’s field of vision unless she craned her neck uncomfortably, so she began to try shifting a bit so that she could get a better view of both the bathroom and bedroom door.

“You know I’m pretty useless without some coffee, so I’m going to go get some from the kitchen and maybe a little something to eat, too.  I shouldn’t be too long.”  He retrieved a robe and put started putting it on as he turned back towards her.  When he saw her awkwardly shifting position, groaning as that forced both the vibrator and crotchrope to stimulate her, he grinned, but he decided to pretend he hadn’t noticed.  “Maybe twenty or thirty minutes.  Then I’ll be back.  Your suit’s systems will make sure you’re in no danger, so I should take advantage of that!”

He started walking towards the door, tying the robe closed as he went.  Before he dropped the comm unit in a pocket, he tapped a few more buttons.  Wrappings to match her gag appeared over her eyes, blinding her.  He paused at the door as the vibrator started to function, a cyclical wave pattern that would build and recede over around thirty seconds causing her to moan loudly and tug on the crotchrope.  He stood for a moment admiring her, a bound vision all in red, moaning as the vibrator and various ropes stimulated her in her most sensitive places.  Almost reluctantly, he decided to live up to what he’d said and headed for the kitchen.

When he returned twenty-five minutes later, he ignored Andrea’s muffled plea at the sound of the door opening and headed straight for the bathroom.  He started the water for a bath, removed his robe and underwear, and headed back for the bed with his comm unit in head.  Andrea was visibly sweating and breathing hard.  Roger suspected that she’d already climaxed once – she just had that look about her – and was getting close to a second.  Her groan when he made the crotchrope, vibrator, and ropes around her ankles vanish confirmed that for him.  Leaving the rest of her bonds in place, he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom.  He couldn’t tell if she welcomed the break or not, but she did her best to cuddle up against him in his arms.

He set her down in the tub and managed to get her to kneel without actually having to speak to her – a touch here, a pull there managing to get her positioned towards the end of the tub away from the faucet.  He carefully placed the comm unit on the floor near her before entering the tub himself.  He knelt behind her and squirted some of the bottled body wash into his hand.  Then he’d started to wash her, starting with her butt, her back, and her arms, lingering as much as he could.  She responded and tried backing up to make contact with him, but he gently pushed her away.  She whined, but complied, pushing gently back  into his hand with her body wherever he touched her, particularly when that was her butt.

He had to break contact to get more body wash, which elicited another whine, but then he pulled her back towards him so that he could reach around to her front.  His left hand reached her breast first, holding back his right hand for what he knew as about to come.  Although her hands were still tied, they were well positioned to feel and reach his penis.  She started to try to play with it to make it even harder than it was, but he caught her hands with his right hand, stopped massaging her breast, and leaned in close to her so he could whisper.

“I haven’t given you permission to do anything, so you’ll do nothing but allow me to touch you, understand?”

She groaned, but nodded and complied although she left her hands in contact with his erection.  He started at her shoulders and worked down, careful to linger long over her breasts, then her belly button before reaching her clitoris.  He started fingering her there, drawing on their long time together to both excite her and keep her from climaxing at the same time.  She moaned and started to push her butt back into him, her hips beginning to gyrate, though she still managed to keep her hands from stimulating him.

When he thought the timing was just right, he stopped and stood up.  Andrea practically screamed into her gag and nearly fell over backwards, not understanding his intent.  He quickly stepped out of the tub, slid her backwards several feet, and reentered the tub in front of her.  He knelt, reached around to grab her butt, and then pulled her back towards him and lifted her as he did.  She finally understood what he was doing and lifted herself up as high as she could to help.  He entered her and leaned back slightly for better leverage and the two of them began pumping together, Roger shifting his grip to her hips to pull him closely to him.  In only moments, Andrea practically exploded, her gag muffling her loud moans in a pleasing way.  Seconds later, it was Roger’s turn – Andrea’s previous stimulation giving her a significant head start.

The two continued pumping and moving for perhaps thirty seconds after they climaxed, then Roger had gently lifted her off of him and set her back down in the tub.  She was breathing hard and practically collapsed kneeling in front of him.  He retrieved the comm unit from where he’d deposited it on the floor and tapped the buttons necessary to remove her gag and blindfold.  She grinned at him and breathed heavily.

“Wow.  If that’s your form of punishment, I’m not sure that it’s a disincentive to misbehave.”

Roger grinned and helped her to turn and sit so that she could take the pressure off of her knees.  “What if I told you the punishment was not having the happy ending?”

She leaned back against him as much as the bindings on her arms allowed, positioned between his legs.  “That would be a punishment.”

She turned and kissed his cheek, which still required some impressive and uncomfortable twisting.  “I’ll have to get you in one of these things sometime.”

Roger smiled, pulled her back into him closer, and kissed her neck.  He suddenly hoped that the way she had configured the simulation didn’t allow her to make changes on the fly…

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Chapter 17 – Preparing for Departure

This is a work of erotic fiction.  If that isn’t your thing, please spend your time elsewhere instead of reading it.  It may contain strong adult content such as bondage, dominance, and sex.  It’s also a work of complete fiction.  Any resemblance it bears to real people or events is entirely coincidental.

Andrea’s breathing showed that she was starting to wake, but Roger decided to speed things up by giving her a kiss.  He had moved her to the bed from the chair and removed her hood, so the sleep inducers were no longer in the right position to keep her under at all.  She began returning the kiss almost automatically, then with a bit more passion, then stopped and snapped her eyes open, pulling back slightly in surprise as her body started telling her she was restrained somehow.  Roger stroked her cheek and just gave her a moment to adjust, which happened almost immediately.

The confusion and fear in her eyes vanished, and she almost lunged to kiss him again, lingering for a moment before pulling away and giggling.  “Surprise!  You like it?”  Her face reflected confusion again when she noticed her position and she looked down to inspect herself, which he let her do without speaking.  She looked back at him with a twinkle in her eye.  “Already playing, I see?”

Roger had decided to experiment with the controls before waking her.  The straightjacket arms had transformed to regular sleeves, after he lay her on her back, then he had rolled her over onto her stomach and placed them behind her, wrists crossed roughly at the small of her back.  Then he’d had the suit pull her arms up into a relatively relaxed box-tie, the material flowing to create a bag around her arms that closed and then shrank to create a tube of material that held them firmly.  Straps had appeared close to both elbow so that she could move and stretch a little but couldn’t pull her arms more than about a half an inch away from her back.  The amount of control the suit had over the material was impressive, as was the material’s strength.  He experimentally tried to hold one of her arms where he’d positioned it, only to have the contraction of the suit inexorably draw it into the tie he’d configured.  

Once that was done, he rolled her over again and made some more alterations – the interface provided a gallery of common configurations one could add or subtract with ease, so the process was quite simple.  First, he had added a corset that slimmed her waist by just an inch or so – there was no need to make her think he wanted her thinner, which wouldn’t have been true in the first place.  But when combined with the lacy demi-cup bra he selected to top it, her already attractive figure was pleasingly enhanced.  A semi-circular opening appeared to reveal the top of her breasts and cleavage, as did short heels for her boots.  Not being a fashion maven, he’d been careful to select styles that mirrored things he’d seen her wear before.  Finally, he’d retracted the hood.

He grinned.  “You leave me a toy like this and I’m not supposed to play with it at least a little?”

She laughed and sat up, scooting towards the edge of the bed.  “I’ve got to find a mirror.  I think I saw a couple of these while we were shopping, but I’m dying to see if what I thought it would look like was right.”

Roger pointed towards the bathroom, which had a full-length mirror opposite the sinks.  He followed her and asked “How did you know I’d been playing?  You were asleep.”

“They have you set a default configuration when you register your servant, which I did for you and Ken.  This isn’t what I selected.  Oh, my.  This thing really hugs my curves, doesn’t it?”

Roger couldn’t help but chuckle as she turned completely around in the mirror, inspecting her new look.  When she stopped, she looked over her shoulder at him and pretended to look mad.

“I like the heels and the bra, but a corset?  I’m not sure I appreciate the implied message there.”

He stepped over to her and hugged her around the waist from behind.  “The only message is that it helps emphasize all the right things.  Particularly these,” he said as his hand drifted up to gently cup her right breast before returning to her waist.

She continued to look angry for a moment, only to laugh and try to turn around in his arms.  He loosened his grip enough to make that easy, then pulled her close as she pushed up against him to kiss him deeply.

“Your parents took this cruise?”  He asked when it ended.

She turned in his arms again and shifted her weight from one foot to the other so that each leg was stretched individually for examination.  “Oh, they could never afford a suite that included this type of suit, but they got to see them and even see some get put to use.  I’m willing to bet they rented one of the cheaper suits for a day or two, but they weren’t going to tell me and I really don’t want to know.”

She leaned back into him again, squirming a bit because she could.  “These things are nearly a state secret.  The model I’m in is only available as a part of a cruise package, and they’re pricey enough that they’re only for the luxury suites, one and only one per bedroom, please!”

Roger moved his hands to her hips and stopped her squirming.  “You look amazing and I will very much looking forward to experimenting with the suit more later.  But for now, your master has had so much sex with his servant lately that he’d just like a quiet, fairly normal afternoon.”

Andrea pouted at him in the mirror.  “I was hoping you’d want to play, but I guess that will have to wait.”  With his hands no longer around her waist, it was easy to spin around to face him.  “I guess I’ll have to hope I can behave enough to avoid any discipline, hmmm?  I might end up waiting around for a while until you’re in the mood for some interactive fun.”  

She headed out of the bathroom before he could respond. “Have you seen the rest of the suite yet?  Is it as amazing as the pictures?”

He shook his head a bit and headed for the table to recover his drink and the plate of food on his way to the door, so of course she beat him there.  When he turned around after retrieving them, she stood by the double doors, looking slightly miffed as she inspected the area.  “They aren’t opening.  Is there a button that I need to hit?  I guess I could use my nose…”

Roger laughed as he walked over, only to have the doors slide open when he approached.  “I guess that the doors only work when the master wants them to.  That has some possibilities,” he said as he led her through.  He purposefully didn’t look as he walked past her, but he was sure he caught her sticking her tongue out at him in his peripheral vision.

The suite was what would be considered an expensive waste of space on any starship that wasn’t a cruise liner.  A huge sitting area with a bar, a dining area for eight, a small, but functional and well-stocked kitchen, and a large restroom were all available on the upper floor.  The sitting area had couches and chairs that currently faced a massive window, but Roger suspected there was a way to turn them around with some ease – a holo display sat behind opposite the window, which would be a complete waste if they were fixed in position.  A cabinet similar to an armoire sat next to the door to the dining room, which looked a little out of place, but Roger recalled seeing the same piece of furniture in the bedroom, so there was probably a good reason for their placement.  The kitchen had an additional door exiting the suit with a sign that said “Staff only” in nice, neat letters.

Andrea was practically skipping around the suite, leaving Roger in her wake with every room.  He had paused in the kitchen to check out the fridge and cabinets quickly – a nice variety of foods to appeal to a range of tastes – so he heard Ken and Andrea talking as he crossed through the dining room before he could see them.

“So is that why Roger thought I should hurry back?  You look fantastic, but it’s not like we haven’t seen that type of thing before.”  Roger grinned and paused, still out of sight.  He pulled the comm unit from his pocket and hit the shortcut he’d already created for an over-the-mouth gag.

“Well, I think you’ll..Oh!”  Andrea’s answer was cut-off as the material flowed up from her neck to cover her mouth, filled her mouth, and then expanded just enough to puff her cheeks a bit.  As Roger finally stepped through the door, Ken was starting to move towards her, looking very worried.

“No, that’s why I told you to hurry back.  She’s fine – I decided to show you rather than let her tell you.”

Andrea shifted her hips as though she had just put her hands on them angrily and tried to glare at Roger, but he could tell she was smiling behind her gag.

“Wow!  That’s…I’m not sure what word to use.  The whole suit is like that?”

Andrea nodded and pirouetted for Ken’s benefit as Roger replied.  “Yep.  It’s incredible material and engineering.  You’ll love it.”

Ken looked away from Andrea towards Roger.  “So there’s one for each of us?  Is that a part of the package or something?”

“One per bedroom,” Roger said.  Andrea giggled into her gag at his response.  “Yours is waiting for you.”

Ken turned and headed for the stairs.  “Then I’d better hide it before Amy gets it on me and refuses to let me out.”

Andrea started to follow him, but Roger managed to stop her at the top of the stairs.  He hugged her from behind, kissed her rubber covered neck, and waited.  It took less than thirty seconds for Ken to reappear.

“Holy crap!  You didn’t mean one suit per bedroom, you meant one woman in a suit per bedroom.  That’s Amy in there, right?”

Andrea had nodded and nearly bounced down the stairs – all three went into the bedroom.  Amy sat in the same style chair that had held Andrea, her suit in the same configuration that Andrea’s had been.  Hers was a deep blue with a silver belt and collar, which Roger liked almost as much as Andrea’s combination.  Rather than run through the demo, Roger showed Ken where to find the interface on his comm unit and how to use the basic controls.  Andrea stood nearby, eventually tapping her foot impatiently, her eyes full of mischief.

Ken opted to just remove Andrea’s hood, leaving her neck largely covered rather than making more serious changes.  Amy’s breathing started to change almost immediately, and Ken gently shook her shoulder.  She woke, startled at her position, looked down at the straightjacket that held her arms, and looked back up, her eyes locking on to Andrea.

“Dammit, Andrea!  What did you get me into now?”  It was hard to tell how angry she really was – her speech still had too much sleepiness in them to carry a ton of force.  But there was at least annoyance there.

Ken held out a hand to help her get out of the chair, but it started to rotate under her the moment Amy shifted her weight, moving perfectly to let her step out of it unassisted.  Roger gave Amy a moment to look herself up and down as he retrieved his comm unit again, then tapped the shortcut for Andrea’s gag so that it receded again once Amy was looking that way.

Amy’s face froze when she saw the gag recede and she just stared.  Andrea grinned and said “Who, me?  What could I have to do with it?”

It took Amy a moment, but finally she smiled and said, “OK, that’s cool.  I’m guessing that’s not all it does?  And why am I wearing it?”

Andrea grinned back at her.  “The whole suit is like that.  And you’re wearing it because you were horribly mean to Ken, Roger, and me so I had copies of you & me visit customer service to sign the servant’s agreement while we were shopping.  So I guess you could say that you volunteered.  With some help.”

Amy gave Andrea an annoyed look, but it was easy to tell that if she was at all angry that this was rapidly fading.

“So if I’m the one that was mean, why are you wearing one, too?”

Andrea leaned back into Roger, who had been standing behind her, looked back at him, and said “I have my reasons.”  Then she rubbed her butt against him, which caused him to sigh, and push her away gently.

“Oh, behave.”  He said.  “There will be plenty of time for that later.”

Andrea pouted playfully, then turned for the door.  “If I’m good, can I get a drink?  I’m getting thirsty.”

Roger was about to follow here when Amy gasped.  She hadn’t been paying attention to Ken while she talked with Andrea, and Ken had been focused on his comm unit.  The material around her breasts contracted into a relatively tight band instead of individually covering her breasts while a heart-shaped opening appeared on her upper chest.  This was positioned to highlight the cleavage the material now created.  It was hard to tell, but Roger thought he could see the straps on the straightjacket tighten up as well to add some further enhancement.  What had really caught Amy’s attention, though, was the fact that the material around her legs transformed to a set of fishnet stockings that reached just above her knee, garter straps attaching them to what was now basically a leotard.  Her boots remained – reaching just over her ankle, two-inch heels sprouting from them.  All of this took perhaps ten seconds, and she twisted a number of times to watch from different angles.

She looked over at Ken, who was grinning, which also meant that Roger couldn’t see her face.  Her tone of voice told him all he needed to know, though – it had an almost laughing, excited lilt to it.  “That felt strangely amazing.  Where’s a mirror?  I need to get a look at this.  If you can get my breasts to generate that kind of cleavage, this definitely can’t be all bad.”

Roger chuckled, turned, and wrapped his arm around Andrea’s shoulders as they headed back to the sitting room, his comm unit still in that hand, his drink in the other.  “So if I let you have a drink, you’ll behave?”  She pouted, then grinned mischievously as she nodded.  On the way upstairs, he tapped his comm unit to switch her suit from the box tie to a set of sleeves that left her shoulders exposed.  She stretched her arms once the suit allowed her to, then put one around his waist, holding the other up in front of her as the transformation completed and the material receded from her hand.

“Amy is exactly right, that feeling is strangely amazing.  Just having this stuff flow back and forth in the right areas for a while could be really interesting.”  She looked up at him and put on a bit of a scared face.  “Or should I not be telling you things like that?”

All four had ended up sitting on the couch, having a drink, enjoying the view, and making small talk.  Ken had freed Amy’s arms as well, so it almost looked just like four people sitting around with nothing out of the ordinary.  The station where the ship was docked rotated with sufficient speed that their view changed a good amount over the hour or so remaining before departure.  First one of the three stars in the system had appeared, then one of the planets, then the planet that the station was orbiting began to fill the window, entering on the left and proceeding across to the right.

At least, that was what happened most of the time.  Andrea’s mischievousness returned once she was halfway done with her drink – she leaned into Roger to make more contact with her breasts than was necessary, her hand toyed with a nipple before beginning to move down his chest, or her hand landed on the inside of his thigh.  She played the innocent as Roger gently brought an end to each of her…infractions, but the twinkle in her eye made it clear that she was intentionally playing.

So Roger had waited until his drink needed refreshing, stood and grabbed Andrea’s as well, then headed for the bar.  Andrea couldn’t resist the opportunity and gave his butt a squeeze when he stood up.

At the bar, he’d only refilled his drink and pulled out the comm unit.  Amy was telling a story that happened on her brief vacation from the Academy, so Andrea really didn’t notice that the time Roger was taking was more in line with working his way through the suit’s controls than it was refilling drinks.  All three were laughing at some part of the story that Roger hadn’t been able to hear when he finally started walking back with his drink, touching the button to commit his changes as he did.

Andrea’s laugh had turned into a sharp gasp that was rapidly muffled, which caused both Ken and Amy to stop laughing and look concerned until they saw the material of her suit reconfiguring itself.  All three looked over at him.  He stopped where he could watch the transformation happen and smiled at them.  “Apparently, Andrea doesn’t feel like behaving.”

As they watched, her arms were pulled back into the straightjacket that she had been in when he’d first discovered her in their bedroom.  Simultaneously, material flowed up her neck to cover her head, leaving only her nose exposed when it was finished.  Her cheeks puffed out as her gag expanded, and the material over her eyes thickened to ensure that no light at all would sneak through.  She had been sitting with her legs tucked under her, so Roger had taken advantage of that to force her into a kneeling position, which required an impressive bit of computing on the part of the control units.  Material had flowed to connect her thighs to her lower legs, then some had expanded and stiffened as other pieces contracted until she was slowly forced into position.  It was clear that she was resisting the movement, but to no avail.

It didn’t help her that other changes were underway, though these weren’t easy to see.  The material along her spine, around her neck, and running down her sides had stiffened and lengthened slightly, forcing her to sit up straight and lock her head looking forward.  Roger knew that once she was finally kneeling, similar bands of material would lock her in place there.  Her squeal suggested to him that the relatively small intruders he had called up for her vagina and ass were growing – not large enough to be really stimulating or satisfying, but impossible to miss.  Material also compressed slightly around her nipples, putting them under gentle, but constant pressure.

The whole transformation took perhaps thirty seconds, which was really impressive when Roger considered that she seemed to have struggled against the changes.  Andrea harrumphed angrily into her gag, only to have that fade into a groan.  Roger could see her move slightly as she struggled a bit against the bondage and the stimulation he’d set up.  The material around her nipples and her plugs had begun to cool.  Andrea was not a particularly big fan of cold – Roger had played with ice cubes a couple of times in the past, but they usually did more to take her out of the mood than put her in it.  So he’d set her suit to start with cold, then slowly move to warm, and then cycle between the two every three to five minutes.  If he knew her right, it would be just the right mix to discipline her without either stimulating her to release or taking her out of her mood entirely.

Roger said, “She basically asked me to discipline her in our room earlier.” as he walked back to his seat.  “I think her curiosity about the suit is overwhelming everything else right now.”

Amy grinned at him as he sat down again.  “And you aren’t curious enough to be personally involved in the discipline?”

“Not right now, no.  I think I can use a little break.”  He rotated in his seat slightly so that he could lean back and rest his head on her thigh.  “If it gets to be too much, she can use our safe signal and she knows I’ll cut her loose.  If she starts humming a tune, then she’ll be out of it as fast as I can make it happen.  If not, she can accept some punishment for not listening.”

They had started to return to their conversation, only to be interrupted by the steward ringing their doorbell.  Ken used his comm unit to both open the door and let him know that they were in the sitting room.  In moments, Lieutenant Rhyes had joined them.

“Ah, enjoying the view, I see.  Excellent!  Our departure path should allow you to see all three of the stars framed wonderfully, which is somewhat rare.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.”

As he spoke, he crossed the room to stand by the window so that nobody needed to turn around to see him.  Roger sat up to reply – it just seemed polite.

“I’m sure we will, Lieutenant.  This is Ken Arden, the only member of our group you haven’t seen yet.  He’s sitting with Amy, who you’ve seen but hasn’t really seen you yet.  Andrea is in a timeout, so she’ll have to say hello later.  Lt. Rhyes is our head steward.”

“Excellent!  It is good to finally make all of your acquaintance.  We’ll be departing the station in about ten minutes to maneuver for the jump to hyperspace, which will mean some forces from the thrust that the stabilizing fields can’t compensate for.  I thought I’d ask you to remain seated once the warning sounds until you receive the all clear.  While you can move around if you must, it’s simply safer to remain seated.”

“Should we clear the drinks and plate away?”  Amy asked.

“Of course not, Miss.  You’ll find lids for the drinks that you can slide open or closed in the top drawer of the bar and I’ll be happy to get a rim for the plate that should keep anything from spilling off.  The table has a strong enough electromagnet to keep them in place when you put them down that goes on automatically when we’re maneuvering, and all the glasses and ceramic contain a high metal content for just this reason.  You’ll simply need to slide your glasses off the edge – they’ll be quite impossible to lift.”

Amy asked “Anyone’s drink need refreshing while I’m up?” as she stood.  Roger raised his hand and offered her his glass.  He nodded when she confirmed it was a gin and tonic, then headed over to the bar.  Roger couldn’t help but notice Ken’s eyes following her as she walked.

“That’s excellent, and it would also be wise to use the restroom if one needs to.  But we shouldn’t forget about your recalcitrant servant.  Will you be releasing her before the maneuvers begin?”

Andrea let out an audible “Hmmmph!” at “recalcitrant,” which made Ken chuckle.

“You know, Rhyes, I hadn’t really thought about it.  I suppose that it wouldn’t have been my plan until you asked, but I certainly don’t want her getting hurt.”

“A simple thing to avoid, Mr. Derian.  Allow me to fetch some tethers and we can make sure that your servant doesn’t fall over and do herself of someone else injury.”

Andrea seemed to struggle slightly at his words, but Roger was certain he heard a small laugh behind her gag – the situation was simply too ridiculous even for her.  The steward headed over to the cabinet by the dining room door, opened a drawer, and retrieved a bundle of straps and cuffs.  When he returned, he helped Roger attach a cuff with four d-rings above each elbow, then connect two adjustable tethers to each cuff, and finally the tethers to attachment points on the base of the couch under the cushion.  With one attachment point at each corner and in the midpoint of each side, there were plenty of options to hold her in place.  Roger noticed that the steward chose points that would allow him to lean back against her again when they were done.

The steward experimentally pushed her shoulders gently from several directions, with Andrea protesting each into her gag, then tightened the tethers and repeated until he was satisfied that she was properly secure.  “There.  Let me find you that rim for your plate, then I must go.  One more suite to attend to before departure.”

Amy handed Roger his drink, lid attached, when he was done before returning to her seat.  Roger returned to his previous position, leaning his head against Andrea’s thigh, his drink in reach on the table.  Andrea complained into her gag when he leaned back, which he responded to by tickling her side lightly, eliciting a muffled shriek and giggle.

“I told you to behave.  You’re lucky that I’m not being even meaner.”

The steward returned, attached a partial dome around the plate that would require the ship to pretty much flip completely upside down for anything to spill, and smiled at the four of them.  “There.  I must go, but I hope I will see you at the Captain’s dinner after we emerge from hyperspace.  The view from of the Ceresus Nebula should be incredible from your table.”

Amy perked up at his comment.  “We may need some help, there Lieutenant.  I’m not sure Andrea and I brought clothes that will work with the servant suits.”

The Lieutenant smiled and managed to maintain eye contact with her as he headed for the door.  “Of course miss.  I’ll arrange for one of our shoppers and one of our stylists to assist.  I’m sure they will solve your problem most satisfactorily.”  And with that, he vanished down the stairs and out the door.

Roger idly stroked Andrea’s outer thigh under his head.  “Maybe she’ll have decided to behave by then.”  Then he reached for his drink and looked out the window, anticipating the view when the ship departed.  He wasn’t sure if Andrea was laughing or trying to indicate that she would behave in response, but either the heat or cold caused her to change that to a slight groan.

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Chapter 16 –Surprising Travel

This is a work of erotic fiction.  If that isn’t your thing, please spend your time elsewhere instead of reading it.  It may contain strong adult content such as bondage, dominance, and sex.  It’s also a work of complete fiction.  Any resemblance it bears to real people or events is entirely coincidental.

Roger was glad that the steward was well trained, otherwise he might have laughed at the way that Roger’s jaw hung open to emphasize the awkward silence.  “When your servant was delivered, the second message was sent.”  Roger turned to look at the steward, who stood, smiling politely with the practiced patience of someone with long experience in customer service.  He managed to compose himself enough to say “Well, that makes sense.” and sit down, but even someone that didn’t know him that was just filler as he tried to wrap his head around what he was seeing.

“Perhaps Mr. Derian would like me to fix him a drink and a snack while he runs through the demonstration?  Then I could answer any questions he had.”  Roger managed a nod, his brain finally rebooting enough to recognize that the steward was probably hoping to leave the room so he could laugh as much as give Roger time to figure out what was going on.

“A gin and tonic would be great.  Feel free to surprise me with the snack.”  The steward made a half bow, his unflappable smile betraying at least a bit of amusement as tapped on the chair's console before he headed for the door.  Roger sat in one of the other chairs in the bedroom, staring at the sight before him and replaying the last 48 or so hours more than worrying about exploring the demo mode the steward had mentioned.

Andrea had been as good as her word, and apparently Roger had sufficient remaining stamina to please her at least a good amount.  Andrea removed all the straps from his legs and his gag after the first time, the leg sheath the second, and decided to completely free him after the third.  Maybe there was some pity involved – she was fully aware of how he’d spent the last three or so days – but nothing about her behavior indicated that.  Once he had been freed, they had just cuddled together for a while before drifting off to sleep.  She had let them sleep for a bit, then snuck out to grab food for them from the mess.  The rest of the day was largely more of the same– sleep interrupted by Andrea’s summons to Chief Medical Officer’s office followed by more sleep, followed by a conversation with Ken, followed by meeting up with Andrea for food.

That was when she had told him of her scolding – the drug she’d used might have been approved for use in the Pleasure Colonies, but the Academy hadn’t fully tested it yet.  So while she hadn’t technically broken any rules, using so much of it so quickly had been foolish.  Because drugs from the Pleasure Colonies often revealed side effects after release and these often involved making the temporary effects of the drug lasting if the drug was permitted to function too frequently.  The fact that she, Amy, and Roger weren’t demonstrating a hyperactive libido right now was good, but there could still be some danger.  The single dose Ken had received made him less of a concern, but all four would be closely monitored for the next week to make sure they didn’t exhibit excessive responses.  If those were detected then action, and potentially drastic action, would be taken.

In a way, Roger was relieved that there was some cap put on sex for a while – there had been so much so recently that even if he wasn’t disinterested, he wouldn’t mind at least a short break.  He’d feigned disappointment that there was a formal prohibition against turning his libido against him, which made Andrea laugh.  He was almost certain she could see right through him and he thought he could see a touch of relief on her part as well.

That was when he told her about the suggestion that Ken had made when they talk.  In a quiet moment, Amy had suggested that the two use their holosuite time to take a nice simulated luxury cruise to end the break, an idea Ken liked immensely.  But because they hadn’t remained aboard for the break, they only had a total of two days of time between them.  Roger and Andrea had been allocated much more, and because their first simulations had been at least partly for training, only half of the time they’d used was actually counted against them.  Maybe they wanted to combine some time to make the affair more interesting?

Andrea loved the idea – there was a week left in the break and with their remaining time, the four could take a nice five-day cruise, which opened up a lot of interesting possibilities.  Roger and Andrea would even have a day of time left between them.  Somehow, Andrea had even managed to talk them into a cruise in the Pleasure colonies because there was an actual cruise of the right length that her parents had taken in the last year that had covered two of the top ten “must see” space destinations according to the most discerning experts.  That would make it easy to run the simulation – the computer almost certainly had the right information already in the library – and offered them the chance to live it up as though they were among the ultra-rich.  Once they had gotten her and Amy to promise to swear off any more exotic drugs, the notion of extreme pampering had won out and they booked a suite starting the day after next to give everyone a chance to relax and let the prohibition on sex lapse.

Thus, he’d found himself and Ken boarding a huge, new luxury liner together.  Amy and Andrea had decided to use the hours that they had before departure to do some shopping, which Roger was glad he could opt out of.  He understood that they liked the normalcy of the act, and “normal” was limited at the Academy.  And he hoped that they would find some things that would spice up the trip.  But he really wasn’t in the mood to watch them pick through clothing and accessories for two to three hours.  They would be sure to make boarding time, using an entrance close to one of the shops Andrea really wanted to visit.

There was a strange moment as they came aboard.  The gate agent had asked them if they were servants, which seemed odd.  They had said that they were reasonably sure they weren’t, which their reservations confirmed.  So they’d checked in both the bags for all four of them, received personal comm units to use on board (the special ones reserved for luxury suite occupants), and been ushered up the gangway.  Ken had noticed that the liner was new enough to have what looked to be the latest engines and shield generators, he’d even read some coverage in engineering journals, and he couldn’t help himself – he had gone off to find an engineering officer he could pin down and basically interrogate.

Roger had wandered the massive vessel for a bit over two hours, getting a feel for the layout, joining in one of the many champagne toasts welcoming guests aboard, and was finally visiting one of the three impressive art galleries aboard.  He’d received a notification that the bags had been delivered to their suite about ten minutes into his wandering, so he was a bit confused when a second message interrupted his studying a wonderful holographic landscape in an impressionistic style. “Everything has been delivered to your suite.” was all it said.  Andrea had booked them a suite that would normally be the province of multi-billionaires for their virtual tour, so maybe that included some special gifts?  Had Andrea and Amy finished shopping ahead of schedule, boarded, and their virtual purchases had been delivered?

A quick look at his comm unit, which he’d largely ignored to this point, showed him that Andrea and Amy had both boarded and were located in their suite, though they didn’t have the same communications options that Ken did on his display.  He could have tried reaching them at the suite, but he decided that it was time to take a look at the rooms anyway, so he headed for a lift instead.  Andrea had told him that this was the most expensive suite on the ship except for the one they reserved for nobility, royalty, or high state dignitaries.

He’d bumped into a steward leaving another suite in the corridor after arriving on their floor– a Lieutenant Rhyes – who turned out to be the head steward for their block of suites.  Roger had asked about the second message, receiving the very unsatisfying response, “Yes, sir.  It means everything has been delivered,” stated with a smile that had clearly been carefully practiced so that it was present regardless of the lieutenant’s actual mood or feelings.  Roger had allowed a bit of his irritation to show.  “Perhaps Mr. Derian would allow me to show him?”  Roger had agreed, following the steward into the suite.

The entrance deposited them in a sort of foyer, really a corridor, that had a set of double-wide doors to the left and right, and a staircase centered between them.  The steward had directed him to the door to the right, which opened into a spacious bedroom.  Particularly spacious for a starship, where the cost of construction normally shrank everything to the minimum possible space.  Not for this suite – the bedroom was larger than most you’d find in a nice apartment on the ground.  A large window provided quite a view outside the ship, which was again a bit unusual – the materials and shielding necessary for such a large opening would have been quite expensive.  It held a king-sized bed, two overstuffed chairs and a small couch around a low table across from the door, and view screen that could be swiveled to be viewed from anywhere in the room.  But Roger’s attention was drawn to what looked like the back of another small couch with a metal shell that sat by the side of the table unoccupied by the couches and chairs.  Roger noticed that it was hovering above the floor rather than resting on it.

The steward had walked over to the sitting area and invited Roger to have a seat in one of the chairs.  As he approached the metal couch, he could see a rail roughly at waist height, which would make it easy to push around.  Clearly, it was designed to be moved about.  His curiosity had him inspecting this piece of furniture and the control panel he passed a bit more than was probably wise, so it wasn’t until he passed the steward and reached the chair that he noticed what was truly surprising about this particular piece of furniture.

No, what left Roger’s mouth agape as he slowly sat was the chair’s occupant.  The sight caused him to feel like he was processing things serially to make sure he was taking it all in.  It was a woman.  It was a woman in a red catsuit.  The catsuit was accented by a green belt and collar that looked to be decorated with jade.  It was catsuit with integrated boots and a hood that hid everything but her mouth and nostrils.  It was a catsuit with an integrated straightjacket that held her arms snugly around her stomach, a strap ensuring they couldn’t really couldn’t be moved.  It was a catsuit that was covering nearly every inch of Andrea.  Even with so much of her features obscured, he could tell it was her.

It struck Roger that he’d seen a reasonable number of people, both men and women, wearing similar outfits as he wandered the ship – maybe a third.  Such sights weren’t uncommon for the Pleasure Colonies – if anything, the fact that so few appeared to be naked was more surprising.  The outfits hadn’t all been identical, but around half of the people he saw had roughly the same configuration – rubbery clothing accented by a matching collar and belt.

So a holographic projector on the chair had come to life as the steward headed for the door, beginning a presentation that started by congratulating the viewer for their discerning tastes.  Opting for a suite that included VVX-50 Servant Suit obviously showed a desire for only the best.  “Its multiphase memory materials and advanced control systems will provide you with unprecedented options that we believe will both surprise and please you.”  The video started to show the suit actually changing its own configuration, flowing like a liquid to uncover arms, legs, or other body parts by making openings that exposed skin in different shapes.

Roger was glad that the steward hadn’t returned yet when Andrea’s suit had started mirroring the changes included in the holo as they occurred.  He was sure his jaw had dropped again as her legs were briefly exposed, then her breasts, then an opening around her navel and an oval that exposed her closed eyes.  Each time, the material flowed to make the change, held for just a moment, then returned to its original state.  The demo had continued, noting that the hardness of the material could be controlled, ranging from the suppleness of silk to the strength of cast aluminum of reasonable thickness.  The material could both expand and compress, as well, “…which offers the discerning master nearly infinite ways to control his servant.”  The images showed a cross-section that illustrated material flowing into the wearer’s mouth, then expanding to create a gag that conformed to the interior contours of the servant’s mouth.  Andrea’s cheeks had bulged out slightly, and a tube had appeared just as the image rotated to show one being added to the gag.

“Of course, servants can often deserve either pleasure or discipline, so the VVX-50 has been designed to handle these critical functions.”  The narration continued.  “It has the capacity to vibrate, apply heat, cool down, or shock as its controller deems necessary.”  The holograph highlighted one spot on each of her arms and one on her right thigh.  When Roger stood to touch them, one was indeed hot, one cold, and the last vibrating with surprising power.  After he had touched the last, the vibrations ceased and the narration continued.  Roger sat down again.

The steward returned as the video wrapped up by reminding the viewer that neither the suit nor the cruise line would permit any configuration or activities that would put the servant in danger of significant physical harm no matter what the customs of their home system or government were before it shut off.  The steward handed Roger his drink, which Roger promptly sipped, and deposited a plate with crackers, different cheeses, and fruits on the table.

“Once your servant had been prepared for the journey and delivered to your room, of course we notified you with the second message.  I understand she had done some shopping before boarding– those bags should be in the closet along with your baggage.  I hope that you’ll find the way we organized things while unpacking satisfactory.”

Roger grinned, starting to understand.  He sipped from his drink before looking at the steward.  “My servant hid this from me when she made these arrangements, so I hope you’ll forgive my surprise.  I have absolute control over that suit from this?”  He waved his comm unit in the air.

“That or any of the many consoles you can access throughout the ship.  One must be able to control one’s servant, yes?  As to control, we’re told to remind masters that some things cannot be violated, like the conservation of mass.  There will always be about ten percent of your servant covered in the material as a result, but we provide some suggested configurations that prior guests have found attractive, even enticing,  that you can review if you would like some suggestions.  Oh, and the collar and belts, of course – those are the control modules and will always be present, although even they can be adjusted in size somewhat to change their position some.”

“You can access a full tutorial and guide on your comm unit or a console – most prefer the console’s screen.  Or ask staff for assistance.  We can control suit of any servant aboard, though we would only do so for safety purposes without your express permission.  I highly recommend learning how to save your favorite configurations – it’s really quite simple to do so.  Will there be anything else?”

“Yes, one last question.  Has she been drugged?  She hasn’t reacted to our conversation or the demonstration that just ran at all.”

“All servants are made to sleep using a medical-grade anesthetic gas as they finish the shower they take upon boarding.  Processing them and calibrating the suit is simply easier while they sleep, even if they are compliant and cooperative.  But the gas only sufficient for five or ten minutes, so one of the first parts of the suit that is activated is the sleep inducers.  She’s resting quite comfortably while awaiting your commands.”

Roger couldn’t help but grin as he thanked the steward, who promptly departed.  He leaned back in his chair again, admiring the rhythmic rise and fall of Andrea’s breasts for a few moments before he sent a message to Ken that he simply had to check out the suite as soon as was possible.  Then he let his mind start to wander a little, imagining ways to put the suit to use over the next few days.


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I'm a highly private person with tastes that tend towards the BD world. Not so much the SM part - the pain pieces of that simply don't do anything for me. But I enjoy tying and being tied, particularly when there's a deep attachment between the participants.

I do more than a good bit of writing in my professional life and my artistic skills outside of that are pretty much crap. I can't make stick figures look like stick figures. But I occasionally get the bug for a bit of erotica that leans my way and put something on paper. This tends to come in bursts and there's often a pretty long period between them. Part of this is just life getting in the way, part of it is getting struck with a situation that I think is interesting enough to put down on paper. And I'll more than occasionally write something, then decide it's absolutely shit and junk it without releasing it anywhere.

I've never made a dime off of these works and expect never to do so - this is distinctly a hobby for me. I therefore freely share my work so long as nobody's making money through their publication. My stories have appeared on a number of web pages under the name "Pleasewrap."

I hope you enjoy my scribbles. I had fun writing them and the bug has currently hit me. I'm certainly open to comments and suggestions - even though this is "just for fun," getting better at it is pretty likely to be stimulating to me as well.
I've been writing erotic fiction for a while now as a hobby, and probably should have started sharing it on DA a long time ago.  But that somehow seemed to turn it from hobby into something else.

Then it struck me that without posting my own stuff I was basically just a mooch.  So here's my old stuff (which you can find around the web) with a bit of new stuff and more on the way.  I've had the odd configuration of work, home life, and inspiration come align so I've time to work on some new stuff.

Please feel free to comment/critique constructively.  If you do, please keep one thing in mind - I don't write hardcore stuff and I'm unlikely to ever describe sex in gory detail.  My style is more about setting the stage and letting the reader's imagination take that where they want it to go.

And if you've got suggestions for how to continue a story, well - there are worse things for me to hear.


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