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Sex Robots Turn Men into Rapists
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Published: September 16, 2015
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Another brilliant feminist news story that is just going to make people think all feminists are idiots. Fighting for equality for women is hard enough without people doing stuff like this. These 'Feminists' are from D.I.G.R.A. the same people who started the whole Gamer Gate fiasco that set women's rights back by a decade.
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I'll tell you something, if these robots end up being HALF as good as they are trying to design them to be... we are going to see a huge social structure change.

One day women are going to realize that a machine can probably do anything she can do, and probably better, and that advocating for useless, cherry-picking, social changes is just another way to get yourself stuck at home with a army of cats to keep you company. When these sex robots finally get made, you're gonna see a lot of single feminists walking around, trying to find rape victims to support when they suddenly drop off.

Meanwhile everyday men won't be prowling around as much looking for real girlfriends when they have a machine that can do exactly what you program it too. I don't think men are rapists by nature so much as some are rapists by choice. People choose to be terrible, not because the opportunity is there, but because they simply are terrible.

Luckily I'm sure they'll have a robotic man and woman for feminists too, which in truth is all they've really wanted to begin with.
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GamerGate didn't set women's rights back, since women still have the same rights, it just exposed modern feminists as the frauds they are who want to label any criticism as sexist because they claim to fight for women's rights when they have repeated shown they care more about perpetuating their ideology.

Also, and I hate to break it to you, waik, Modern Feminists don't need fake news stories to make people think they're morons. They do it every time they claim 1/5 women are raped or the wage gap is a thing despite all evidence to the contrary, they do it for every person they harass and threaten to the point of them wanting to commit suicide(ie the person who opened one men's only domestic abuse center), they do it every time they harass women who explain why feminism isn't needed in the first world, they do it every time they claim to want women to be equal to men but refuse to ensure men have the same freedoms as women but moan endlessly when women are forced to have the same responsibilities as men. And those are just off the top of my head.
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OK, I don't think "Gamer Gate" set the femenist movement back.  It added a new dimension to it. 

But I do find banning technology that doesn't exist yet a bit odd.  

(It could be along the lines of "Violent Games lead to violence" though)
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